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How do we break the cycles handed down through generations? This is the question Michelle Desouza seeks to answer through her company SameSkin Co. In 2018, after the loss of her father, and during 2020 amidst the pandemic, Michelle began to consider what it means to leave behind a legacy and how our life stories can impact those around us.

  1. Not all starts are the same

We all have an origin story — a pivotal moment that set our path in motion to entrepreneurship. For entrepreneur Michelle Desouza, that moment came amidst profound grief and loss. After the passing of her father in 2018, Michelle found herself questioning her purpose and legacy. This intense period of self-reflection led her back to childhood patterns of silence and diminishing her voice. 

Michelle realized that if she created a space for women to openly share their setbacks and non-achievements, it could spark healing and connection. She originally thought it would be a small space, just her and her friends, and she’d never meant go looking for entrepreneurship. 

But as she continually shared, she ended up tapping into a collective need. As Michelle built community, she uncovered a vital truth — while our stories differ, our inner journeys are remarkably similar. 

  1. Getting through the rough times takes practice

Taking the entrepreneurial leap required quieting ruthless self-doubt.  To manage the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, Michelle does several things:

  • She leans on spiritual work, affirmative playlists, and vision boards to override her fear of failure. This helps keep her focused on what she wants to accomplish.
  • She also curated a circle of candid friends to call out limiting patterns, which keeps her grounded and helps her move past those limiting beliefs.
  • She asks herself,  “What’s the worst that could happen if I stumble?” This question helps her understand that everyone fails sometimes, and all we need to do is keep pushing forward.

Even with all of these daily practices, Michelle is frank about the struggles of entrepreneurship. She has confronted lackluster funding, overwhelm, and periods of financial instability. Still, during bouts of hopelessness, Michelle keeps her end goal in mind: the desire to uplift and empower women.

  1. The future holds promise

Coming up at the end of March, Michelle is going to hold her first large-scale conference, gathering cycle-breaking women in New York City. The event provides tangible tools for self-care and restoring energy. Michelle believes that supporting each other in community is vital for women to thrive amidst ambitious goals. 

In closing, she urges us to tune out chaotic distractions and come home to our intuition. While bearing witness to suffering, we must carve out calm to regenerate. Because when we nourish our inner wells, we have more abundant reserves to pour outward and ignite change.

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