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entrepreneur success story
entrepreneur success story

The acceleration I’m feeling in my business the last few years since working with Bri is incredible. I find myself saying “This is the best month of business yet!” every month because each is better than the last. I’m growing at a rate that is 4x faster than the average in my industry. And I’ve found an incredible balance between work and my family that allows me to spend the most time possible with my small children!

Mae C.

Financial Advisor

Entrepreneur Success story
entrepreneur success story
The website SEO stuff we did is working! A huge corporation found me by googling “new york city harpist” and hired me for a special event! I’ve been doing a lot of outreach from the plan we set up with great responses. I’ve already booked a few events and have a bunch of meetings set up.
I’ve been focusing more on things that are creatively fulfilling. It’s been a dream and it’s been so nice for me to be playing music that I like and care about. I have a completely different relationship to my harp and my life and my business in general. I’m watching my revenue from performing grow and am so much happier and more hopeful. Thank you for helping me break through my bullshit and helping me to pursue my dreams without apologies.
Stephanie B.


When I started working with Bri, I had already begun my blog but I was unsure of my ability to replace the salary from my full-time job with my business income. I set the goal of quitting my job within 9-months of hiring Bri.
What happened was nothing short of a miracle. Within three months, I was creating over $10,000 a month with my blog. It allowed me to give my notice at my job in half the time I expected.
Since that time, I now own and operate two successful 7-figure businesses. I wouldn’t be where I am at today without Bri’s help and guidance.
Gemma P.


entrepreneur success

“You’re literally that key that I was missing for so long. I hear your voice in my head everyday and it helps move me forward. I wouldn’t be where I am today without your help. Thank you!”

Nikki G.

Model Coach

entrepreneur success speaker

Anndi R. {motivational speaker}

Bri is not merely a coach, she is a motivator and a guide. She holds space for you to think for yourself. She asks you questions that you never thought to answer and that push you to achieve more than you thought possible. Bri helps you to discover what you need to know and then how to put that new found knowledge into action. 

Since you are reading this, I know you are looking for some guidance and direction in this thing called life. With other coaches you will be given just that. Cut and dry assistance. With Bri, you are placing yourself on a life altering journey that will change you in ways you never thought possible. You will be rejuvenated and able to conquer your world. Look no further that this women right here; Bri Seeley.

hypnotherapist entrepreneur success

Abby G. {hypnotherapist}

Choosing to work with Bri to grow my business is a decision I am so grateful I made. Working with Bri has been so empowering and transformational. A good coach could tell you what next step you need to at a logical level. Bri’s coaching goes so much deeper than that. She genuinely creates the environment for success from the inside – out.

She’s helped me to resolve my self sabotaging relationships with money and time management. By investing in this program it forced me to show up more seriously and consistently for my brand new business. Exponentially increasing the growth of my business. The results are worth all the resources. Put the work in, and Bri will meet you 110%.

I was able to quit my corporate job shortly after enrolling and am now a full-time entrepreneur.

entrepreneur success seattle

Genevieve L. {founder}

I had decided to quit my day job and pursue my new business full time when I invested in working with Bri. I didn’t feel like I had the tools I needed to stay self motivated, and I needed some clarity to shape my vision. Some of the things Bri shared with us that weekend still shape my thoughts every single day, almost 9 months later. The way she thinks about productivity, money and the future is so transformative. What would I say to some one thinking about Bri? Do it. The best thing you have to invest in is yourself. Your road to success is an investment, not an expense.

I had been prepping my vision, website, business plan, etc for months and realized I had an endless database of mind mapping ideas – but I was feeling completely stuck in terms of what to do next. I was beyond overwhelmed and out of my element. Within minutes of our intro call, Bri articulated next steps to get me over the finish line and shared how she planned to get me there.

I knew Bri would hold me accountable to my own objectives and was confident there was no one better to help me achieve an authentic, polished brand that actually reflected my unique value proposition.

I really appreciated that Bri ended each session with clear, bite-sized action items and I knew exactly how to accomplish each step. Seriously, I could’ve spent years going in circles on these things or worse, never having been aware of some of the things I needed to boost my brand.

I wish I’d found Bri sooner. It would’ve saved a ton in both time and resources trying to blindly navigate all the things I didn’t know. Not only is she motivating and inspiring, she gave me the tactical, no bs, most effective tools to get unstuck.

Megan H.

