Ciao friend! I’m ‘The Entrepreneur Coach‘ Bri Seeley.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur who is just getting startedlooking to grow your business… or preparing to scale above 7-figures….


You’re in the right place!
{and I’m so glad you’re here}

Are you ready to discover the next step in your entrepreneurial journey quickly and execute it with ease?


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“The acceleration I’m feeling in my business since working with you is incredible. I’m growing at a rate that is FOUR TIMES FASTER than the average in my industry.”

Mae C.

Financial Planner

Do you dream of becoming a highly successful entrepreneur for the immense freedoms it will provide you?

Do you crave the ability to create incredible and life altering impact in the lives of your customers?

Do you want to sleep at night knowing you are living life on your terms, building wealth and establishing a legacy?

you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want these things.


Not to mention….

  • What if your business doesn’t make money?
  • What if you don’t find enough customers to serve or sell your product/service to?
  • How do you even determine what to charge for your product or services?
  • How do you communicate your value to get customers to buy from you?
  • What happens when you have to buy your own insurance?
  • How do you manage money as an entrepreneur?
  • What if your family doesn’t support your entrepreneurial venture?

Or, once you’ve figured all of 👆🏻 that 👆🏻 out…

  • What happens when you want to scale your offerings?
  • How do you make the switch from one-to-one offerings into one-to-many offerings?
  • What strategy do you use to increase your audience and customer base? 
  • How do you build a team to help you grow?
  • How do you double (or more) your revenue with ease?

Starting, growing and scaling a successful business requires a hell of a lot more than just a good business idea.

entrepreneur coach

I want you to know that the doubts and fears you have right now are a normal part of the entrepreneurial experience.

You are not alone.

The one thing which differentiates successful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful entrepreneurs is that they get help from an expert and don’t allow those doubts and fears to stand in their way.

That’s why I’ve come into your life.

I’m here to help you shortcut your path to success and build a thriving business!

Whether you’re an entrepreneur who is just getting started
looking to grow your business… or preparing to scale above 7-figures…

I’m here to help you elevate and accelerate your
entrepreneurial success with ease so you can
create the freedom you dream of.

Did you know….
  • 88% of businesses never reach the 6-figure threshold?
  • The median income for a small business owner is around $59,000 per year?
  • 50% of businesses go under before their 5th year in business?
  • 62% of entrepreneurs never hire a team to help them?
  • 50% of businesses don’t have a plan to grow their business?

I don’t want you to become one of these statistics.
Set yourself up for success in your business by
working with The entrepreneur coach!

If you were called to become an Entrepreneur,
it means you have what it takes to be successful at it.

You may just not have the proper tools, knowledge and mindset – yet!

“I just said yes to my MOST LUCRATIVE contract to date! It’s been a long road, but everything I’ve done has led me here and I couldn’t be happier! The work I did with Bri prepared me with the clarity and confidence to execute my business vision with ease.” 

Laura K.

High Ticket Sales

entrepreneur coach bri seeley
Hi, I’m ‘The Entrepreneur Coach‘ Bri Seeley!

I was born with a mind for business. I launched my first official business at the age of 24 and have never looked back.

Over the last 14-years I have learned everything it takes to both 1. be a successful entrepreneur and 2. operate a profitable business. And I’m here to share all my knowledge with you so you don’t have to struggle to “figure it out” on your own like I did.

But entrepreneurship is about more than just business. It’s about freedom. It’s about closing the wealth gap and creating parity. It’s about living an aligned life in both work and personal arenas, rather than sacrificing your fulfillment for a paycheck. It’s about creating opportunities for yourself and others to thrive.

I am super f*cking passionate about entrepreneurship because I know it is the thing that will change our world forever – especially for women and minorities.

If you’ve been on the fence about getting started… or sitting on the plateau just scraping by in your business, this is your sign: it’s time to give yourself permission to leap.

“I noticed changes immediately after my first call with Bri. She challenged me to expand, grow and step into the discomfort, which I quickly realized wasn’t discomfort at all – it’s actually where I wanted to be. And I should have stepped sooner. If you’re thinking about working with Bri – do it!”

Penelope W.

Which one are you?

entrepreneur coach services

You are just getting started in your entrepreneurial journey. Maybe you already have a business idea… or maybe you simply feel called to become an entrepreneur. Either way, it’s time to take the leap into entrepreneurship and ‘Monetize Your Vision’!

entrepreneur coach services

You’ve had your business for a few years and things are going… well. You’re just ready for more. It’s likely you’ve been trading time for money and it’s capped the income you can earn. It’s time for you to grow your business and double (or more!) your revenue with ease!

entrepreneur coach services

Your business is thriving… but you need help to streamline and organize your operations, sales and team so you can surpass the 7-figure threshold – with ease. The problem is… what got you here won’t get you there. It’s time to establish your legacy and thrive!

“I didn’t even think I wanted to start a business. Now I have a company with a multidisciplinary team of 12 amazing women and it is expanding as fast as I can keep up thanks to Bri. I’m invoicing over 5-figures every month. There was a point in my life where I’d never have thought I could accomplish that and now it’s seriously easy. I love every moment of my life every day!”

Amber H.

Speech Language Pathologist

Here are the kinds of results entrepreneurs {just like you} have created
working with The Entrepreneur Coach:


Doubling, tripling and quadrupling their business income

$150,000 to $300,000 in four months with zero stress.


