It’s no secret that pricing, charging, and sales are integral parts of running a successful business. However, many female entrepreneurs grapple with understanding their own worth and dealing with imposter syndrome. This can make these aspects of business seem daunting. But, learning to overcome these challenges not only leads to professional success but also contributes to personal growth. By understanding the art of pricing and embracing sales, you empower yourself and your business, paving the way for a successful entrepreneurial journey. Let’s embark on this journey together, understanding rejection as part of the sales process, and learning to charge what you’re truly worth.


Today’s guest on Success Becomes Me, Annie P. Ruggles, possesses a vitality that inspires action, coupled with a contagious enthusiasm for helping women overcome the discomfort associated with sales. With keen insights into the psyche of modern female entrepreneurs, she works tirelessly to reframe and redefine how sales are approached. Known for her innate ability to translate complex concepts into digestible and empowering lessons, she’s a driving force in the realm of sales, guiding countless women to take charge of their businesses and transform their lives.

Here are the key steps to authentic sales:

  • Understanding the Philosophy: Recognizing rejection as a part of sales.
  • Value Recognition: Learning to identify and appreciate your worth.
  • Tackling Imposter Syndrome: Embracing expansion and ambitious endeavors.
  • Embrace Sales: Realizing the necessity of sales for business success.
  • Charging Right: Mastering the art of pricing and charging for success.


  1. Understanding the Philosophy: Recognizing rejection as a part of sales.

Finding oneself at the receiving end of a no can be a disheartening experience. However, reframing the way we perceive this phenomenon can be a transformative game-changer. Recognizing rejection as an inevitable part of the sales journey can help in shifting the perspective from viewing it as a personal setback to treating it as an opportunity for growth and expansion. Embracing this mindset not only contributes to building resilience but also aids in fine-tuning the sales strategies by offering insights into what works and what doesn’t. 

Annie P. Ruggles lends valuable insights from her own experiences of grappling with rejection in sales in this episode of Success Becomes Me. She shares that disappointment is a natural reaction to rejection, and it’s completely alright to feel that way. What is more important is to not let these rejections deter the commitment towards ethical and bold selling. In her words, the sales you do get are going to come faster, be easier to celebrate. 


She creates a vivid picture of sales not just as a business necessity, but also as a journey – one that celebrates the wins, learns from the setbacks, and continually evolves in the process. As challenging as rejections may be, it’s crucial to remember the important role they play in the journey towards business success. Acknowledging them as stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks can pave the way for personal growth and business expansion. The ability to constructively deal with rejection, while maintaining the integrity of one’s sales values, reinforces resilience. It encourages a healthier perspective towards setbacks, fostering a growth mindset that views each rejection as an opportunity to learn and improve. 


Enabling this mental shift cannot only enhance sales competencies but can also boost confidence, fostering resilience, and paving the way for success. Ultimately, embracing rejection imbues the sales process with an additional layer of authenticity, paving the way for long-term customer relationships based on trust and mutual respect.


  1. Value Recognition: Learning to identify and appreciate your worth.

When it comes to pricing products or services, it isn’t uncommon for business owners to devalue their offerings, often to appear generous or to secure more clients. However, this act of self-deprecation does more harm than good, as it not only affects the bottom line of the business but also the wellbeing of the entrepreneur. By offering discounted prices, business owners inadvertently send the message that they do not believe in the value of their product or service. This could potentially lead to recurrent instances of low pricing, attracting clients who may not fully appreciate their offerings’ value. 


During our conversation on the Success Becomes Me podcast, Annie P. Ruggles provided relevant insights into the topic of value recognition. She explained how undervaluing oneself is not an act of generosity but self-preservation, disguised as generosity. By describing self-preservation as a mask for generosity, Annie brought attention to the fear that lies beneath – the fear of rejection, loss of business, or failure. She furthered the discussion by suggesting that recognition of value doesn’t relate solely to monetary aspects but extends to one’s worth in terms of knowledge, experience, effort, and time committed to providing a service or product. 


Understanding one’s value plays a crucial role in the growth and success of a business. It fosters confidence in the business owner, reinforcing their belief in their skillset and what they bring to the table. Moreover, it helps to attract clients who respect and appreciate this value, fostering a healthier client-business relationship. When an entrepreneur recognizes and appreciates their worth, they’re able to translate it into their offerings, demonstrating the quality, expertise, and experience that sets them apart from competitors. This in turn allows for the setting of fair prices reflective of their value, asserting a conducive environment for business growth. Without this recognition of value, entrepreneurs risk becoming entangled in a cycle of undervaluation, ultimately limiting their overall business success. Successfully navigating this step makes for a crucial landmark in the entrepreneurial journey.


