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Hi, I’m Bri! I help Entrepreneurs build, grow and scale tailor made businesses to monetize their genius!

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Ciao! I’m Bri Seeley – the top ranked Entrepreneur Coach on Google. I’m obsessed with entrepreneurship… even when I’m not working, I spend my time studying entrepreneurs, learning business strategy and doing everything I can to help my clients create the success they dream of!

With over 13 years of experience in entrepreneurship and coaching/counseling – I get the opportunity to help entrepreneurs beat the statistics to create long-term strategies for impact, growth and profit… on their terms!

My life mission is two part:

1. Eliminate the 2/3 failure rate for entrepreneurs. I’ve helped multiple entrepreneurs around the world create 7-figure businesses…. and I’m just getting started!

2. Help entrepreneurs understand that one size never fits all and support them in building their tailor made business to monetize their genius on their terms.

You may have seen me featured on the TODAY Show, Influencive, Entrepreneur, Yahoo!, Thrive Global, or hundreds of podcasts.

Jen K. {Licensing + Promotions Specialist}

“I’m earning more in my business than ever before. Since working with Bri, I have exceeded my annual revenue goals every year for five consecutive years. Bri has had a tremendous impact on my life and I tell everyone I meet about her.”

Kea D. {motivational speaker}

“When I signed up to work with Bri, I was nervous. But, it has paid off in spades. The confidence and the badass-ness that I now have as an Entrepreneur is 10x worth what I invested in the program.”

Sara M. {zero waste health coach}

“I didn’t realize someone else could be so supportive of me. I had never felt that kind of support before and it was great. Even in the hard moments, it was great to have someone to hold me up and push me forward.”



I am the Entrepreneur Coach for you if you want to:

  • Envision, create and grow your one-of-a-kind business on your terms,
  • Be seen as the go-to business for your skills, products and/or expertise,
  • Make an incredible impact in the world, and
  • Monetize the fuck out of your genius… because what could be better than getting paid to be yourself?

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