It’s time to stop procrastinating! There are several reasons wantrepreneurs procrastinate when they want to start a business. Watch this episode for all the insights:

If you want to start a business, there’s no reason to procrastinate…. yet, most wantrepreneurs get stuck in the procrastination loop. Here are the top three reasons people procrastinate when they want to start a business (and what to do about it!):
1. Fear of the unknown. When you are starting a business, you must get comfortable with the unknown. It’s a mindset every successful entrepreneur has and one that would benefit every wantrepreneur to develop.
2. Attachment to perfection. If you want to start a business, get ready to throw perfection out the window… because it doesn’t exist! The best entrepreneurs know that done is better than perfect and they take action to move forward even when they’re not ready.
3. Perceived judgements from friends/spouse/family. There will be people in your life who don’t understand your desire to start a business, and that’s ok. They don’t need to understand. Instead, you need to begin surrounding yourself with people who do understand and want to support you.

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