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Time Management for Entrepreneurs

We entrepreneurs lead busy lives, and we have lots of things to keep track of and do. Time management is important when we’re running a business!

In this list, I have some tools to help you manage your time, as well as some books that can help teach you different ways to maintain your productivity.

Full disclosure: I do receive a small commission for each item purchased through the links below. That said, I absolutely believe in the value these items will bring to you and your loved ones, and I hope you’ll find them as fun and useful as I do!

1. Dexmon Weekly Planner

We’re all familiar with planners! This one is really great because it’s small enough that you can carry it with you wherever you go, which means you’ll be able to add things as they come up. It’s also undated, so you can start it on whatever day you’d like, and there are enough pages for a full year. But the best part? In addition to the usual weekly and monthly planning pages, there are spaces for things like weekly goals, habit tracking, monthly reviews, and more! I can’t recommend this planner enough.

2. 60 Minute Wind Up Timer

One of my favorite techniques is the Pomodoro Method, a time management tool developed by Francesco Cirillo. The idea is that you pick a task that you need to get done, set a timer for 25 minutes, spend focused time on that task, and then rest for 5 minutes. Every 4-5 Pomodoros, take a longer break (roughly 15 – 30 minutes). Doing work in this way allows your brain to remain focused and actually get things done, and it also gives your brain the rest it needs instead of trying to push through. All that said, this timer will help you maintain the Pomodoro method! I like to have one specifically for my office so I can stay focused in my work space.

3. Dry Erase Markers

When I write things down, I like to have them in different colors so I can easily tell what’s coming up on my to-do list. These markers are great for doing that, especially if you use whiteboards like I do. Plus, because they’re fine tip and smaller, you’ll be able to fit more in each space as you need to. And who doesn’t love having a colorful calendar to look at?

4. Free Time: Lose the Busywork, Love Your Business

You know that old saying, “Time is money.” Well, not according to Jenny Blake, the author of this book. She says time is life force, and if you’re spending most of your time in your business, doing busy work, then you’re wasting your most precious asset. In this book, she shows you how to create what she calls a “life-giving” business, a business that gives back to everyone involved in it, from the owner to the community. You’ll learn how to do this by freeing up your time, your mind, and your team so that you all can do your best work.

5. Daily Timeboxing Planner

As I said earlier, we’re all familiar with planners, but this one is a little bit different. It’s a timeboxing planner, and if you’ve never heard of timeboxing before, it’s a time management method where you allocate a certain amount of time to each activity you need to do. And then, much like the Pomodoro Method, you use only this time to complete the thing you need to get done. The time slots are represented by boxes, hence “timeboxing.” For this particular planner, you’re given 30 minute time boxes, along with a prioritized to-do list, a brain dump area, and other useful tools! It’s an incredibly handy method for managing your time.

6. ADHD Daily Planner: Daily and Weekly ADHD Time Management and Productivity Planner to Help Manage Your Time, Improve Focus, and Get Organized

This planner, designed for those with ADHD and Neurodivergent minds, is an incredibly helpful time management tool, even for those who are Neurotypical. It breaks everything you need to down into manageable chunks, including your morning/night routines, habits you want to develop, your mood, how you want to prioritize your day, and so on. I love having things broken down into manageable chunks like this because it keeps my mind from feeling completely overwhelmed, which allows me to actually get work done and feel accomplished.

7. THE EISENHOWER MATRIX: Time and Task Management Planner: Urgent, Important Notebook

Another time management technique! This one is super simple. Using a box—called a “matrix”—you’ll divide your tasks into four different categories: Important, Not Important, Urgent, and Not Urgent. When they’re broken up into these categories using this matrix, you’ll be able to see what you need to get done first, what you can delegate, and what you can do later (or get rid of altogether). It’s a great way to prioritize what you need to get done, and this book makes it easy for you to do! Each page is divided into the matrix, and the book shows you how to fill it out, so you can get started on your to-do list right away.

8. Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time

If you’ve ever heard someone say, “Eat that frog,” this book is where they got it from. Written by Bryan Tracy, a productivity and time management coach, it details the best way to deal with your procrastination: The first thing you do in the morning? Eat a live frog. Okay, not a real frog, but his main point is that you should do your most challenging task first. Oftentimes, we have the habit of procrastinating and putting off the thing we want to do the least, and Tracy says we should do the exact opposite because once we do it, it’s done! We can move onto the other things we need to get done for the day. The book has other methods and tools for time management, as well, so it‘s a fantastic read if you’re struggling with procrastination.

9. 80/20 Your Life! How To Get More Done With Less Effort And Change Your Life In The Process!

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, like you’re constantly spinning on a hamster wheel that you can’t get off of, and you feel like you’re not accomplishing the goals you want to, then this book is for you. Author Damon Zahariades offers a simple, but effective way to do less and accomplish more. He not only provides the kind of mindset you need to adopt in order to optimize your life, he also gives you practical tips and advice to do it. 80/20 Your Life! Is a phenomenal book that’ll help you learn how to advance your life and your business. 

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