This week on ‘The Success Diaries’ podcast we welcome Kendrick Shope, Founder and Creator of Authentic Selling. Kendrick shares how her core values of family, belief and financial abundance guide her vision of success. We also discuss tangible ways to experience belief and create a business around what’s most important to you.

How do you create a business that is an extension of your authentic self? One that not only expresses who you are, but allows you to live your greatest vision?

Kendrick Shope, Founder and Creator of Authentic Selling, transitioned her career from over a decade of sales into her own business that allows her to live her core values of family, belief and financial abundance. She vulnerably shares the highs and lows of this journey – including a moment where she almost returned to her former career.

But, my favorite part of this episode is when she and I break down belief. When you can’t see your vision materializing, it can be difficult to believe. Kendrick shares the most powerful exercise to help you tangibly feel belief in your body so you can translate it to other areas of your life. Listen and then share with us your favorite part of the conversation on Instagram with @BriSeeley and @RealKendrickShope.

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