How to become an entrepreneur

Are you thinking about starting a business, but you don’t know how to become an entrepreneur? 

Many businesses start with a good idea or to fulfill a need in the market, but entrepreneurship requires a lot more than just a good idea. In fact, I view running a business and becoming an entrepreneur as two different things.

become an entrepreneur

On the business side of the coin you need strategy, marketing, revenue streams, etc. On the entrepreneurship side of the coin you need inner resilience, confidence, leadership, values, vision, etc. Both are important – it’s why I teach both. But, when you’re determining how to become an entrepreneur, the entrepreneurship side of the coin must come first before diving into the business side.

Which leads us to… How do you actually become an entrepreneur?

After training thousands of entrepreneurs over the last six years, I’ve identified three key places new entrepreneurs get stuck at the beginning of their journey:

  1. They sit on the fence for too long hemming and hawing about how to become an entrepreneur,
  2. They doubt themselves and let ‘what if’s paralyze them,
  3. They don’t take action every day towards their vision of entrepreneurship.

As you can imagine, sitting on the fence, letting your doubts control you and failing to take action are not going to help you become an entrepreneur. What do you do instead?

In order to become an entrepreneur and monetize your vision you need to:

1. Decide WTF you want and cultivate the mindset to accomplish it.

Thinking about becoming an entrepreneur clearly isn’t going to help you become an entrepreneur. Nor will perpetually waffling between nontrepreneurship and entrepreneurship. The first step is to decide what the fuck you want and to create the vision for your future. You can’t travel to a destination you haven’t defined. Imagine telling your GPS to take you anywhere – it’s impossible. You have to be the one to decide where you’re going and program your GPS towards your vision.

2. Become the Badass you are meant to be.

Doubts do not create dreams. You can’t be the badass entrepreneur you were meant to be if you are constantly talking yourself out of your greatness! It’s like you have one foot on the gas with your vision and one foot on the brake with your doubts. It’s time to get your foot off the brake! The exact system I use to transform my doubts and embody my confidence goes a little like this: 

  • Awareness: what is the story you’re telling yourself?
  • Go Deeper: where did this story come from?
  • Decide: do you want to keep telling this story?
  • Reframe: if not, what story do you want to tell instead?
  • Repeat: reaffirm the new story over and over and over again, multiple times a day for as long as it takes for that new story to become your default.

3. Say ‘fuck yes’ to your vision and turn that vision into a money making business!

It’s time to commit and put the rubber to the road! It’s very likely you want to keep your entrepreneurial dreams under wraps until you actually have proof to show people. But, proof won’t come until you really have skin in the game. It’s time to come out and tell someone your entrepreneurial dreams***! The next way to put skin in the game is to start investing in your business. I don’t care how big or small the investment is, the continual act of investing is what’s most important. And lastly, you need to take action towards your business. Set yourself up for success by making a schedule of time to work on your business and start taking steps towards your entrepreneurial vision!


This article is meant to get you started in becoming an entrepreneur, but if you’re ready to really move forward and finally find the answer of ‘how to become an entrepreneur’, I want to invite you to attend my free masterclass ‘From Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur’.

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become an entrepreneur

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***Note: be mindful of who you tell. Don’t tell the negative Nancy friend who is going to project all her fears and doubts onto you. Tell someone who is going to support and encourage you!

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