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Are you an entrepreneur looking to expand your business by hiring a business coach in Los Angeles? 

Maybe you’ve been running your business and can’t seem to gain any traction. No matter how hard you try, your results remain the same and growth doesn’t seem to be happening for you. Bills pile up, clients are nowhere to be found, and you don’t know what else to do.

Or maybe you are seeing a ton of traction, but it feels unsustainable for you to keep going at this pace because you’re overworking and underliving. It’s time to grow your team, systemize your operations and develop revenue streams that give you more freedom.

No matter your experience…. it sounds like it’s time to hire an entrepreneur business coach in Los Angeles!

In this article, we’re going to discuss why it’s beneficial to hire a business coach in Los Angeles, what to look for when choosing the best coach for you, resources any entrepreneur can use, and other things you’ll want to know before you dive into the world of entrepreneur coaching.

Read on to see what you’ll need to hire a business coach in Los Angeles!

  1. What does an entrepreneur business coach do?

First things first, what even is an entrepreneur coach? This is someone who specializes in working with entrepreneurs and business owners to help them grow their businesses. If they do their job well, they’ll push you to take actions you need to take (or ones you’ve been avoiding) to grow both yourself and your business, and they’ll support you in developing the skills you’ll need to successfully run your business. 


  1. Why should you hire an entrepreneur business coach in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is a diverse city filled with all sorts of people, cultures, beliefs, and businesses. These businesses can be anywhere from small to large, making just enough to get by or bringing in huge profits. Odds are you’ll be competing with these businesses for customers and clients.

Finding the right coach can help you navigate any hurdles you may face when trying to grow your business in such a big city.

Here are just a few reasons why hiring an entrepreneur business coach is a great idea, especially in Los Angeles:

  • Networking Opportunities — Networking is so important, particularly when you’re working in a huge city like this one! The right business coach will have ideas on how to access the right professionals, collaborators, and partners, and they may even have access to these opportunities themselves that they can then share with you.
  • Work-Life Balance — A lot of us start businesses for this very reason, but along the way, we can lose sight of how to maintain this balance when our business pulls us in so many directions. We’re constantly on the move, much like Los Angeles is. A business coach will help you learn how to set boundaries, manage your time effectively, and find that balance so you don’t burn out.
  • Innovation and Creativity — An essential skill for any entrepreneur and business, and if you’ve got a phenomenal business coach in Los Angeles, then they’ll be able to push you to think outside the box, create new products and services you wouldn’t have thought up on your own, and find new ways to differentiate your business in this diverse market.
  • Long-Term Grown and Sustainability — Most businesses struggle to make it, never lasting for longer than a year. 76% of business owners never hire a team to support them; 30% of business owners never pay themselves; and 88% of never earn more than 6-figures of annual revenue. Don’t let that be you! In order to grow and maintain momentum, your coach will help you create the right strategies for lasting in the Los Angeles market and build a solid foundation to last through the city’s ever-changing landscape.


  1. What do you need to look for when hiring an entrepreneur business coach in Los Angeles?

All right, we’ve covered what an entrepreneur coach does and why you should absolutely hire one. Now, let’s look at what you should look for when you go to hire a business coach in Los Angeles so you find the perfect fit!

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a coach, but here are a few basics to get you started:

  • Personal Fit — This is probably the most important one because if you don’t even like your coach—who they are as a person, what they believe, how they work—then you’re not going to get anywhere. Find someone you can build a rapport with, someone who will push you in just the right way, and can guide you down the path you want.
  • Track Record — What have this entrepreneur coach’s previous clients said about them? Do they have any success stories? Can they provide tangible results that you can see? Look for examples of how they have helped others and see what others are saying about them.
  • Industry-Specific Expertise — There are many coaches out there that provide generic business advice, and while this can be helpful, sometimes it can be better to hire someone who’s familiar with your specific industry, especially in Los Angeles. They’ll know what you’ll need to do to navigate the market, find clients, network, and grow.
  • Cultural Sensitivity — A must-have for anyone in LA! Having a coach who understands and is sensitive to the various cultures in Los Angeles is important because no one culture is the same, and oftentimes, our cultural nuances can influence how we do and run our businesses. Finding a coach that knows this can help you include your nuances and grow your business how you see fit. 


Finding all of this in one person can sound daunting, and you may not even know where to get started, which is totally understandable!

Inevitably, what ends up happening is that you know you need help with the next steps in your business journey. You know you need help to grow and to take those next steps or else you’ll keep running on the hamster wheel and never getting anywhere – overworking and underliving while being unable to enjoy the life you’ve built for yourself.

Not to mention, you have very ambitious goals, a big vision and you’re unsure how to bring it to life.

What if there’s an entrepreneur business coach in Los Angeles who already possesses all of the above qualities and more, and you don’t have to go looking for her?

Bri Seeley, The Entrepreneur Coach, has been running businesses for more than 17 years and has specifically been coaching entrepreneurs like yourself since 2015. She knows exactly what to expect, the highs and the lows, and she knows just how to push her clients to take the right actions that will help them grow (with receipts to back it up!)

Bri can help you grow, too, and if you want to get off that hamster wheel and actually start taking actions in your business that make a difference, then apply today to speak with Bri’s team about working with her.

You deserve to have the success you seek in your business. Give yourself permission to reach all of your audacious goals by getting the help you need to stop overworking and underliving so you can be the thriving and profitable entrepreneur you see in your dreams.

  1. Additional Resources

Here’s Bri’s list of best business resources in Los Angeles:

  1. Coworking Space: Bond Collective 
    • Every entrepreneur needs a safe, quiet, and reliable place to conduct business, plus, sometimes, it’s nice to get out of the house and have an office away from home! Bond Collective in Downtown Los Angeles is a fantastic place to get out of the house when you need to and get work done.
  2. Library: The Los Angeles Public Library
    • Libraries are phenomenal resources for everyone, entrepreneurs included. They’ve got business resources, books, meeting rooms, and so many other things that you can use, most or all of which are free! The Los Angeles Public Library has so much that you can use, so be sure to check them out.
  3. Online Zero Fee Bank: NBKC
    • A business bank account is a must for any entrepreneur, and you might as well have one that won’t “fee” you out of business. NBKC is a great bank for businesses, and it’s super easy to set up, too, which makes it an optimal choice for you and your business.
  4. Bookkeeper: EcomBalance
    • Keeping the books balanced every month is an important thing for a business to do. While you could manage it on your own, having help is always nice, plus a great time-saver! EcomBalance is a phenomenal bookkeeping company. Built by eCommerce sellers and entrepreneurs, they know just what you’ll need, and they’ll do almost everything for you. 
      • Note: EcomBalance only works with eCommerce businesses, but their sister company, Accounts Balance, works with service-based and other online businesses. 
  5. Networking Events: Los Angeles Entrepreneurs Networking
    • As entrepreneurs, we all know networking is important, but sometimes, finding events can be difficult or daunting. Meetup is a great way to find networking events that work for you, and the link I’ve provided will get you started with the largest networking events for entrepreneurs in Los Angeles.
  6. Join our free community of entrepreneurs here: https://briseeley.com/community
    • What’s better than a community of entrepreneurs who uplift and support each other? That’s what we do, and if you want some support and accountability, be sure to join our community!
  7. Listen to The Entrepreneur Coach Podcast on Youtube, Spotify or Apple Podcasts.
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