Monetized their business for the first time

going from $0 to over $10,000 a month in revenue!


Landed major press placements

think: international magazine covers, nationally syndicated television shows, and more!


Secured their first paid speaking gigs

…and second …and third …and fourth …and fifth …and, well, you get the idea.


Replaced day job income with biz income

just a few months into entrepreneurship!


Sold businesses

a 7-figure sale of an established blog!


Reached financial freedom + paid off all debt

all while investing in coaching and growing her savings!


Developed new revenue streams

switching from one-to-one into one-to-many offerings.


Built 7-figure businesses

launching a strategy that can be replicated easily with a team by her side. 


Quit their day jobs

to become full-fledged entrepreneurs!


And more!

entrepreneur coach

Holly E. {Dream Oracle}

With Bri I built a really strong foundation for my business, where as before I was lacking direction, clarity and an understanding of how to put it all together. My results in my business were fast-tracked with Bri on my side. I’ve accomplished and built so much. I feel confident and embodied, I have direction and I know where I want to go. I feel more like a business woman and entrepreneur than ever before and I have a ton of traction to show for it!

entrepreneur coach

Suzanne S. {Creative Director}

Bri brilliantly blends business with spirituality in a smart, kind and no nonsense way. She expertly guided me through some personal and business transitions to help me move forward in a very positive and productive way. The work I’ve done with her has been truly life changing and transformative on every level. She is an amazing leader and, as long as you do your part to show up and do the work, your efforts will be rewarded beyond what you thought you were ever capable of. I can’t recommend Bri enough – I hit new records for my highest grossing months working with her!

entrepreneur coach fashion

Stephanie G. {Fashion illustrator}

Just a few years ago, I wanted to be a live fashion illustrator but was terrified to take the first step. My dream has now unfolded into reality and it was only with Bri’s help that I found the confidence to take steps forward to start my business and the strategy I needed to grow my business. It continues to expand every year and amazing things continue to happen. I have quadrupled my revenue every year I’ve worked with Bri.

Curious what it’s like to work with me as your entrepreneur coach? Hear it directly from some of my past clients:

The video above is a small sampling of success stories from past entrepreneur coach clients. Click here to read and watch more success stories from entrepreneurs just like you!

As your Entrepreneur Coach, I’m here to see the inevitability of your entrepreneurial vision and help you create it.

Whether it’s a 6-figure or 7-figure (or more!) business… your profitable business is closer and easier than you think.

Your freedom is just around the corner!

Meet some Female Entrepreneurs who have worked with me…

Meet Janelle. Janelle had built a life based on all the should’s of society – got a good job, working for a good company, secured a good salary…. which eventually led to resentment, misery and anxiety from building a life that wasn’t hers. For the longest time she though it would go away once she hit a certain threshold in her career. But once she surpassed the 6-figure mark, she realized that nothing had changed – her feelings of resentment, misery and anxiety were still there. Not only that, they were getting worse.

After investing in her transformation by attending one of Bri’s retreats, Janelle quit her job, increased confidence and launched the business her soul had been craving. Janelle landed her first two paying clients within a few weeks of working with Bri and decided to keep going. She enrolled in ‘Monetize Your Vision’ and continually applies the tools she learned in it to grow her business.

When I met Liz, she was living in a city she hated, working at a dead end job and had defined her life and success based on the rules/wants/needs of others. Liz was at a crossroads with huge possibility in front of her.

By investing in herself, Liz put her needs front + center and took a stand for the life she most deeply desired. And it paid off – big time.

Shortly after her investment in ‘Monetize Your Vision’, Liz created full + complete freedom for herself. After leaving her dream job with her dream company in her dream city, Liz gave herself permission to enroll and complete a certification program in manuscript editing.

Liz became a full-time entrepreneur and launched her first memoir in 2020. She also helps authors give birth to their books.

Kate was introduced to me at a time when she was unsure how to make money from her passion and stuck in miserable day job. Her soul so deeply desired to break away and sustain her life solely from her talents and her craft.

Within a few weeks of investing in herself and her business by joining ‘Monetize Your Vision’, Kate quit her day job. Over the course of our work together she attracted investors to help make her first album. Shortly after her graduation, Kate released her first full EP and set off on a nationwide tour.

More recently, Kate has collaborated with brands like Redbull, is constantly creating {as well as teaching!} music and recently graduated with her Master’s degree from Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain.

She continues to thrive in her business while playing music festivals around the country, was recently seen opening for David Guetta in D.C., and regularly graces the top Spotify and Amazon music playlists.

Marie didn’t believe in her ability to be successful as an entrepreneur without having the “security” of a paying job. She had failed in business previously and was stuck telling the story that what she desired was impossible + she would fail again. After nearly three years of working a full-time job and running her business, she couldn’t do it anymore. Marie was putting in 90+ hours/week between her job and her business. She knew she couldn’t sustain that pace, or build the life she wanted because she was overwhelmed and on the verge of burnout.

Marie’s main goal was to quit her job in the 6th month of CEO-preneur coaching. Instead, she quit a mere THREE months into our work together. Her confidence in her ability to succeed with entrepreneurship sky rocked. Her monthly business revenue replaced her salary before she even gave notice at her job. Since then, she has more than quintupled her revenue, started a 2nd business and created 7-figure years every year since she graduated our work together.