In my 14-years of entrepreneurship, I’ve crossed paths with a lot of successful entrepreneurs, as well as a lot of unsuccessful ones. What differentiates the two? This week’s vlog highlights the biggest difference I’ve seen between those who go on to have successful businesses and those who return to the workforce:

Successful entrepreneurs aren’t unicorns. In fact, they’re no different than you… they just do a few things differently which set them apart.

The biggest difference I’ve seen in successful entrepreneurs is their willingness to only fight for their possibility, whereas unsuccessful entrepreneurs generally spend more time fighting for their limitations.

This was very clearly illustrated between the two Sarah’s featured in this video. One was willing to see past her limitations and only believe in her possibilities, which has resulted in a new job, higher paying clients, better relationships and more. The other was only willing to see her limitations, which has resulted in zero changes in her life or business.

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