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Upcoming free workshop:

Thriving, Not Surviving: The Blueprint to Success for High Achievers

This free workshop is a guide to help you feel more successful and create better results in your business.

Are you an ambitious entrepreneur who works diligently to create results in your business…

Yet you can’t remember the last time you stopped to acknowledge and celebrate yourself?

You spend all day working towards your goals and your visions, but you’re still not there yet.

Most days you feel like you’ve run a marathon on a hamster wheel.

No matter how much you do, it never feels like you’ve done enough.

This is your invitation to end that cycle now.


Because you deserve better.


In this free workshop you will…..

  • Learn ‘The Piñata Principle’
  • Conduct the ‘Rubber Band Experiment’
  • Dance like everyone is watching.

Ready to invest in building or growing your profitable business?

There are two primary ways to work with me:

how to start a business

Profitable By Design‘ 6-month program designed to help you launch your profitable business in 120 days (or less!).

You will graduate with…

•a fully monetized business,
•a completed business plan, and
•total confidence in your new role as a full-time entrepreneur.

Your success in ‘Profitable By Design‘ is inevitable and protected with a satisfaction guarantee.

business growth

On the Cusp‘ is a 90-day accelerator designed to help you ignite the momentum for your business growth.

Your participation includes…

•a custom business growth strategy,
•daily accountability to keep you on track,
•clarity and confidence in your next steps, and
•the ease of taking your next steps to grow your business with the support of an expert {and community} by your side.

Your success in ‘On the Cusp‘ is inevitable and protected with a satisfaction guarantee.

Who am I?

entrepreneur coach bri seeley

Hey entrepreneur! I’m so excited you’re here! My name is Bri… I am The Entrepreneur Coach. My work with entrepreneurs began in 2015 and since that time I’ve supported over 5000 entrepreneurs in either starting or growing their businesses.

I’m passionate AF about entrepreneurship because I know it is the quickest path for women to create financial and time freedom for themselves.

Think about it – up to this point in our history, women have been told what positions we can occupy, how much we’re allowed to make and what the terms of our employment are.

Fuck. That.

You deserve to live your life on your terms. And entrepreneurship is what will help you to do just that.

You get to decide your work hours. You get to decide how much money you want to make. You get to decide who you work with. You get to be unapologetically you – everyday.

I’m not going to lie and say that there won’t be bumps in the road. There will be. Which is exactly why women work with me. My job is to help you profit quickly… but without all the scammy “5-steps to success” bullshit. I help you get started with frameworks and then we work together to find your one-of-a-kind strategy.

Your profitable business is waiting for you… and I can’t wait to help you create it.

become an entrepreneur

Notable Experience / Awards:

  • 16 years real-world experience in both entrepreneurship and coaching/counseling,
  • 2022 TEDxNormal Speaker,
  • 2020 Coach of the Year – Stevie Awards,
  • 2020 Business Woman of the Year – Stevie Awards,
  • Los Angeles Mayor’s ‘Outstanding Small Business’ recipient.

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