I don't speak to inspire

I speak to create transformation within every person I encounter.

When you hire me as an entrepreneur motivational speaker, my goal is for each attendee to walk away knowing their life is forever changed by the perspective shifts they experienced while I was on stage.


Bri has been seen on the following stages:

Bri is known by many for her compassionate, yet tell-it-like-it-is guidance that creates massive and epic changes in every Audience she encounters.

From entrepreneurs, to intrapreneurial corporate leaders, to college students, and everything in between, Bri gives her audiences everything they need to break their inner barriers and give themselves permission to leap towards their visions. Bri encourages her audiences to let go of the past and become their future selves today. Her passion for transformation radiates off the stage as she gives her all to every attendee to ensure their success long after they see her speak.

To hire speaker Bri Seeley as an entrepreneur motivational speaker for your next event or corporate booking, please contact speaking@briseeley.com

“Bri Seeley brings a real perspective to the stage and while she provides immense motivation, she does so much more than that as she gives audiences everywhere the actionable resources to do something about their dreams.”

Saren S.

{Founder + CEO}

“Working with Bri Seeley is a dream! She was a Featured Leader for our Give Growth events and every step of the way, Bri went above and beyond in providing wisdom, listening, and space to everyone involved. I find every opportunity possible to be in this lady’s presence, because everyone around her rises!”

Bri’s Most requested corporate Speaking Topics:

Leadership Development – Intrapreneurship

  • Intrapreneurship is the act of behaving like an entrepreneur while working within a large organization.Companies like Adobe, Southwest Air, Google and Shutterstock are some of the few who are supporting the development of intrapreneurship in the workplace. Organizations who prioritize this will have a marked advantage in the marketplace. Learn how to integrate intrapreneurship into your organization for maximum growth, evolution and success.

The Necessity of Risk in Your Organization

  • Support your organization to shift and evolve with the market and your customers by evaluating how your employees and your business use risk. To accelerate real change in your company requires risk because playing it safe is more risky than taking the “risk” to grow and evolve your company.

Increasing Employee Retention via Intrapreneurship

  • Hordes of employees are abdicating their roles in the workplace for entrepreneurial pursuits, costing your company lost time, money and growth. Learn how to increase your employee retention by cultivating and encouraging your employees to embrace their entrepreneurial needs in the workplace.

Suzanne W.

{Founder + CEO}

“We loved having Bri with us at The Co-Co. Her holistic approach provided our members with an actionable framework and the confidence to start 2020 strong!”

Bri’s Most requested Entrepreneur Speaking Topics:

Taking the Leap into Entrepreneurship 

  • Take your business idea from concept to reality! Developing a good idea for a business is just the beginning. The entrepreneurial experience is a multi-facetted journey which requires commitment, leadership and effective habits. Because the success of your business begins and ends with you. Learn what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and execute the vision for your business!

Develop a Holistic Growth Plan for Your Business

  • In this interactive workshop, you will be learning the 3-pillars required for the foundation of your business growth, as well as beginning to develop your personalized creative growth strategy. You will walk away with an aligned plan for your business so you can create the impact you desire and receive the wealth you deserve.

The Entrepreneur Transformation Experience

  • Entrepreneurship. is a multi-faceted journey of growth, evolution and innovation. While everyone has the same ability to be the creator of their business, not everyone develops the entrepreneurial skills, mindset and embodiment they need to be successful on a long-term basis. This combo speech/workshop will transform you into the entrepreneur you need to be to lead a thriving business.

Tracey V.

{Business Coach}

“I have had the pleasure to hire and listen to MANY amazing women speakers and YOU, Bri are within the top FIVE I’ve heard speak!! You are living out your destiny for sure! AND, YES, you ARE beyond an inspirational woman! So thankful our paths crossed!”

To hire entrepreneur motivational speaker Bri Seeley for your next event or corporate booking, please contact speaking@briseeley.com

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