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Operating a business is filled with highs and lows. After eight years of entrepreneurship, I hit a plateau where no matter how hard I worked, my income stayed the same. I carried shame around not creating more revenue and impact. Last year, I attempted a challenge to do $100k in sales in 100 days. But… I failed.

This year, everything changed unexpectedly. In just 60 days, I will have surpassed that same sales goal – completely on accident. I want to share what shifted mentally and strategically, so you can achieve your big goals too.

Recently, I learned a client I coached reached $100k months in her business. Witnessing her success, I realized I deserved it too. I opened myself to that same possibility. Around the same time, I calculated with upcoming launches, I could easily surpass $100k this month alone. The pathway revealed itself.

Last year in pursuit of this goal I was fixated on the outcome, berating myself in the process. This year I surrendered my attachment to the outcome, centering joy on inspired daily progress. I built aligned offers for my dream client. I engaged my community to spread awareness. I sent consistent value to my list. And I committed to daily mindfulness for unshakable belief.

Through this journey of expansion, the key I want to pass to you is believing your bold dreams are inevitable too. If that feels out of reach presently, don’t beat yourself up. Consider who could support you in getting there. We all need guidance sometimes. My entire purpose is to provide that ladder for female entrepreneurs to ascend to their vision.

If this possibility intrigues you, applications are still open for my women’s business mastermind. You can visit https://briseeley.com/mastermind-apply to submit your application but don’t wait – we have two spaces left and we start in January!

I can’t wait to witness your transformation in 2024. This is our year to shine. Please reach out or share this with someone who needs encouragement. Now is the time to courageously claim your greatness.

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