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We’ve all heard something like: You should run your business this way because it’s the only path to success.

But in my own journey, I’ve found success by doing things my own way and following my values, and so has my guest, Deirdre Tshien, co-founder of Capsho, a software program.

Deirdre’s transformation in aligning her business with her own values started when she recognized that managing her team was more draining than empowering. This realization led her to question the societal norms and expectations ingrained in the software industry. Through open and candid discussions with her co-founders, they challenged the conventional definition of success and redefined their business’s purpose. 

How can we do the same, using the challenges we face to become better, brighter versions of ourselves when the world tells us to dim our light?

Here are a few of the key insights from our conversation about how to make tough decisions in your business:

Trust Your Intuition
Deirdre first knew something had to shift when that “gut sense” kicked in — the feeling that things weren’t running as smoothly or efficiently as they could be. While intuition gets a bad rap for not being “logical,” it stems from our cumulative life experiences and often sees what our conscious mind cannot. If your intuition says something isn’t working, don’t ignore it — dig deeper.

Interrogate Your “Why”
Deirdre kept asking “why” about every aspect of Capsho, from their technical setup to their community platform. Getting crystal clear on her intentions and motivations helped her make decisions aligned with what really mattered. Things like enjoying the journey, not burning out, and truly helping people came out on top.

“Shelve the Shoulds”
So much of what entrepreneurs do is driven by what we “should” do according to societal norms and expectations. Deirdre followed many shoulds she later regretted, like growing too fast and neglecting her own needs. Give yourself permission to shelve the shoulds and write your own rules.

While Deirdre doesn’t have all the answers, her willingness to burn things down to rebuild stronger certainly sparked inspiration and aha moments. And if you find yourself at a crossroads in your entrepreneurial journey, know that you don’t have to force yourself into someone else’s mold either. Question everything, get clear on what fulfills YOU, and then design your business—and life—accordingly.

To hear more from this insightful conversation, check out the full episode here


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