Are you feeling all of the chaos swirling around you and unsure how to remain in your personal power? Have the world events left you exhausted, reactive, and disorganized in your life and business? Were you stuck and inconsistent in your business before, and the pandemic has magnified what was already happening under the surface?

Harnessing your personal power is the foundational key to success as an entrepreneur. In fact, you cannot be a successful entrepreneur if you are allowing yourself to be pulled into chaos at every turn {yes, even during this pandemic!}. Watch this episode for all the insights:

It’s incredibly easy to feel disempowered during this time. You can’t find toilet paper. You can’t go to your favorite restaurants. You can’t see your family members. You can’t leave your house. It can feel like your entire life is at the mercy of an unknown, unseen force.

What do you do when times get tough? Do you put your foot on the gas pedal or on the break?

We are all feeling a bit of powerlessness and chaos right now. It’s true that you can’t control the world around you. It’s also true that you have full and complete influence over your inner game. And you can turn inner chaos into inner personal power.

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