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The Entrepreneur Coach Bri Seeley works with highly ambitious
entrepreneurs to turn their delusional visions into their everyday reality.


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I decided to work with Bri because I could tell she knew her sh*t immediately after our first call. 

The biggest challenge I had before working with Bri was that I just didn’t have the confidence to price my packages the way I wanted to.

We worked together to figure out why it was an issue for me and what I needed to do in order to feel comfortable charging what I wanted to charge.

As a result of working with Bri, I can now say I understand the value I offer my clients and I know how to communicate that value. And I’m able to do it without feeling guilty.

Tawny P.

Copywriter & Coach

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I made almost triple the cost of the investment within three weeks. I can’t recommend it enough.

Cara K.

Sexuality Coach

Every time I’ve worked with Bri, I’ve seen results. The confidence I now have as an Entrepreneur is worth 10x what I invested in the services.

Kea M.

Professional Speaker

entrepreneur coach

“I believe that every woman has the power to achieve the unachievable in her business.” – Bri Seeley

If you’re ready to turn your big, audacious vision into your everyday reality, it’s time to take action and trust yourself to reach new heights of entrepreneurial success.

Using expert strategic guidance and unwavering mindset support, I will empower you to overcome obstacles, embrace your potential, and make your dreams a tangible, thriving reality through action and accountability.

Don’t let fear or doubt hold you back—take the leap and ignite a journey of transformation and unstoppable growth.

Together, let’s create the business—and life—you’ve always dreamed of.

MISSION: to transform the landscape of business ownership for women,
one entrepreneur at a time.

88% of women owned businesses never reach 6-figures in annual revenue.

We’re changing that.

Jen K. {Licensing Specialist}

“I’m earning more in my business than ever before. Since working with Bri, I have exceeded my annual revenue goals every year for seven consecutive years.”

born this way client

Yukiko I. {international consultant}

“I started my business while working with Bri. I immediately started getting consistent projects and inquiries from my network. Bri helped me put standards in place to ensure I get paid what I deserve.”

entrepreneur women

Mae J. {financial advisor}

“The acceleration I’m feeling in my business since working with The Entrepreneur Coach is incredible. I’m growing at a rate that is FOUR TIMES FASTER than the average in my industry and giving myself annual raises.”

I noticed changes immediately after my first call with Bri. If you’re thinking about working with her – do it!

Penelope W.

Change Manager

I feel more prepared and skilled to execute my business vision since working with Bri.

Laura K.

High Ticket Sales Closer

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