Are you ready to add some more ease into your business? I don’t know about you… but I am all about the ease lately. In fact, my word for 2022 is ‘ease-full’. Struggling in your business is so 2020. That why these business tools are so important.

As entrepreneurs, we need the best business tools on our side to help decrease stress, increase productivity and manage all the moving pieces. That’s why I wanted to compile a list of business tools to help you add more ease into your business. In fact, every business tool on this list is one that I use daily.

Here is my list of the Best Business Tools for 2022 and how I use them in my business:

Business Tool #1 – Canva

Canva’s tagline is “online design made easy.” It will help you create beautiful, professional marketing graphics quickly.

How I use Canva in my business: The look and feel of my business is incredibly important. Canva helps me to maintain a consistent brand aesthetic from design to design.

What I love about it: Canva saves my marketing images, color HEX codes and frequently used fonts to eliminate duplication of my energy. It also allows me to easily resize designs for multiple use options. I can create a month’s worth of marketing images in under an hour.

Sign up for your Canva account by clicking here.

Business Tool #2 – Calendly

Sick of all the back and forth emails trying to find meeting times? Calendly is a free appointment scheduling software. It also provides confirmation emails, reminders and follow up options.

How I use Calendly in my business: Finding mutually agreeable meeting times is something I stopped doing over a decade ago. Now, I send people my calendly link and let them figure out what works for their schedule based on my availability. Not only that, I’ve automated my client intake process for ‘The Quantum Immersion’ to automatically send enrollees a booking link for their custom acceleration strategy. And I use it for podcast bookings to compile the intake information in one place.

What I love about it: It saves me time and sanity, plus helps me to stay organized. It also sends automatic reminder emails to eliminate no-show’s and follow up emails with clear next steps.

Sign up to use Calendly to streamline your scheduling process by clicking here.

Business Tool #3 – Later

Ready to start planning your social content rather than playing whack-a-mole every day? Later is the social media scheduler that will make this process easy and quick.

How I use Later in my business: Strategic social media strategy is a key ingredient in business success. Later allows me to set it and forget it. My social media gets scheduled once per month to automatically post to my accounts.

What I love about it: It allows my assistant to schedule content without needing my Instagram login information. I can look at a full month calendar to see where my content gaps are. I can apply tags, schedule the first comment and indicate a location while scheduling.

Check out Later’s pricing plans (including their free option) HERE.

Business tool #4 – Zapier

Ever wonder how everyone keeps all the plates spinning in their business? Or how their systems/operations move things forward so quickly? Zapier is the easiest way to automate your work systems.

How I use Zapier in my business: Automations are key if you are running a robust business with a lot of moving pieces. Last year I automated my entire intake process for both of my programs. Once someone enrolls, they’re automatically sent the contract, and once the contract is signed they’re given automatic access to the program.

What I love about it: The amount of time this single tool has saved me is probably in the HUNDREDS of hours. Manually moving my onboarding process forward was a tedious and consuming process that was subject to human error. Now, it all happens in the blink of an eye without me doing anything.

Being using Zapier to automate your operations by clicking here.

Business tool #5 – Trello

Entrepreneurship can have a lot of moving pieces. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of everything. Which is where Trello comes in. Trello is a project management platform to help you stay focused and organized, while also allowing you to assign tasks to team members.

How I use Trello in my business: The two major uses in my business are managing big projects into smaller tasks and assigning weekly tasks to my assistant. It is the best organization tool I have found. 

What I love about it: From launching my book, to organizing my social content, to my weekly assignments – everything is in one spot and clearly organized to facilitate clear next steps and help us meet deadlines.

Sign up to try Trello {for free} in your business by clicking here.

Bonus: An experienced coach!

Nothing will bring you more ease than eliminating trial and error from your business. An experienced coach will help you focus on the right actions, give you best practices and encourage you to keep going when you hit a bump in the road. I have worked with coaches in my business since 2011. Each and every time, I’ve seen growth, acceleration and ease unfold before me.

If you’re ready to hire an experienced coach to help you with acceleration and ease, visit my website here to learn about how I serve Wantrepreneurs, Solopreneurs and Entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and create their visions in 2022.

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