Top 11 Money Mindset Books for Entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs, learning is something we do all the time. It’s important to continually learn about entrepreneurship, money, mindset, and so many other things!

But there are so many books out there, how do you know which ones are the best to read? I’ve compiled a list of the 10 books that I love the most and that I think are the most helpful to entrepreneurs. I’ve gotten so much out of reading these, and I know they’ll help you, too.

Full disclosure: I do receive a small commission for each item purchased through the links below. That said, I absolutely believe in the value these items will bring to you and your loved ones, and I hope you’ll find them as fun and useful as I do!

1. It’s Not Your Money: How to Live Fully from Divine Abundance

Tosha Silver, a beloved spiritual guide and best-selling author, offers up a different take on forming a positive financial mindset. It’s natural for us to crave prosperity, for us to want to create and have a lot of money. The problem comes when our minds decide to move the goalpost once we reach our first goal, always wanting more. In this book, Tosha offers readers a different approach. Instead of continually chasing prosperity, she walks you through an 8 week process of surrendering everything—problems, money, triumphs, etc.—back to the Divine, which then creates more abundance in our lives. An easy, simple read that will provide you with major change in a matter of weeks.

2. Get Rich, Lucky Bitch!: Release Your Money Blocks and Live a First-Class Life

Honestly, we all have money blocks that we have to work through. Unfortunately, for most people, they never work through their blocks, settling for making pennies when they could be making more. In this book, Denise Duffield-Thomas shows you how to remove your own money blocks and how to upgrade your life so you can bring in more abundance this year.

3. You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth

Jen Sincero, author of the popular You Are A Badass, wrote this phenomenal book to help others manifest the kind of money they wanted in their lives. You Are A Badass at Making Money not only helps you uncover money blocks, fears, and doubts, it helps you create a relationship with money like you would a friend. Through her sass and humor, Jen Sincero shows you how to stop playing victim and start making some money around here. If you’re ready to start creating more wealth, then this book is a must!

4. Rich As F*ck: More Money Than You Know What to Do With

Who wouldn’t like to have more money than they know what to do with? Amanda Frances thinks you should have that much money! This book gives you some practical advice on how to not only craft a “rich as f*ck” mindset, but also how to start bringing in oodles of money. Originally a middle-class girl from Oklahoma herself, Amanda walks you through how she made her life as rich as possible and shows you how to do the same. This book will challenge you, stretch your boundaries, and push you outside your comfort zone.

5. We Should All Be Millionaires: A Woman’s Guide to Earning More, Building Wealth, and Gaining Economic Power

As a Black woman in America, Rachel Rodgers is all too familiar with the struggles most people face when it comes to money. But she didn’t let that stop her from becoming a millionaire and teaching others how to do the same. She fully believes that all women should be millionaires because that’s how we’ll change the system for the better and make the world a better place for everyone. This book is an absolute must-read if you want to learn why you should make more money (and why it’s not selfish to do so!), how to avoid patriarchal nonsense when it comes to money matters, and how to start making million dollar decisions so you can have the life you deserve.

6. I Will Teach You to Be Rich: No Guilt. No Excuses. Just a 6-Week Program That Works

If there’s someone who knows about money and how to make it, it’s Ramit Sethi. In I Will Teach You to be Rich, Sethi gives you a 6-week no bs process on how to pay down debt, automate your finances, set up bank accounts that won’t gouge your wallet, and much more. If you’ve wanted to master your money and have someone show you how to do it, then this is the perfect book for you.

7. The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life

In a lot of ways, we’re taught our attitudes towards money from the moment we’re born, and for many of us, the attitude isn’t great. We’re always striving for more and there never seems to be enough of it. In The Soul of Money, Lynne Twist shows you how to examine your attitude toward money and how your attitude is affecting your ability to make more money. Using both personal stories and practical advice, Lynne Twist helps you evaluate your relationship with money, assess your own values, and transform your life.

8. The Mindful Millionaire: Overcome Scarcity, Experience True Prosperity, and Create the Life You Really Want

We’ve all heard something like this: If you want to make money, stop buying lattes! Essentially, everyone seems to preach a scarcity mindset in order to make more money, but having this kind of mindset leads to less money, not more. As a financial planner and spiritual coach, Leisa Peterson has developed techniques to help her clients dig deep into their financial thinking and how they live, and she employs those same techniques in this book. You’ll get to explore things like where your current money habits come from, how and where practical money advice misses the mark, and how to change your mindset around money.

9. The Science of Getting Rich

This book has been around for more than a century! And the concepts in it are still applicable today. Wallace D. Wattles spent his life studying the world’s greatest philosophers and their work, particularly their work around the laws of success. Through all this work, Wattles found that there is a science to attracting wealth, that if you think a thought to attract wealth, it will come to you. In this short book, Wattles walks you through how to use this simple method to attract wealth, what barriers you may face when employing it, and your getting rich will uplift those around you.

10. The Wealth Mindset: Understanding the Mental Path to Wealth

Entrepreneurs know: Mindset is everything. Without a resilient mindset, it’s impossible to withstand the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. In The Wealth Mindset, the authors walk you through how to transform your mindset around wealth and money so that you can achieve the success you want. This short book gives you practical tips and advice on how to implement self-improvement tactics to make the shift you’ll need to create the wealth you want.

11. Your First Million: Why You Don’t Have to Be Born into a Legacy of Wealth to Leave One Behind

Arlan Hamilton lived most of her life below the poverty line before becoming a millionaire, and through that journey, she realized that entrepreneurship is the fastest way to get there. This is especially true for those that haven’t had riches or power before, and in this book, recently published at the beginning of 2024, Arlan shows you how to identify your unmet needs, raise money, create more than one income stream, and much more. Like Rachel Rodgers, Arlan Hamilton believes that when we can change our own circumstances, we can change the world.

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