Hi – I’m entrepreneur coach Bri Seeley!

I help entrepreneurs {just like you} finally become the successful entrepreneur they dream of being.

I’m here to help you build a tailor made business to monetize your genius!

Discover How

Why should you hire an Entrepreneur coach to help you start + grow your business?

Entrepreneurship is a Holy Grail for many people. To become an entrepreneur is a dream they aspire towards due to the possibilities of financial, time and emotional freedom.

In fact, 62% of Americans want to be their own bosses and establish their own business.

Yet…. many talk about it and never take action towards it.

Maybe it’s because 88% of businesses never reach the 6-figure mark. Or because 50% of businesses go under before their 5th year in business and 66% go under within 10 years. Or because 76% of them never hire a team to help.

As an Entrepreneur Coach, I believe these statistics are due to a glaring blindspot: most people aren’t taught what it actually takes to be a successful entrepreneur, the skills required to own and operate a business or how to grow their business.

You can avoid these statistics and set yourself up for success by working with an entrepreneur coach!

I am on a mission to change these statistics.

If you were called to become an Entrepreneur,
it means you have what it takes to be successful at it.

You may not have the proper tools, knowledge and mindset to succeed – yet!

That’s where I come in…

entrepreneur coach success tools

Become a successful entrepreneur... inside and out!

Do you desire to flourish and thrive as the leader of your business? Learn the skills, habits and mindsets you need to weather the storm of entrepreneurship.

In my first business, I learned {the hard way} what happens without inner strength and alignment {spoiler alert: I closed this business after eight years of frustration, fears and doubts}.

In my current business, I have learned what happens when you approach entrepreneurship with confidence, clarity and courage {spoiler alert: it’s led to immense impact, incredible profits and hella visibility around the world}.

Being a successful entrepreneur is about more than starting a business – it’s about a solid inner game, knowing yourself above all else and building a business that’s unapologetically YOU!

entrepreneur coach growth strategy

grow your business using your vision, values and zone of genius!

There is no on-size-fits-all when it comes to, well, anything… but, especially when it comes to business.

You are one-of-a-kind and in order to have a successful business, you need to build it based on who you are, what your vision is and how you best serve the world.

Your business growth strategy needs {and deserves!} to be tailor made and bespoke. You wouldn’t wear a fashion trend simply because it looked good on and fit another person… and you shouldn’t use a trendy business growth strategy simply because it worked for someone else.  

My approach to business growth strategy addresses every building block of your business in relation to YOU. No more fitting yourself as a square peg into a round hole… Use your unique skills and gifts to pave the way to your future!

entrepreneur coach execution plan

Take aligned, inspired actions to implement your one-of-a-kind growth plan

Without action… you don’t have a business. But it’s not about taking any actions – it’s about taking the actions aligned with your vision, values and zone of genius.

And doing it all without the hustle. You don’t need to spin yourself into burnout in order to build a successful business.

In my first business, I worked myself to the bone and barely scraped by.

When I became an Entrepreneur Coach, I created a 2500% revenue growth and 12000% increase in impact between years one and two. The coolest part was, I did it on my terms using my Zone of Genius and being myself – unapologetically.

I found the way to create better results with less, more aligned actions.

No matter what stage of
Entrepreneurship you’re in, I’m
here to help you build, grow
and scale your tailor made business
to monetize your genius

Monetize your genius

The ultimate guide to building your one-of-a-kind business

Who is this for?

  • New and early stage entrepreneurs
  • Side hustlers
  • Wantrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is like no other experience on Earth… It’s an experience that being a student or employee can never prepare you for. And something that 2 out of every 3 people fail at. Start your entrepreneurial future out on the right foot and set yourself up for success.

Monetize Your Genius will help you pave the path to entrepreneurial success by teach you both the personal and business development tools you need to build a profitable business and become the most powerful leader of your business..

Molly A. {Singer + Songwriter}

Bri helped shed light on my strengths and weaknesses and specifically how to use them as stepping stones to new opportunities in my life and business. After working with her, I have continued practicing the meditations & writing exercises she shared which have helped me navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

Leigh M. {Healer + Catalyst}

The inner work I did with Bri was so much more impactful than anything I did or saw this year.

Camila C. {Mindfulness Leader}

I’ve stopped questioning my entrepreneurial path. It’s like any questions or doubts have disappeared from my head. I feel empowered in a way I never have before. I just feel so willing to lean into my discomfort. There is still a ton of resistance, but I’m more willing to go with it and see what happens. It’s cool because I’ve never had that before.

The Entrepreneur Accelerator

A bespoke business development training to customize your growth strategy for your unique vision

Who is this for? Entrepreneurs who

  • have been in business 1-4 years,
  • are making $60,000 or more per year, and
  • are prepared to double or triple their operations + profits!

Your business is going well… but you want more! You’ve been trying to grow your business, but no matter how hard you work, you just can’t seem to change your results! The truth is – if you want to evolve your results, you have to first evolve your strategy… But, how?!?