Scalable Transformation & Global People Ops Strategist

All of the weird and huge changes I’ve made in the past couple of years – I could have done none of this without you. Your perspective on alignment has changed my life. I wouldn’t have been as committed to making the changes I needed to make to be happy if it weren’t for you.

My business revenue keeps growing every month. The last several consecutive months I’ve said “This was my biggest month ever.” And the business success just keeps coming. Thank you so much for your help and guidance.

Ivy A.

Tarot Reader & Mala Maker

Bri helped me with insights on business growth that allowed me to grow my business, better understand exactly who I wanted to work with, and be more profitable.

Bri helped me shift my mindset from the daily grind mentality to focusing on specific daily actions that allow my business to be profitable and having time to live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Anne G.

President of Promotional Marketing

When I first started I had never worked with a coach so I didn’t know what to expect. I knew I needed support of someone who could help guide me along my path, but I didn’t know what that would look like.

It has blown me away – I feel like I have come so far, you have been such a tremendous support and guide through this transition and transformation.

I feel like you’ve really empowered me to embrace who I am and embrace my truth and be unapologetic about it which is so fucking awesome. Before I met you I had never considered living unapologetic – I didn’t even know what it meant. That concept didn’t even exist and now its such a big part of my existence that I’m entitled to live that way and be true to myself unapologetically. I used to do a lot of apologizing for everything.

You empowered me in that way and the way you did that was by being a support and offering guidance and also giving me a lot to think about.

Camila C.

Founder of Be Journeyful

social media manager entrepreneur success

Kathryn C. {social media strategist}

Working with Bri totally changed my life. Meeting and talking as if I were my future self was so empowering. Since then, I’ve been able to bring her into my life now. It’s expanded my horizons to things I would have otherwise shut out, caused me to take more risks and significantly lessened my fear of being good enough and imposter syndrome. It lit a fire within me and has made me more passionate. Plus, I’ve been eating better and prioritizing my health. Thank you for you and everything you do, Bri!

Carol K. {jewelry designer}

If you feel ready to change your life in a more positive direction I would recommend doing this course with Bri Seeley. It really helped me gain a new mindset, shed negative beliefs, and create new daily practices that align with what I want to manifest. But the best part of it was the support of the group. I think that helped reinforce things even better than having a one on one coach situation. I feel I am living my life with more clarity and with focus on what is meaningful to me.

Gabrielle P. {wedding planner}

The accountability from the group training was the most valuable thing. It’s hard to find someone to be accountable with in life because there’s always something that comes up. Knowing that Bri and all these women would be there consistently week after week was what made it so powerful. It was a great investment and clearly something has worked because business is booming! This gave me the kick in the butt I needed to quit my job and follow my calling.

I was 8 months into starting my business when I worked with Bri. I was fortunate that I was getting clients regularly and slowly climbing ladder of building private practice, but it wasn’t until working with Bri that I really moved the blocks and obstacles that were keeping me from fully embracing that this was my career that I had chosen to create for myself.

It was a beautiful experience. I trusted Bri and allowed myself to move through the process and be open. I clearly saw what was standing in my way of optimal growth and abundance. After that, money really flooded in – it was so quick – I started getting clients just because I believed they were looking for me. The narrative switched from “it’s going to be hard to find these people” to “I’m attracting people and doing great work in the world.”

I really enjoyed the process and I would recommend it to any business owner looking to magnetize money to them and to take ownership of their process of increasing their wealth. I made almost triple what the cost of the investment was within three weeks. I can’t recommend it enough.

Cara K.

Sexuality Coach

The coaching session we did two years ago is burned into my mind where you illuminated to me that the one-on-one work I was doing was not scalable.

The seed for my membership was planted in me from that session. When I met you I had no idea this would be my thing and the way my work impacted the world. Thank you for stirring that in me the vision for something so much bigger than I could see for myself. It has become such a powerful part of my life and changed everything about my business.

I wouldn’t be here without your support.

Amanda Leaveck

Holistic Guide to help you Live Deliciously

Kerry M. {publicist and blogger}

Words cannot describe how beyond grateful I am for Bri Seeley and her amazing coaching! Bri tailors each piece of advice to each individual but somehow everyone can use each advice, which blows my mind in the best way possible. This course forever changed my life, pushed me to be my best and most of all that I create my own possibilities and results! This is a course worth investing in because it not only changes one area in your life for the better, but all areas of your life and you make life long amazing friends! Bri Seeley is passionate, amazing, caring, loving, great listener, a forever changer and an inspirational woman!

