Accelerate Your Business Growth and Say Hello to a Bigger Bank Account.

Are you ready to step into your highest potential reality and create immense business growth in an easy and supported way?


business growth

Let’s be real…

If you knew the right next step for business growth and had the confidence to take it – you’d have already taken it and you wouldn’t be here.

However, you are here. Which means you have the opportunity to take a step forward into accelerating your business growth and creating your desired outcome. 

Get ready to make BIG moves in your business with your business growth blueprint for a better reality.

I am talking soul-shaking, “I can’t believe this is real,” growth.

Throw your stress out with the trash…
Hit delete on that boring, ineffective strategy you found on Google…
And prepare to step into massive business growth with me.

Are You Ready To Radically Accelerate Your Business Growth?

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As seen in:

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‘On The Cusp’ equips you with everything you need to take the next step and rapidly accelerate your business growth.

It’s so much easier than I was making it. I now have a full business growth plan in under an hour.

Holly E.

Dream Oracle

BUT… enrollment in ‘On The Cusp’ is limited to only a few entrepreneurs a month.

If you want to be one of them, reach out today and let’s talk about your business growth goals!

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The next 90-days could give you:

  • Full clarity on your next step,
  • The focus and accountability to execute your custom strategy,
  • Support and encouragement to remind you why you started, what’s possible for you and who the fuck you are,
  • Confidence to take the next step in your business growth journey, and
  • Unmitigated momentum to carry you into 2023 on a cloud of clarity, courage and prosperity.

I knew I wanted my business to be “on the map” for South Asian mental health when I hired Bri, but my schedule was already at capacity and I had no idea what to focus on to create an additional revenue stream.

In just a few months, I booked seven fully paid speaking engagements, hired an assistant and identified two additional revenue streams.

Shanta K.

Professional Speaker and Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Inside ‘On The Cusp’ you will:

  • Work directly with Bri’s 15 years of entrepreneurial expertise to identify the next step in your one-of-a-kind business acceleration strategy
  • Develop the confidence to take your next step with ease
  • Follow Bri’s proven monthly, weekly and daily system to execute your custom acceleration strategy
  • Align your mindset, beliefs and vision with your desired outcome
  • Get shit done
  • Build a clear pathway to your business acceleration goals!


I have more clarity about my life’s work and more momentum behind me than I ever have, thanks to Bri.

Nona M.

Life Coach

My business is growing four times faster than the national average in my industry since working with Bri!
Mae C.

Financial Advisor

You’re on the cusp of an entirely different future for your business. The questions are…

👉🏻 Do you know the next right step to grow? 👈🏻


👉🏻 Do you have the confidence to take it? 👈🏻

how to start a business

If the answer to either of these questions is ‘NO‘… It’s time to join ‘On The Cusp’!

‘On The Cusp’ was the catalyst I was craving to start approaching my business growth differently.
Kea M.

Professional Speaker

on the cusp business growth
On The Cusp was specifically designed for creative entrepreneurs who…
  • Have already demonstrated success in their business, but are ready to accelerate to their next level
  • Have stalled in their business growth and don’t have clarity on how to regain their momentum
  • Are ready to exponentially boost their impact, visibility and profits in their business
  • Need support from an outside perspective to identify the missing piece of the puzzle and create an action plan
  • Require accountability to help you stay on track, motivated and committed to your goal.

And, of course YOU if you:

  • Struggle with knowing how to move forward effectively and efficiently into your business growth goals
  • Have been spinning your wheels and stuck at a plateau in your business growth
  • Feel overwhelmed and lost about the next steps to take
  • Are done wasting time and money trying to DIY it with few results
  • Need some accountability and guidance on your side to help kickstart your progress and keep you on track
  • Are sick of living on ‘Entrepreneur Island: Population 1’ and want a community of powerful women by your side
  • Are tired of one-size-fits-all strategies that don’t work.

Want in?

I made almost triple what the cost of the investment was within three weeks. I can’t recommend it enough.

Cara K.

Empowerment Coach

I knew I could no longer afford not to do this. I truly wonder where my business and I would be today if I’d had Bri on my side 15 years ago.

Shameela T.