The Entrepreneur Accelerator was designed to help you identify and execute a one-of-a-kind comprehensive growth strategy so you can grow your business with more ease {and be your unapologetic self throughout it all!}.

entrepreneur success speaker

Anndi R. {Motivational Speaker}

Bri holds space for you to think for yourself. She asks you questions that you never thought to answer and that push you to achieve more than you thought possible. She helps you to discover what you need to know and then how to put that new found knowledge into action. Working with Bri placed me on a life altering journey that changed me in ways I never thought possible.

Suzanne S. {Creative Director}

Bri brilliantly blends business with spirituality in a smart, kind and no nonsense way. She expertly guided me through some personal and business transitions to help me move forward in a very positive and productive way. The work I’ve done with her has been truly life changing and transformative on every level. She is an amazing leader and, as long as you do your part to show up and do the work, your efforts will be rewarded beyond what you thought you were ever capable of. I can’t recommend Bri enough – I hit new records for my highest grossing months working with her!

entrepreneur coach

Holly E. {Dream Oracle}

With Bri I built a really strong foundation for my business, where as before I was lacking direction, clarity and an understanding of how to put it all together. My results in my business were fast-tracked with Bri on my side. I’ve accomplished and built so much. I feel confident and embodied, I have direction and I know where I want to go. I feel more like a business woman and entrepreneur than ever before and I have a ton of traction to show for it!

Private 1-on-1 Entrepreneur coaching

Work with Entrepreneur Coach Bri privately to take a quantum leap in your business growth.

This is for entrepreneurs who:

  • Are crystal clear on their vision, customer and product/service,
  • Don’t want to learn how to develop their own strategy,
  • Are ready to execute in order to significantly grow their business,
  • Want to highly invest time, money and energy to fast-track their business growth.

You’re looking for an entrepreneurial expert to work with privately so you can massively transform your business.

What to expect from this experience?

  • Exponential increase in profits,
  • A visionary by your side to revolutionize your results,
  • Massive increase in visibility,
  • Advanced business strategy like you’ve never seen before,
  • Pressing your foot on the gas to go from 0 to 100,
  • A ride-or-die partner by your side to ensure your success, uproot your procrastination and help you learn to fly.

Using your entrepreneurial vision and my expertise, we will identify your one-of-a-kind holistic growth strategy to leverage your genius, identify areas of improvement and provide a full-picture strategy to accelerate your growth. Plus, we’ll design a plan for ease-full execution of this strategy

Expect adjustments to your: website, Search Engine Optimization, communications plan, social media, publicity outreach, sales, partnerships, team building, revenue streams, email campaigns… plus, adjustments to YOUR: confidence, clarity, power and enjoyment of entrepreneurship.

NOTE: I only work with two private clients at a time. This is for entrepreneurs who are committed beyond all else to their success, eager to throw themselves outside their comfort zone and unwilling to remain a struggling, poor founder.

entrepreneur coach

Laura K. {Ontological Coach}

I feel more prepared and skilled to execute my business vision since working with Bri. With her knowledge, tools, support, and insights she helped me bring my vision to life and now am proud to say I have created a business that I am so excited about. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Bri.

business entrepreneur coach

Mae C. {Financial Advisor}

I feel so much more confident in my vision since working with Bri, which has resulted in massive expansion in my business. I have been getting clients left and right out of nowhere. My new client investable assets have increased five-fold every month consistently since hiring Bri.

The months of the COVID-19 pandemic were some of the biggest months of business – ever. I am on track for three consecutive years of 30% raises for myself and my team.

entrepreneur coach fashion

Stephanie G. {Fashion illustrator}

Just a few years ago, I wanted to be a live fashion illustrator but was terrified to take the first step. My dream has now unfolded into reality and it was only with Bri’s help that I found the confidence to take steps forward to start my business and the strategy I needed to grow my business. It continues to expand every year and amazing things continue to happen. I have quadrupled my revenue every year I’ve worked with Bri.

You may have seen me on....

unapologetic entrepreneur coach


What makes my entrepreneur coach techniques stand out


are the multi-faceted methods I use to help you achieve your goals and create the success you dream of… on your terms.


Don’t wait for your future – step up and create it today.

Here are some things my entrepreneur coach clients have accomplished:


Doubling, tripling and quadrupling their business income


Signed their first paying clients


Landing major press placements

(think: national magazine covers)

Secured their first paid speaking gigs


Sold old businesses and opened new businesses


Created financial freedom


Built 7-figure businesses


Quit their day jobs

And become full-fledged entrepreneurs!

And more!

Part Strategy. Part Alignment. Total Transformation.

The work we will do together is a deep metamorphosis that will leave you completely unrecognizable to yourself and your loved ones. On the other side of our work together… you’ll wonder why you didn’t take the leap to become a successful entrepreneur sooner!