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15 years of real world experience distilled into easily digestible and tangible tools to help businesses thrive in the modern world.

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Did you know…..

    • 54% of companies struggle to bridge the gap between innovation strategy and business strategy1.
    • 2/3 of business leaders say innovation is important to their organizations’ success, and yet 66% of them feel they are not innovating successfully enough to generate revenue or measurable growth2.
    • 40% of leaders reject new ideas because of a fear of failure2.


Why should you care about these statistics?

Because entrepreneurs and businesses are failing to evolve to meet the
changing demands of the modern world… and they’re being left behind.


Businesses who don’t embrace a risk positive approach and fail to identify an innovative,
custom business design don’t reach their goals.
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It’s time to stop looking back to what’s worked in the past, and begin to look forward towards the evolution of your organization so you can to meet the changing demands of the modern world.


Bri gives audiences the structure and tools to transform their fear of failure into the confidence to powerfully build their futures and helps them bridge the gap so their innovative strategies are implemented to create revenue and growth.

We were so honored and grateful to have Bri present at our annual women's conference this year.

entrepreneur conference speakerHer infectious personality, coupled with her innovative strategies and ideas, empowered all who attended to take action in their own lives. The energy in the room was contagious and Bri provided the attendees the motivation and inspiration they needed to get started on their own entrepreneurial journey. Anyone thinking about embarking on an entrepreneurial journey or have already started their journey should consider working with Bri. Her proven success with not only her own business, but the success she’s helped others achieve, is remarkable. You will soar to heights you never thought possible.

Sarah Hammond, The Now NYC

Bri is one of a kind!

entrepreneur business speakerI booked her for one of my events where she was one of several speakers – and she was easily the fan favorite. Her message is entertaining, high energy, engaging and thought provoking. Bri is transparent, relatable and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Not only is she a talented speaker, she is also very easy (and fun!) to work with and someone you can count on to deliver her best every time. She brings her A-game to everything she does. I highly recommend Bri for your event!

Laura Gemeinder

Working with Bri Seeley is a dream!

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She was a Featured Leader for our ‘Give Growth’ events and every step of the way, Bri went above and beyond in providing wisdom, listening, and space to everyone involved. I find every opportunity possible to be in this lady’s presence, because everyone around her rises!

Saren Stiegel, The GLOW Effect

Hi, I'm Bri!

Since the beginning of my entrepreneurial career in 2007, I have always wanted to do my business my way. Industry “experts” were consistently telling me that I was running my business “wrong.”

And yet… I was achieving things in my business that other industry professionals still hadn’t accomplished. My accolades piled up in a short time and my inbox was full of messages from seasoned entrepreneurs asking me, “How did you do it?”

The answer? I was willing to look past “how it was done” to find innovative and creative strategies that other people were too scared to implement.

I’m super passionate about helping entrepreneurs and companies build, grow and scale long-lasting, legacy businesses… on their terms.

My work is not trendy and it’s not generic. I focus on sustainable growth, unshakable foundations and one-of-a-kind business models.

Whether your audience is new to the entrepreneurial world or more established, my keynotes will support them at their current level, as well as give them what they need to ascend to their next level of business success.

My keynotes are powerful and potent opportunities for audiences to harness their power, evolve with the changing business landscape and lay down roots to ensure continued business success for decades to come.

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Hear what audiences have to say about Entrepreneur Motivational Speaker Bri Seeley:
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I have had the pleasure to hire and listen to MANY amazing women speakers and YOU, Bri are within the top FIVE I’ve heard speak!! You are living out your destiny for sure! AND, YES, you ARE beyond an inspirational woman! So thankful our paths crossed!

Tracey Vlahos

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Bri is an absolute wonder. Her workshop for Six Degree Society was the mid-year check in we all needed. She empowered the group to stay motivated with tactical tips on how to bring our visions to life.

Emily Merrell, Six Degree Society


Bri has provided invaluable mentorship and practical tools to our members on starting and scaling their businesses.

Wendi Boyden and Hillary Gadsby, Boss Talks

Screw ‘Business As Usual’

If you’re looking for the same-old, stale business perspectives that every other event is featuring… Bri is not the speaker for you.

If your audience is ready to transform their approach to growth through bold and innovative strategies
so their businesses can thrive in the modern world…. Bri is the woman you’ve been looking for!

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15 years of real-world experience distilled into easily digestible and tangible tools to help businesses thrive in the modern world.

Becoming a Risk Positive Organization:

Without risk of evolution, your business is at risk for extinction


Businesses and Entrepreneurs are accustomed to looking back at what’s worked in the past to determine how to move forward into the future. It’s seen as less risky to use “tried and true” methods for business growth and development.

However, we are living in a new decade and a new era of business. It’s not a time to look backwards on outdated practices, especially given the massive changes ushered in with Covid. Now is a time for businesses to embrace a risk positive approach and begin evolving into the new business landscape of the modern world.

In this keynote, I break down how to:

  1. Transition from a Risk Averse or Risk Erratic approach into Risk Positive approach,
  2. Instill a risk positive culture in your organization, and
  3. Evolve your business into the present decade, the next decade and beyond.


  1. Update your business model to embrace evolution and growth in  your business strategy,
  2. Adopting the risk positive assessment model for decision making, and
  3. Key tools and practices to support your company in adopting, embracing and implementing this change.

The Art of Business Design in the Modern World

There is no “should” in strategy

What is the secret to a successful business strategy? The secret is…. there isn’t one!

Despite what the marketing world says, there is no one-size-fits-all business model. Whether you are starting or scaling, business design is an activity which requires a one-of-a-kind, custom approach.

In this keynote, I will guide your audience through the steps of developing a custom business design to fit their unique business vision:

  1. We will begin by identifying each person’s unique entrepreneurial vision,
  2. Next, we will assemble the key foundational building blocks of the business design,
  3. Finally, we will identify the outward facing strategies to bring your business out into the modern world

Audience members will walk away with:

  1. A clear vision of the unique business they are creating,
  2. A comprehensive understanding of the foundational building blocks their business requires to be successful, and
  3. The outline of a fully customized business strategy in order to start or scale their custom business.

Note: This is a minimum 90-minute keynote. It is structured like a workshop wherein the attendees will be doing work as I speak. Your attendees will walk away from this talk with the beginnings of a fully customized business strategy. There will also be ample time for your attendees to ask questions and get custom feedback.

Bri brought energy, expertise, and valuable insights to women all over the world at the 2020 Women|Future Conference. As a panelist on “Your Next Act: The Move From Corporate to Entrepreneurship”, Bri gave aspiring entrepreneurs advice for the long run from her own experience of leaving her corporate job without a plan and figuring out that the only way to go from rock bottom is UP!
– Ruslana Milikhiker, Conference & Event Manager, The Stevie Awards
motivational speakerWe loved having Bri with us at The Co-Co. Her holistic approach provided our members with an actionable framework and the confidence to start 2020 strong!

Suzanne Willian, The Co-Co

Women's conference motivational speakerBri gave our audience the break throughs they needed to help them surpass their mental blocks to create the success they desire.

– Kendra Ziler, Wyoming Women’s Expo

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