Darcy S. {healer}

Bri is blessed with an amazing ability to create a safe environment to share, which is no small feat. The giving of her authentic self is genuine and it’s refreshing to know that she is truly in this role for the collective benefit of all involved. I am grateful for her transparency and the courage she has to show the less than glamorous aspects of this journey of self-development. I also appreciate how willing she is to acknowledge and give credit to the sources of her personal growth and how she is very clear that there will be trial and error, the lessons she shares are not a quick fix, and that it requires commitment and consistency. I trust her to listen and hold space for me.

Betty B. {vintage reseller}

I have been trying to find my groove since quitting my job last month and this is what I needed. I feel more clear headed, more confident and more powerful. I have less fear of taking bold actions and going after what i want and deserve. It has helped me to get out of the poverty mentality and not thinking I deserve certain things. It has helped me realize that I can get what I want and will get it if I continue to make all that we learned, felt and practiced, a daily part of my life.

entrepreneur success story

Theresa G. {sales representative}

Bri is AMAZING!! I have worked with her in a business coaching relationship and her work = results. She is not only passionate about her coaching practice but “walks the walk” herself within her own life. I have experienced true results in working with her and I am constantly inspired by her. Bri is the real deal.

Sarah L. {counselor}

I really enjoyed the group training program and felt like I got a lot out of it. I have noticed positive improvements in all of the areas we worked on – my relationships, my health, my business and more. I feel more energized and less distracted.

Carrie M. {Sales manager}

The group training with Bri and the other ladies has been life changing. By applying the tools and practices Bri teaches in these courses, I have a whole new outlook. I am much more confident. I have learned to trust my instinct and intuition. I believe that I create my own experience! I am so glad I invested in myself, absolutely worth it!

Reya K. {therapist}

I took part in Bri’s group course during a huge time of transition for me. I was changing employment, considering my own business, and feeling confused. I learned so much about myself and how I get in my own way when it comes to change and success. The opportunity to have a group of amazing women going through similar experiences was invaluable. I cannot put a dollar amount on how valuable the experience was for me.

Tanya R. {public relations}

My biggest takeaway from coaching with Bri was getting over mental barriers – ones I didn’t know I had. Bri uses a unique coaching approach and offers almost a personalized B-School that is not conventional way business women are supported. Under Bri’s coaching I was able to grow a business in 8-weeks with a full client roster of happy clients looking to increase their packages. I’m proud of my service and growth while in the group coaching program.

Stacy R. {life coach}

I participated in one of Bri’s group courses and LOVED it! It was exactly what I needed at that point in my life. I was soul searching after becoming a mom to my second son. I had lost my purpose (besides being a mom) and I had lost myself! Bri’s teachings and “homework” assignments helped me to see where I was suppose to be and do next. Since taking this course, I have had the confidence to follow my passion, have more self love and know everything I want is in my control.

Kala m. {event conductor}

The biggest change I’ve seen in myself since Bri’s training is been the way I handle both success and adversity. No longer do I immediately spiral down into a pit of despair when I am faced with a challenge and no longer do I label a huge success just a fluke. Each action and reaction seem more purposeful to me, and I love that! I am now able to look a situation squarely in the face – whether positive or negative – accept the feelings I have towards it, acknowledge it for the lessons it shows me, and move past it with grace and upward motion. As with most things, you get out what you put in and the tools Bri teaches are tools you have to keep working at every day… and it’s something I’m still working on.

Taylor T. {non-profit founder}

Bri is someone who makes you think about, talk about, and do some of the most uncomfortable things you could ever imagine. BUT, only because it’s exactly what you need. She is someone who is reliable and sticks to her word. Bri shows up whole-heartedly any time you need her and will do anything in her power to help you achieve your dreams. She pushes your limits while opening your mind and soul to things you never knew possible. I am so honored to have worked with Bri and am beyond thankful for her help in changing my life by giving me the extra push I needed. Thank you for helping me change the world!

Tamika A. {compliance}

Bri is definitely a force to be reckoned with! She definitely assists you tapping into different parts of yourself and provides you with the guidance towards a breakthrough! My time with her and the group was rewarding and I will use the tools and resources going forward. She’s high energy and raw as well as empathetic and real! I highly recommend her work! You will be grateful!!

Calle m. {actress and writer}

Bri’s course was phenomenal and so much more than I expected. Right away the tools, community, and leadership of Bri started to shift my life in so much more of a powerful direction. The tools caused me to dig deeper into my life and make changes that no other program or practice has ever done for me before. I know I will continue to apply them every day. This was a missing piece of the puzzle and created so much momentum. It has literally been like hitting the reset button. I feel like I am living and breathing again. I am actually experiencing my life in a profound way like never before, actively engaging in a very fulfilling way. Bri is a fearless leader who leads by example. Thank you Bri Seeley for cracking my world wide open into the infinity of possibility.