Management Consultant

business growth

Keep reading because you’re about to learn exactly how ‘On The Cusp’ works and why it is the next obvious step for you so you can stop spinning your wheels and finally accelerate the growth of your business.

on the cusp

/än,ôn T͟Hə kəsp/
1. at the point when something is about to change to something else

You’re on the edge… ready to step into the business growth you dream of… but, how?

  • What is the right next step for you?
  • How do you execute those steps effectively without burning yourself out?
  • If you haven’t been able to do it up to now… how will you do it alone this time?

Reaching a plateau in business is normal… But, it doesn’t mean you should stay there.

Sure, it’s easy to get comfortable and oftentimes our minds like us stay in one spot. 

But… comfort inhibits growth.

Ready to identify and focus on the most potent next step in your business growth with an incredible mentor on your side?

{Hint: it is 110% possible for you right now}

Over the course of 90-days in ‘On The Cusp‘ you will:

  • Identify the next step in your entrepreneurial business growth journey
  • Work hand-in-hand with Bri’s 15-years of expertise to develop your custom strategy to get there
  • Use our proven monthly, weekly and daily system to execute the plan
  • Lean on Bri and the community for support and accountability
  • Take your next step and create the results you dream of!


‘On The Cusp’ was built to be the most impactful
90-day boost to your business growth.

This is not a fluffy course you will follow along for a day or two and drop out of.

Instead, the next 90-days could give you:

  • Full clarity on your next step
  • The focus and accountability to execute your custom strategy with confidence
  • Support and encouragement to remind you why you started, what’s possible for you and who the fuck you are
  • Fortitude to take your next step in your business
  • Unmitigated momentum to carry you into 2022 on a cloud of confidence, courage and prosperity.

But… only if you’re willing to say yes!

Apply Now to Accelerate Your Business Growth

After my last investment in coaching, I swore I’d never do it again. But when ‘On the Cusp’ came up, it felt right. It was my last shot to make my business work.

The confidence and momentum that has come from it was worth the investment. Bri’s feedback helped me problem solve, get clear and take action.

I now know I’m on the right path and I have a plan to keep moving forward.

Kate B.

Author and Speaker

So What’s Included?

1. Private Strategy Session
Meet one-on-one with me to review the long-term vision for your business, then identify the next potent step to get you there. We will create a custom game-plan for your next 90-days to powerfully implement your strategy. You’ll be provided with the steps to take and guidance to execute what we identify in the call.
2. Reprogram your mindset

Have you ever noticed that you try to take action, yet you are sidetracked with paralysis and procrastination? You’re not alone. This happens to every entrepreneur for one very simple reason – your subconscious mind is getting in your way. Until you have this figured out, you will always face resistance. Luckily, you can reprogram your mindset with my help! This one element alone is worth the investment when you can wake up clear headed, confident and able to take action without procrastination every day.

3. Bi-weekly Group Strategy Calls

Developing a strategy isn’t a one-time activity. It takes application, assessment and ’Action-Storming’ to ensure it’s being executed in the most effective, impactful and easy way. Every other week we’ll meet as a group to check in about progress and identify the next steps in your custom business growth plan.

4. Bi-Weekly Action Blocks

Finding it difficult to carve out time to focus and work on your strategy? You’re not alone. Every other week we’ll gather as a community to ‘Get Shit Done’. I will lead you through three focused work sessions, plus you’ll have access to me to get help, support and feedback in real time.

5. 24/7 online access

Need questions answered in between our sessions? Feeling a little ‘meh’ and wanting encouragement? Ready to celebrate a huge win? The online community is there all day everyday – just waiting for you to pop in. Bri checks the community once to twice a day (on weekdays) to support you with every need you have, to celebrate every win you have and to cheer you on in every lull.

6. My 'Get Shit Done' action + accountability system

One of the biggest blocks I see in entrepreneurs is the inability to connect their daily actions to their bigger visions. How is the action you’re taking today directly impacting the business you’ll have in 10 years? Well, I’m going to teach you and give you a system to use every single day, week, month, quarter and year moving forward.

👉🏻  Want to stop developing endless to-do lists without actually taking action? I’ve got you covered.

