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Ciao! I’m Bri Seeley – the top ranked Entrepreneur Coach on Google. You will never meet another Entrepreneur business coach like me.

My job isn’t to tell you how to run your business. Why is that? Because your business isn’t about me or my path to success. Your business is yours and my job is to help you forge your one-of-a-kind path based on your unique vision, values and zone of genius.

I will never give you copy/paste insights about how to grow your business because templated business strategies don’t work {not to mention… they’re lazy AF}.

With over 13 years of experience in entrepreneurship and coaching/counseling – I get the opportunity to help entrepreneurs like you everyday to beat the statistics to create a long-term legacy for impact, growth and profit… on your terms!

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Seeley Enterprises has been awarded a Silver Stevie Award for ‘Coach of the Year – Business‘ and a Bronze Stevie Award for ‘Woman of the Year – Business Services

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Jen K. {Licensing + Promotions Specialist}

“I’m earning more in my business than ever before. Since working with Bri, I have exceeded my annual revenue goals every year for five consecutive years. Bri has had a tremendous impact on my life and I tell everyone I meet about her.”

Kea D. {motivational speaker}

“When I signed up to work with Bri, I was nervous. But, it has paid off in spades. The confidence and the badass-ness that I now have as an Entrepreneur is 10x worth what I invested in the program.”

Sara M. {zero waste health coach}

“I didn’t realize someone else could be so supportive of me. I had never felt that kind of support before and it was great. Even in the hard moments, it was great to have someone to hold me up and push me forward.”


Work alongside an expert with decades of both entrepreneur and coaching experience to step into your entrepreneurial success and grow your business

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