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It’s time to unapologetically claim 2024: I, as your host and The Entrepreneur Coach, invite you to shed the old and embrace the new, as we prioritize authenticity and abundance in our journey to success. After my interactions with numerous entrepreneurs, I’ve gathered numerous insights from their experiences and from observing the prevailing practices in entrepreneurship. Today’s episode will share with you what is out for 2024 and what is in for 2024. This is your invitation to create the abundant business you dream of in the coming year through alignment, ease and authenticity.

As entrepreneurs, we put in long hours and make huge sacrifices, often losing ourselves along the way. But what if 2024 was the year we finally enjoyed the abundant lives and businesses we’ve worked so hard to build?

I’ve noticed several unproductive patterns that seem prevalent among entrepreneurs today – from hustling ourselves into the ground, to surrounding ourselves with unsupportive people, to playing small instead of claiming our big visions. As we embark on a new year, it’s time to leave those behind!

Here are 5 things that are OUT in entrepreneurship in 2024, and 5 things that are IN:
1. Out: Overworking and Underliving
In the early startup days, high effort levels are often required. But too many of us get stuck trading time for money in unscalable models long-term. If you want more income, you hustle more hours – until complete burnout. There’s a better way!

2. Out: Pitch Slapping and Fake Relationships
Let’s be honest – no one wants to be sold or manipulated. We want real connections. This year, focus on building genuine relationships without pushing your services. You’ll find quality referrals naturally flow from people who know and trust you.

3. Out: Talking About How Hard It Is
Everything worthwhile requires effort. But constant complaints about the hardship just drag you down further. Instead of commiserating, seek solutions to make entrepreneurship easier and more aligned for YOU. It’s time to thrive!

4. Out: Hanging With Crabs
We’ve all heard the analogy – crabs at the top of the pot try pulling others down into the boiling water with them. Don’t let negative friends/colleagues sabotage your growth. Break free from groups that reinforce scarcity mindsets and can’t do mentalities.

5. Out: Should-ing Yourself
When you constantly SHOULD yourself into activities that don’t feel right, you’ll burn out fast. Get clear on what makes you feel alive and motivated. Shed all the have-tos that suck your soul dry. Joy and greatness only flow when you let go of self-punishment.

1. In: Enjoying the Life You’ve Built
You started this venture to experience more freedom and abundance! Don’t lose yourself in the hustle until that day someday when you finally relax. The time is NOW. Implement systems allowing you to work less and play more. Immerse in the world you’ve created.

2. In: Healthy Boundaries
You don’t owe anyone instant replies 24/7. Set boundaries around device usage and reasonable response times. Be present for the meaningful moments without apology. People can wait a few hours while you live your life!

3. In: Hermit Crab Communities
Hermit crabs arrange themselves to support each other into newer, bigger shells as they grow. Find 10-15 women at similar stages who want to expand. Feed each other’s ambitions and visions. Move through challenges together. Thrive in an environment of upliftment.

4. In: Claiming Your Big Goals
What would you dare to dream if you knew success was inevitable? This is no time to play small or diminish yourself. Claim those soul-stirring desires! Build structures supporting those bold visions coming to life. You have gifts the world needs.

5. In: Unapologetic Self-Expression
Worrying how others perceive you holds your most powerful self back. Quash people-pleasing patterns! Show up fully as YOU – quirks and all. The right supporters will embrace your uniqueness. Walk away from those who don’t. Authenticity attracts your tribe.

The choice is yours. Where will you spend your precious time and energy this year? On draining busywork and unsupportive environments? Or enjoying the abundant entrepreneurial life you’ve envisioned – guided by inspiration, joyful self-expression, and communities that lift you higher? This year, may your soul and vision soar to the highest heights possible.

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