👉🏻  Want to avoid all the gross bro-marketing strategies and finally do your business in a way that feels right? I’ve got you covered.

👉🏻  Want to identify the most aligned next steps for you in growing your business and be supported in courageously taking them? I’ve got you covered.

👉🏻 Want a safe space to overcome resistance and stop sabotaging yourself from creating the business you dream of? I’ve got you covered.

Ready to be on the other side of the cusp and grow your business?
I’ve got you covered.

👇🏻 Create Massive Shifts In Your Business Today 👇🏻

Note: Not everyone who applies is accepted. The program has limited enrollment and it is not the right fit for every entrepreneur!

Who are you growing your business with?

how to start a business

Hi there! I’m Bri Seeley – The Entrepreneur Coach. I have over 15 years of experience in both entrepreneurship and coaching.

I was lucky to grow up with an entrepreneurial mom who showed me the ropes at a very young age. I knew how to balance a cash drawer and was building relationships with our suppliers at the age of 5. When I turned 15, I was managing our family store and training employees.

Entrepreneurship and business is in my blood.

When I started my first business, I quickly realized that there was a lot I didn’t know – and I wasn’t the only one. I struggled to reach my business growth goals. I tried to do it all alone. And I spun my wheels for YEARS – on the cusp of everything I wanted, but never actually creating it.

I don’t want that to be you.

Did you know that 88% of women owned businesses never surpass the 6-figure mark? And that 62% of women never receive support in their businesses?

I was put on this planet to eliminate those statistics and help entrepreneurs, just like you, learn what it takes to be successful… with ease.

I envision a world where women are abundantly wealthy and live with complete freedom – life, wealth and business on our terms.

You’re on the cusp of your business growth and I’m here to help you move forward! Let’s do this!

Love + Leaps,

business gr
If ‘On The Cusp’ helped you to….

  • Grow your business 4x faster than the national average like my client Mae…
  • Generate $10,000 in sales the week you launch a new revenue stream like my client Nikki…
  • Create a 21667% return on your investment like my client Jen…
  • Triple your investment within a few weeks like my client Cara….

Hell yes! Obviously, it would be a no brainer.

So…. what are you waiting for?

👇🏻 Apply Today and Accelerate Your Business Growth 👇🏻

Note: Not everyone who applies is accepted. The program has limited enrollment and it is not the right fit for every entrepreneur!

Female entrepreneurs Love ‘On The Cusp’!

This has been my highest grossing month to date in my business.

Suzie S.

Creative Director

Bri empowered me to take the next step by being a support, offering guidance and also giving me a lot to think about. Her accountability was key for me to breakthrough the cusp into my new life and business.

Camila C.

Travel Expert

I am more prepared and skilled to execute my business vision since working with Bri.

Laura K.

High Ticket Sales

Working with Bri has been a total game changer!
Kitty T.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire an entrepreneur coach?
As an Entrepreneur Business Coach, my job is to help you see past your blindspots, present strategies for expansion and help you transcend above your limitations to create not only the best possible business, but also transform yourself into the best possible entrepreneur in the process.

Unless you have decades and decades of entrepreneurial experience, there is so much about entrepreneurship you just won’t know until you’ve either: 1. experienced it or 2. learned it from someone else.

Hiring an Entrepreneur Business Coach will help you short cut the trial and error of experience by learning from the best of the best. At the end of the day, every successful entrepreneur I have met says, “Hiring experts may require an investment up front, but it will save you immeasurable time and money in the long-run.”

Between me and my team, we have over four decades of combined experience in various areas of entrepreneurship to help you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes of starting your business.

Plus…. my guess is you’ve been thinking about taking the leap into entrepreneurship for FAR too long and it’s time to finally do something about it. Hiring a coach to help you is built in accountability that will compel you to take action in the direction of your dream. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to learn how to start a business!!!

What is an entrepreneur coach?
An Entrepreneur Coach is someone who helps you with your business from the inside out. You will learn how to start a business and concurrently become the best entrepreneur possible.