  1. Tackling Imposter Syndrome: Embracing expansion and ambitious endeavors.

Sweating over cold calls, fretting about proposals, and the dread of facing rejection are all part of the exciting journey that we call entrepreneurship. Getting past the hurdles of insecurities and setting the stage for a better tomorrow is indeed a courageous move. As we put ourselves out there, it’s only natural to grapple with impostor syndrome, a psychological pattern where one doubts their skills, talents, and accomplishments. It tends to rear its head, especially when you’re about to strike gold or expand your horizon. It’s a kind of self-protection mechanism kicking in, coaxing you to stay safe in your comfort zone. But remember, staying static is not an option when you’re nurturing dreams of making it big. 


Annie P. Ruggles explains how those feelings of self-doubt and the constant questioning of one’s worth and capabilities are often the signs of being on the brink of expansion. When you’re pushing your boundaries, it’s quite common to feel like a fish out of water, but that’s where the growth is. Acknowledging this discomfort is the first step towards braving the terrain of ambitious dreams. Host Bri Seeley agrees that impostor syndrome often manifests itself when one is about to leap into a newer, better of themselves. Conquering these discomforts, they believe, sets the stage for breakthroughs and successes. In today’s fast-paced world, where everybody is trying to outdo the next person, remember, it’s a marathon and not a sprint. 


When feelings of self-doubt or inadequacy creep in, instead of retreating, it’s critical to embrace them and remember that they are signs of growth and expansion. They are a signal that you are moving out of your comfort zone and striving for something bigger. It’s a sign of being courageous and inching towards your dreams, one step at a time. Annie’s perspective on impostor syndrome is a reminder that it is an opportunity to meet the challenge head-on and rise above the inherent uncertainties of a journey. 


So, the next time the impostor syndrome strikes, recognize it for what it is, engage with it, and turn it into your stepping stone towards success. After all, no one ever attained greatness by playing it safe. Remember to value your worth, harness your unique strengths, and charge ahead on the path to success, paving the way for a future you’ve always dreamed of. Trust yourself and keep going. After all, the world needs what you have to offer.


  1. Embrace Sales: Realizing the necessity of sales for business success.

In the modern business environment, the realization and acceptance of the essential role of sales is key to ensuring business success. It’s often observed that entrepreneurs, especially those starting out, may shy away from sales, seeing it as too aggressive, pushy, or just simply out of their comfort zone. However, the truth is, sales make up the backbone of any commercial enterprise. Embracing sales isn’t about becoming the stereotypical ‘salesman’, rather, it’s an acknowledgment that what you offer has value and merit. 


Annie P. Ruggles shared her journey through the fog of sales avoidance through insights about how she overcame her own apprehensions around sales, ultimately benefiting her business in the process. Annie’s perspective focuses on the concept of selling boldly and ethically. It is not about manipulating the client, but rather about expressing the value of what one offers, ensuring both sides celebrate the final transaction. For Annie, it’s vital to charge what you’re worth, not allowing that worth to be devalued. She encourages entrepreneurs to face rejection, accept it as a part of the sales process, and use it as an opportunity for growth and expansion. Annie’s experience serves as an important reminder of why embracing sales is vital for success in today’s business environment. For her, it was a road to freedom from burnout and stagnation. 


Moreover, it’s not just about the financial side of the business, but also about embracing one’s worth and recognizing the value of what one offers. After all, commercial transactions are built on the simple premise that value is exchanged. That value can only be accurately reflected when one embraces sales as a normal and necessary part of doing business. In this way, embracing sales becomes more than just a push for profits; it becomes a deeper journey of value recognition, self-assessment, and business growth.


  1. Charging Right: Mastering the art of pricing and charging for success.

In the realm of entrepreneurship, mastering the art of pricing and charging right can be seen as an intricate dance. It involves understanding the value of one’s offer, gauging market conditions, apprehending customer perception, and above all, a good measure of self-confidence. There’s a prevalent fear that anchors many – the fear of overpricing and losing potential customers. But on the other hand, underpricing can undercut the value of one’s offer and make it difficult for businesses to survive. The aim is to find a balanced approach where the price mirrors the value and the entrepreneur feels confident and secure. 


Understanding and implementing this key step is essential for entrepreneurs. It’s about recognizing and embracing one’s worth, not just in the eyes of the market but also in self-perception. Price is not just a number on a tag; it’s a reflection of the value and the passion that an entrepreneur pours into their product or service. Charging right is a symbol of an entrepreneur’s self-assurance and stands testimony to their belief in their offer’s worth. By doing so, they gain respect in their professional domain, ensure their business is sustainable, and lead the path to financial success. While this journey isn’t without challenges, the payoff is worthwhile for those willing to brave the path. Embracing this reality is an essential stride towards success for entrepreneurs.


We have explored an essential topic that impacts many women entrepreneurs – mastering the art of pricing, charging, and sales. Through this journey, we’ve learned to see rejection as a part of sales, recognize our worth, navigate the infamous imposter syndrome, and understand the crucial role sales play in business success. Each of these steps contributes to building confidence and achieving business goals. Implement these learnings, face the challenges head-on, and remember you’re capable of turning your business dreams into reality. The road to success may have bumps, but it’s also filled with unmatched potential and opportunities.


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