Whether you’re a startup or a well-seasoned entrepreneur, having a business coach on your side is an invaluable resource to help you avoid costly mistakes. A personal business coach can help you hone your leadership skills, identify the most effective growth strategy and share tips to make your entrepreneurial journey easier. 

As a founder, you don’t have the luxury of struggling to make decisions or throwing away money on strategies that don’t provide a return on investment.

You should consider hiring a personal business coach if you’re struggling with the following:

1. You Do Not Have a Clear Grasp of Your Business Goals

Trying to execute a vision you don’t fully understand is not only frustrating, it prevents you from building the success you desire. A good personal business coach can help you identify the fundamental building blocks to your vision and make the necessary changes to create it. They’ve been trained to help you focus on the big picture and will give you what you need to execute a strategy for achieving it.

2. You Have Trouble with Time Management

Busy business owners have time for anything but time management. It’s easy to get lost in the flow of daily tasks and postpone the important ones. A personal business coach will help you prioritize your activities and remain focused on the actions which move the needle forward. She’ll help you eliminate unnecessary tasks, organize your schedule, and delegate tasks if necessary.

This will result in you being more productive and feeling more in control of your time.

3. You Need an Unbiased Point of View on Your Side

Working with a personal business coach will give you an objective set of eyes to steer you from the chaotic waters of your business. They can look at your business objectively without having to deal with the day-to-day pressure or emotional attachment. They will offer insight that you may have overlooked and help you see opportunities or threats you may be blind to.

4. You Have Trouble Identifying the Right Business Opportunities

With a personal business coach, you can get the insights of an expert to help you identify and jump on the right business opportunities when they present themselves. They can help you assess the opportunities and give you the perspective you need to take advantage of them.

5. You Want to Create a Personalized, Effective Plan

A personal business coach can help you create a customized plan for your business and goals. They will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, create measurable goals, and optimize your time and resources. Great business coaches know that this cannot be a generic, templated approach and will work with you intimately to identify the right plan that fits you.

6. You Want to Develop More Skills for the Business

A personal business coach can help you identify areas of improvement and develop the necessary skills to make your business even more successful. They can help you learn how to communicate effectively, build out your strategies, and delegate tasks. You’ll feel more confident in business, and you’ll be able to grow your business to the next level.

7. You Feel Overwhelmed by All Your Goals and Projects

Accountability is the biggest reason to hire a personal business coach. Having a support on your side to help you stay on track with your goals and projects will give you a 95% chance of success. Which are pretty good odds. A great personal business coach will not only help you create a plan, they will also hold you accountable for it. You’ll walk away from your work with the coach feeling more confident after having met your goals.

8. You Feel Like Your Business Is Stagnating

If your business is stagnating, it may be because you’re chasing too many goals at once or because you don’t have a streamlined plan of action. Personal business coaches can help you identify what is working in your business and what is holding you back. Once you identify what is stagnating your business, you will get the support you need to accelerate your growth. You’ll have more clarity about your business and have more time to devote to the important steps ahead.


Hiring a professional business coach can have a dramatic positive impact on your business. They can help you identify your goals and the strategies to achieve them. They may also be able to help you solve day-to-day business problems, develop streamlined operations and grow your revenue.

If you find yourself lacking the motivation or resources to make necessary changes, give a personal business coach a shot.

If you are looking for the best business coach for female entrepreneurs in Chicago, then I, Bri Seeley, am at your service. I provide entrepreneur coaching to help ambitious go-getters succeed in entrepreneurship. My approach combines education, coaching, and community to help you succeed in entrepreneurship. Reach out today and let us help you find your goal for your business’s success.

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