Small businesses face many challenges, from startups to growing pains. A great business coach will help you navigate these challenges with ease so you can come out stronger on the other side. Business coaches are experts in their field, so with their experience and hands-on knowledge, they know what it takes to set up a business for success.

A business coach can help you in a myriad of ways. A business coach is someone who helps you work harder and become successful more quickly than you would on your own. They will help you clarify your vision and goals and provide guidance and support you in running your business effectively (and profitably!). 

Let’s dive a little deeper to help you understand how a small business coach can help you achieve greater success in entrepreneurship:


Are you maximizing your profits? Do you have the right mix of products and services? Are they priced appropriately? 

Are you managing your money properly? Are you saving enough for taxes? Are you paying yourself?

From developing pricing strategies to increase your profits, to managing your incoming cash, a business coach can help you look closely at your financials and cash flow to make recommendations for improvement. 

It’s consistently important to assess ways to improve your bottom line. One area that is often overlooked is both incoming and outgoing cash flow. You will want to consistently check in on ways to maximize profits and avoid costly mistakes throughout the entirety of your business.

A business coach can help you develop a process for this, along with a process to consistently check your pricing strategies to increase your profits. If you’re not maximizing your cash flow, a business coach will help you get on the right track.


A business coach will also help you develop a marketing plan to increase your visibility and get you noticed by your target market. Strategies such as identifying your unique selling proposition and developing a custom marketing plan will help you reach (and sell to!) your target market.

Most business owners fail to do these things as they are more consumed by the day-to-day tasks of business and don’t believe the development of a plan is necessary to be successful. However, without a plan you might as well be playing whack-a-mole. Marketing plans allow you to assess what is working, optimize your approach and ensure you are hitting your goals.


Another way a business coach can help you is by filling in your knowledge gaps. Many business owners have a wealth of experience in their industry, but there will always be areas where you could use some help. It’s impossible as a business owner to know every in and out of business.

For example, you may be great at word of mouth marketing but completely unfamiliar with social media marketing. A business coach can help you create a strategy to get noticed online and connect with your ideal customer. They can also help you develop a sales process aligned with your digital strategy that will help you close more deals and grow your business.


A small business coach can help you in many ways. They can help you develop and clarify your business goals, create and implement strategies to reach your goals, give you feedback and accountability, and provide resources and advice to achieve greater success in less time. If you are considering starting or growing a small business, consider working with a coach to help you build your successful empire.

Bri Seeley is an entrepreneur coach who provides  coaching, education, and community to help you succeed in entrepreneurship. We understand that you became an entrepreneur to create full freedom in your business and thrive, and we’re ready to help you achieve your goals. If you’re looking for a business coach in Seattle, Bri Seeley can help! Get in touch with us today by completing this form: 


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