Even when looking for the right help to allow your business to grow, it can be a challenge for you to find the right professional for the job. Different experts do different things, not to mention even the “same” type of expert having different levels of experience and such. For this reason, anytime you need to look for a professional to become your business coach, it is vital to ask important questions to ensure they are up for the job.

So, what are the questions we’re talking about that you need to ask your potential business coach? Here they are:

Question 1. What Training and/or Experience Do You Have?

You are likely not going to a business coach because you want someone to do the job for you. Instead, you want someone who is going to be able to teach you how to do it yourself. To best find someone who is capable of doing this, you need to ask the business coach how skilled they are in teaching you.

This is why you need to ask what kind of training and experience they have in coaching others. You want to know whether the business coach is experienced in teaching people how to start new businesses or how to improve the profits of their existing businesses.

Question 2. What Business Size Do You Typically Coach?

You are also likely to have questions directed towards the business size you will be working with. You may want to know whether the business coach can coach a business of your size. Or you may want to know whether they have experience working with businesses similar to yours. If you are looking for someone to help you with your startup, then you’re likely to be looking for someone who has experience working with startups.

Asking this question is essential because you need a coach that has experience working with businesses like yours. This ensures the coaching you get is relevant and actually helps you succeed!

Question 3. Do You Run Your Own Business?

You want to make sure the business coach you choose is someone who runs their own business. This is important because they are more likely to know what it is like to own and run a business. They can better relate to your experience and can better teach you how to succeed instead of just telling you what to do.

You need someone who has comprehensive, extensive experience and knowledge to help you succeed and understand what it is like to run a business. You need to find someone who is more than just a business coach. You need a business mentor.

Question 4. What Failures Have You Experienced?

Asking about failures is a great way to find out how well the business coach knows what it is like. You want to find out how failures have shaped their knowledge and ability. If they have experienced failures in the past, they will likely have failings that they have to teach you how to overcome. This is a good thing.

Asking them about their failures is also a way to see just how able they are to admit their own failings. This ensures that if they run into problems and fail, they can quickly shine light on them and attempt to try out new solutions to better things.


When trying to find the right business coach for you, it is vital to ask the questions listed above. These questions will help ensure you have the best chance at finding someone who can help you succeed. If you don’t ask, you’re putting your business up to chance. You wouldn’t want that! You want your business the highest chance of success, so take the time to carefully ask these questions to different coaches. 

Bri Seeley offers help to ensure entrepreneurs discover and experience the success that they deserve. If you are looking for the best entrepreneur coach in the US, reach out to us today!

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