Amber Freeze’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to the power of self-belief and resilience. Her introduction to the realm of possibility came through an impactful podcast featuring Bri Seeley. As she painted a bedroom in her former home in 2018, Amber experienced a profound realization – she was ready to take a leap into the next phase of her life. Despite navigating the complexities of being a single mother of seven, managing health issues, and adapting to life changes, she refused to succumb to excuses. Amber’s narrative underscores the significance of acknowledging one’s potential and transforming obstacles into drivers for action. Her willingness to embrace risk and confront fears has led to remarkable personal and professional growth. From initial hesitance in venturing into entrepreneurship to creating fulfilling roles for her team, Amber’s story illustrates the transformative impact of determination and the value of effective delegation in attaining work-life equilibrium and business triumph.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Overcome challenges with a winning mindset.

  • Strategize for business growth with precision.

  • Achieve work-life balance and conquer stress.

  • Master the art of hiring and effective delegation.

  • Build a solid support system for lasting success.

Overcoming Excuses and Fears
Have you ever felt like your fears and excuses were cement blocks shackling you to the ground? We’ve all been there, hit by a wave of overwhelm and trapped in our thoughts. The key to unlocking these chains lies in refusing to succumb to these fears and viewing excuses as stepping stones to your goals. This mindset transformation is intrinsic to entrepreneurship and paves the way to success. For Amber Freeze, adopting this mindset was pivotal in her journey from near bankruptcy to experiencing six-figure months. She didn’t let her circumstances, including being a mom of seven and facing health challenges, define her. She used them as propellers towards her dreams. As the conversation unfolded, Amber revealed, “Realizing the fears and blocks that I think I have, they’re not real.” This powerful statement underscores the crucial role a fearless mindset plays in an entrepreneurial journey.

Strategy for Business Expansion
Having a well-defined plan in place is an integral part of business expansion. It involves assessing strengths and weaknesses, anticipating future needs, and planning effective marketing strategies. Successfully expanding a business involves having a well-thought-out plan with clearly defined goals, openness to change, and diligence. Amber touched on her plans for business expansion during her discussion with Bri. She discussed her strategies to reach more schools and her vision to diversify her investment in the education sector. Amber’s strategic approach to business expansion underscores the importance of making calculated decisions and having a clear vision during periods of growth.

Managing Stress and Growth
Maintaining balance while experiencing business growth is not an easy task. Stress management becomes more critical as businesses expand. Leaders need to manage their personal health and stress levels, analyze their feelings towards their workload, and set aside time for breaks and relaxation. Amber shared this same sentiment in her conversation with Bri. She found that as she grew her business, she was able to maintain balance, saying her stress decreased as her business grew. She attributed this to a shift in mindset and letting go of self-imposed pressure. Amber’s insight drives home the point that managing stress and having growth doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive.

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