Did you know starting a business is not actually the first step to starting your own business? There are so many things you need to know, do, think and prepare in order to have a successful business… And I recommend completing this preparatory work NOW as you embark this journey! In this episode, I help you get started with three simple (yet complex!) questions. Watch this episode for all the details:

The three questions to begin asking yourself now before starting you own business are:
1. Am I really ready to take full, complete and total responsibility for my life, my business and my results?
2. Do I have the stamina to ride the highs and lows?
3. What support system do I have in place?

These three questions are pivotal for you to address as early as possible. 50% of businesses fail before they reach the 5-year mark, and 66% of businesses fail before they reach the 10-year mark. You can begin to address the top five reasons for this high degree of business failure within these questions and begin setting yourself up for entrepreneurial success now.

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