Time management is a struggle for most entrepreneurs. How do you get it all done? What tasks do you focus on each day? How do you ensure your actions are creating the results you desire? When you can master your entrepreneur time management, you will be able to create true freedom in your business.

There are three things you need to understand put in place to master your entrepreneur time management:
1. Today tasks vs. CEO tasks
2. Batching + Time Blocking
3. Delegation + Team Building

Your entrepreneur time management must concurrently address two different aspects of your business – today tasks and CEO tasks. You want to always be working on daily tasks that need to get done, but it’s also crucial to allocate time to work on your long term goals. For effective time management, you must find the balance between working IN your business and working ON your business.

The two best time management tips I have are batching and time blocking. Batching is an effective time management strategy because it will keep your focus consistently on one tasks without taking time and energy to shift your focus between tasks. For example, writing all of your social media content or blogs for an entire month in one sitting.

Time blocking is another time management tip which can help you retain focus and eliminate distractions. For example, if you have blocked an hour to write your social media content it means you are not allowed to do anything else during that time.

My last time management tip is to delegate the things in your business which are outside your zone of genius. There are some tasks which will require you to complete, but there are just as many tasks which don’t require you to complete. The more you can delegate and build an effective team around you, the better your time management will become.

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