In a world where doubt looms and worth is questioned, Kuma Roberts’s journey of self-discovery takes an unforeseen turn. From the depths of her introspection, a revelation emerges, shattering the chains of self-limitation. But little did she know, this newfound power was only the beginning. 


As Kuma embraces her purpose, she embarks on a path that defies expectations. Join us as we delve into the extraordinary story of Kuma Roberts, a tale that will inspire you to rise above self-limiting beliefs and living in your power.

This is Kuma Roberts’s story:


It was a seemingly ordinary day when Kuma Roberts found herself at a crossroads, questioning her worth and impact. As a black woman in Tulsa, Oklahoma, she was no stranger to feeling underestimated and undervalued. In a moment of profound clarity, Kuma realized she had been underestimating her own power. Her self-limiting beliefs had held her back, but that was about to change. 


From that moment, Kuma started living in her power, challenging herself, and those around her, to shift their mindsets. Whether consulting with business leaders or delivering inspiring talks to audiences nationwide, Kuma exudes an aura of unshakeable confidence. A new chapter has begun for Kuma, no longer waiting for success to arrive, she is living it every single day.


After listening to this episode, you will be able to:


  • Discover the transformative power of change and how to leverage it for success.
  • GaIn sight on the profound impact of changing your environment on unlocking new growth opportunities
  • Understand the strength derived from fostering a strong community and supportive relationships.
  • Learn to own your power and take charge when opportunity knocks.
  • Shatter the chains of self-limiting beliefs and step into your true potential and purpose.


A Journey of Self-Discovery

Recognizing one’s potential is the first step towards success. It’s about unearthing our worth and aligning with our purpose. Often, this process involves battling societal norms and own self-imposed barriers. However, when you take up this journey, untapped power unfolds, revealing the true extent of your potential.

During our chat, Kuma describes her illuminating journey of self-discovery. In the past, like many of us, she’d been underestimated. But that didn’t deter her. She had an epiphany, where she felt an intense drive – a ‘glowy’ feeling in her stomach – propelling her to live fearlessly, embracing her power and purpose. Kuma’s experience serves as an inspirational beacon, showing us transformation is indeed possible when we dare to discover our true selves.

The Power of Supportive Networks
Community plays a pivotal role in our individual growth and success. Surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals who cheer us, challenge us, and make space for us is crucial. Such networks not only provide emotional support, but also act as catalysts for self-growth, encouraging us to step out of our comfort zones and challenge our self-limiting beliefs.

In this episode, Kuma highlights this power of supportive networks. She underscores the significance of finding your tribe—powerful individuals who uplift you and make space for you. Kuma’s tale is a testament that the right community can foster growth and shatter barriers, helping us reach new heights of personal and professional success.


Letting Go and Finding Success

Stepping up to success often involves letting go—leaving behind past situations which no longer serve your growth. By embracing change and stepping into new environments, you can unlock unique opportunities for growth. Although it may seem daunting, it’s an essential part of personal and professional development. 


Kuma vividly depicts this aspect of her journey. She reveals how she consciously chose to let go of her previous affiliations that weren’t aligned with her passions. As a result, she discovered new rooms to thrive—new opportunities where she could shine. Kuma’s story underscores the importance of embracing change and seeking new opportunities, reminding us that growth thrives in exploration and willingness to change.


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