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When we go for bigger things than we currently have in our life, whether it’s growing our businesses, making more money, moving into our dream homes, or anything else, we’re immediately faced with this huge gap:

The space between where we are right now and where we aspire to be. 

We suddenly become aware of the sheer distance and time that separates our present reality from our vision, and in order to actually reach our vision, we have to figure out how to close this gap.

This is exactly what I talked about in the most recent episode of The Entrepreneur Coach Podcast. I shared my own journey of closing this gap and the shifts I had to make to get where I am today.

Keep reading and tune in to the episode to find out what steps you’ll need to take to achieve your own future goals and dreams.

Watch the full episode here:

  1. Making the Courageous Decision to Change
    First things first, you have to actually decide to change. Sounds a bit silly, right? But it’s actually a bold step to take because once you make this decision, there’s no going back to the person you were before. It’ll require you to step out of your comfort zone, believe in yourself and your success, and take the actions you’ll need in order to create the future you see.  


I know just how hard it can be to make this decision. It’s scary! But I knew that if I didn’t make the decision to change, I was never going to change and I would never create the vision that I saw for my life and business. I was ready and willing to make the internal shifts I needed to and to become the successful version of myself I saw in my mind. And it truly changed my life.


  1. Believing in Success
    The next step is to actually believe in your own success. This is a powerful motivator, and when you believe in the inevitability of your success, it will keep you going when things get tough. And believing in yourself and your dreams is crucial to achieving the life you want.


I knew I had to believe in myself, even when others didn’t. I had a dogged determination to see things through and to keep trying, even when I failed and even when things looked bleak. I encourage you to do the same! I believe in you and your dreams; I want you to achieve them. 


  1. Overcoming Self-Limiting Narratives

We all have self-limiting narratives, those stories we tell ourselves that keep us from reaching our full potential. Often, these stories stem from a lack of self-confidence or from fear. But if you’re going to be successful and create the life you want, you need to recognize these false stories and eliminate them. Do not let these stories sabotage you and hold you back. Be relentless in your learning and continue down the path of success.


I talk about this in my own journey (only $3k total in 9 months? I really did not believe in my own success back then!), and I also share the story of a woman who went ten years without any revenue in her business because she let her own self-doubt tell her what she could do. 


  1. Taking Inspired, Bold Actions
    Have you ever looked at an action that was too scary and thought, “Nah, I don’t need to do that?” And then you proceed to take the safest action instead, hoping it’ll lead to more clients and revenue. But we can’t really build a business on hope. What creates growth in business is taking courageous actions. Ones that scare the heck out of you. Find a business strategy that works for you and boldly go after your success!


When I stopped hoping for success and boldly went after what I wanted, that was when I started to see success. Before that, I’d just been doing whatever was easiest, hoping clients would flock to my door. But that’s not how it works. I had to create strategies that worked for me and boldly share my services (and charge for them) before I saw any real success. 


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