As an Entrepreneur Coach, my job is to help you focus both on your business and on you. We’ll work on a combination of mindset, time management, vision development, confidence, alignment, daily habits, and more… all while you take steps to grow your business in the world!

What results have past clients created?
My past graduates have created results such as:

  • Mae’s business is growing 4x faster than the national average for her industry.
  • Cara made back triple her investment within a few weeks.
  • Nikki launched a new revenue stream and generated over $10,000 in the first week.
  • Jen immediately doubled her income and has since created a 21667% return on investment.
  • Kate is a nationally touring DJ who regularly tops the charts on Spotify, has opened for household name artists, and partnered with brands like Redbull.
  • Molly sold several songs for commercials and opened for Odesza at Red Rocks.
  • Kristina launched a group program, filled it within 48-hours, then opened and filled a 2nd cohort a week later. She made back her investment in the course with this one action.
  • Elizabeth hit her first 6-figure year while still working her day job.
  • Stephanie has quadrupled her business income 3 years in a row (she quit her side job after the 1st year).
  • Kris quit her job and replaced her salary with business income in under 3-months.
  • Bridget created an extra $5000 last month just a few days after she took one action which was discussed in our coaching call.
  • Kala grew her business and has worked with companies like Warner Brothers, Louis Vuitton, Adobe, Oscar de la Renta, Jim Beam, Diane von Furstenberg and more.
  • Laura closed her family business and is now hosting transformational retreats around the world.
  • Stephanie was asked to design a ‘What If’ wedding dress for Taylor Swift which was seen on the cover of ‘Life + Style’ magazine.
  • Kris’ 2019 summer camp enrollment sold out and her calendar is booked through the end of the 2020 school year.
  • Ivy quit her job and has launched her soul aligned, values-based business while roadtripping around the United States.
  • Kea was nominated for ’20 on the rise.’
  • Sheri got recognized as a Gold Leader at her 2019 leadership convention.
  • Elizabeth’s work has been seen at Twin Cities Film Fest, Vally Film Festival, Silver State Film Festival, Charlotte Film Festival, Holly Shorts Film Festival, and more!
  • Jayne is creating + launching a magazine to connect empowered women.
  • Camila is preparing to leave her career so she can travel the world in and launch her journey blog, retreats and community.
  • AND MORE!!!

Here’s what I’ve seen…. it is the ones who are willing to invest and do whatever it takes that win in our work together – they are the ones who create success in their lives. And not because of me, but because they put in the dedication and focus to make it happen.

My past clients reach out to me with gratitude years after we’ve finished working together because the insights, tools and value they learned keeps on giving to them long after our work together has ended!

Do you have payment options?
Yes, Yes, Yes!!!! There are two payment options to help meet you where you’re at.
How do i know this will work for me?
Well, the short answer is…. You don’t.

But, I do. And here’s why:

Every client I’ve worked with (except three) in the last six years who has taken responsibility for changing their trajectory has seen growth and expansion within themselves and their businesses. Because they have chosen to commit, focus on their future and learn from the best to create the success they desire.

Now…. what about those three? Here’s what I learned from those experiences, which are key for growth and success:

1. You have to take responsibility for your results. It’s not my or my team’s job to create success for you. Our job is to hold space, teach you and be your guide. Your job is to create.

2. You have to take action. Sitting around and waiting for the results to come doesn’t work. Failing to take action each week won’t produce momentum.

3. You have to let go of the past in order to create the future. And you have to want your future more than you want your comfort.

If you’re willing to take responsibility, take action and do whatever it takes to walk confidently in the direction of your future – I promise, this will work for you.

What if this doesn't work for me?
All of my offerings come with a satisfaction guarantee. If you show up to every call, listen to every training, execute and take action on every module, complete all your homework and you haven’t seen a single shift {mind you, I’ve never seen this happen}, the team and I will continue to work with you to ensure you are satisfied.
business growth

👇🏻 Ready to Accelerate Your Business Growth 👇🏻

It’s time to have a plan that works

It’s time to stop using DIY methods to reach your next level.

It’s time to have expert support to help you grow.

It’s time to stop playing small.

It’s time to step up with confidence

You are On The Cusp of accelerated growth.

Are you ready to leap?