Suzie S. {art director}

Bri is amazing! She brilliantly blends business with spirituality in a smart, kind and no nonsense way. She expertly guided me through some personal and business transitions to help me come to a whole new mindset on these that have helped me move forward in a very positive and productive way. The work I’ve done with her has been truly life changing and transformative on every level. She is an amazing leader and, as long as you do your part to show up and do the work, your efforts will be rewarded beyond what you thought you were ever capable of. I can’t recommend Bri enough!

Sharon S. {occupational therapist}

I definitely felt a shift in my sense of clarity and direction immediately from our first call. Bri really knows the right questions to ask to help you view things from another perspective and brought up so many thoughtful points about where I was at and how to start embracing about who I wanted to become (and already am!). Bri held an open, safe space for the group to share, be vulnerable, and support each other through our thoughts. I walked away feeling at peace with areas of my life that I felt frustrated and confused about, for which I’m so grateful. I recommend working with Bri without any hesitation, she’s the real deal!

Mi-Ri Y. {chef and healer}

Going through the group training with Bri was truly transformative. Bri is able to quickly and effectively give you the tools to focus on your dreams, give yourself a break when you need it and to bathe yourself in gratitude and self-love. With these tools, I find myself closer everyday to the woman that I’ve already been, but needed to reconnect to. After these gatherings and the miracles that have happened in my real world, I know that absolutely everything is possible and that I’m the right person to get me wherever I want to go.

Allison r. {art curator}

I experienced a group program with Bri, and it was a great decision. She creates a space that is welcoming and I felt safe discovering, exploring, and working through some of the blocks I encounter on my journey to fully realizing the life I want for myself. Participating in her program has provided me with both new ways of thinking and tools that I use consistently, long after my training ended, which have boosted my confidence, made me feel more grounded, and deepened my sense of well-being. She is positive, open, no nonsense, dependable, trustworthy, and a pleasure to work with!

Christina C. {marketing strategist}

Bri’s group training program was an amazing, life-altering experience that has forever changed the way I look at life — all for the better. Bri is an amazing coach who is insightful and very skilled at what she does. I have seen a number of them and Bri is above and beyond what I have encountered in the past. She has the capacity to transform not only a person’s career trajectory but do it in such a way that you are in alignment with your personal values and goals as well. And the amazing thing is your inner world also becomes that much better — in other words, how you handle situations in all areas of life and work.

Meet Isabel Firecracker, Childfree Coach and Influencer. Isabel came to me with imposter syndrome and low confidence about her ability to become a successful entrepreneur after working with another coach who couldn’t support her in her vision and her goals. Through her enrollment in ‘Accelerate Your Destiny,’ a program for solopreneurs to double or triple their business in a year, Isabel was able to grow her business, establish herself as a thought leader in her industry and become the confident entrepreneur she was born to be!
Meet Nikki Gomez, Photographer and Model Coach. Nikki was struggling with monetizing her vision following the pandemic and a relocation to a new city. After one session Nikki created a new revenue stream and closed 5-figures in sales within days. Since that session, she’s exponentially increased her monthly recurring revenue by 3000% (and on track to increase it by an additional 2000% within the next month!).
Meet Nichole, a Courage Coach to help expand your possibilities. Nichole began working with me in 2016 on a personal level and has consistently invested in herself since that time to go from corporate employee to entrepreneur. Nichole shares her experience and how she’s grown as a woman and a business owner during this time. Click the button below to hire Bri to help you go from corporate employee to successful entrepreneur.

Meet Janelle, Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner. During our work together Janelle quit her corporate job and started her dream business of helping women get pregnant naturally with real food nutrition. Janelle shares about the transformation she experienced as she took the leap into entrepreneurship.

Meet Bridget, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor and Travel Mogul. During our work together, Bridget discovered an even bigger vision for entrepreneurship and financial freedom than she previously realized. Bridget has since begun to expand her business services and is working with clients {using her Zone of Genius!} in her dream role as a remodel consultant.

Meet Kea, who came to me after quitting her job to accelerate her business. What Kea discovered in the process was her immense personal power. Kea tapped into her Zone of Genius and completely revolutionized her life + business to be in alignment with her unique vision, rather than a vision defined by the “should”s of her industry.
Meet Holly Emmerson, Dream Oracle. Holly came to me at the beginning of her business because she was unsure how to execute her vision of entrepreneur success. Hear how that changed drastically and how she built the foundation for a highly profitable legacy.
Meet Caitlin, a Sustainability Advocate helping parents to live more mindfully. Caitlin came to me when she found herself alone in entrepreneurship and filled with ideas, but lacked action. Caitlin worked with me for a year in ‘Accelerate Your Destiny’ and began taking massive action in her business. Listen to Caitlin’s experience then learn more about working with me by clicking the pink button below.
Meet Sara, a Zero Waste Health Coach who came to me feeling defeated and unsure if entrepreneurship was for her. She had worked with another entrepreneur coach who tried to fit her and her business into a box – Sara had been told how her business “had to look” in order to succeed, but it wasn’t how she wanted her business to look. In working with me, Sara has found her unapologetic self, uncovered her unique business vision and begun monetizing her genius!
Meet Stephanie, a fashion illustrator who wasn’t confident in her entrepreneur abilities. Stephanie worked through her limiting beliefs and began not only monetizing her genius…. but also partnering with businesses such as the W Hotel, Kendra Scott, Alice & OIivia, and more… plus, she was featured on the cover of Life & Style Magazine after being asked to design a ‘what if’ wedding dress for Taylor Swift!
Meet Sheri, a Wellness Consultant and Functional Medicine Specialist. Sheri came to me wanting to uplevel in her entrepreneurial ventures. Not only did she achieve that within a very short time, Sheri’s entire vision has expanded and she is now studying Functional Medicine. Sheri also started meditating and has found more peace with the journey.
Meet Amber, a Speech Language Pathologist who came to me wanting to grow her practice and increase her confidence as an entrepreneur to follow her vision. Amber accomplished this and more. While working together she was able to build more solid foundations in her living situation, relationships and work.
Meet Kris, the founder of a children’s theater and facilitator of theater programs within school districts. Kris came to me shortly after quitting her job because she knew she needed support to become a successful entrepreneur. After fears about making enough money in her business, Kris quickly replaced her day-job income with her business income {in two short months!}. She also gained perspectives about adding revenue streams to her business and increasing her client generation through outreach and networking.
Meet Laura, a high ticket Sales Closer who helps professionals step into higher levels of success. Laura came to me with heavy attachments to the past and uncertainty about how to build her business in alignment with her vision and values. In our time together, Laura completely let go of her past and stepped into her future as a powerful and successful entrepreneur.
Meet Liz, an editor and ghostwriter and all around lover of words. Liz came to me when she was living in a city she didn’t love, working a job she didn’t love, in a relationship she didn’t love and trying to understand the core of her unapologetic self. Liz’s journey unfolded beautifully and she ended our work together moving to her dream city, starting school to move her towards her dream business and getting an interim job at her dream company.
Meet Penelope who came to me during a self-imposed gap year, wanting to consciously create her next steps in life. Over the course of 6-months, Penelope created her dream work scenario operating from her Zone of Genius everyday, having the freedom to spend more time with her family and truly feeling aligned with her vision in each area of her life.
Meet Jen, Licensing Specialist for kids toy companies. Jen came to me wanting to work on her personal life, and ended up drastically altering every area of her life as she stepped into believing and living true abundance. Jen immediately doubled her business revenue by standing in her worth, moved into a more aligned home, began taking vacations for the first time and gave herself a raise plus bonuses. Jen’s business and life are thriving as a result of our work together!
Meet Yukiko who came to me after having just quit her job. Yukiko wanted to create her dream vision – a freedom based life allowing her to travel as she wished with the ability to use her Zone of Genius in bringing people and cultures together. Yukiko created this and more during our work together. She unintentionally launched her business, creating the time, travel and money freedom she always craved.
Meet Carolyn, who came to me as her 30-year career was coming to a close and wanted help creating the next part of her journey. During our time together, Carolyn began to develop a relationship with her future self and begin to take steps to open up her entrepreneurial path ahead. Carolyn left her full-time employment and has since continued building her real estate investing business.
Meet Ellin, who came to me after she quit her job to become an entrepreneur… but found herself having taken very few steps forward on her own in a year. Ellin dove into her limiting beliefs, habits and patterns to create an empowered version of herself who lives life based on her values, vision and Zone of Genius. Ellin has since begun to take consistent steps forward as an entrepreneur and is building the foundation for her business.

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