A cutting-edge subconscious activation to help you transform your financial destiny in 30-days.

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Flush /fləʃ/ adjective

having an abundant supply of money or possessions of value

This is not about temporary influxes of cash in your business or short-term fixes…

Flush with Wealth will activate your creative wealth power and change your money making trajectory – forever.

What you activate in Flush with Wealth will have a lasting impact on the rest of your life (and business).

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Do you desire a new reality when it comes to your wealth and abundance?

The next 30-days could completely restructure your relationship with wealth so that you can transform your financial destiny.

Let me show you how.

How is ‘Flush with Wealth’ different?

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A complete update of your wealth profile from the inside out.

Think: An operating system upgrade (just like you do for your technology!).

hustle culture

30-Days of daily prompts + resources to ensure your upgrade sticks.

Think: Holistic and comprehensive support for your transformation.

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Designed for long-term success to continue the upgrade process long after you’re done.

Think: Automatic, continuous growth and expansion.

What if you were to….

→ Change how you think, feel and act around money?

→ Release all your negative feelings around your desire for money?

→ Redefine what you know to be true about your ability to create money?

What if you could turn down the shame and doubt and uncertainty, so you can be the wealthiest version of you who is so resourced, so potent and so confident?

‘Flush with Wealth’ will guide you through 30-days of inner and outer transformation to help you transform your financial destiny.

Watch this 45-second video to hear Bridgette’s experience with the money mindset activation ‘Flush with Wealth’:

TL;DW… She closed a $50,000 sale within 10-days of her ‘Flush with Wealth’ subconscious activation.

This is about way more than money.

It’s about becoming the ultimate creator of wealth.

It’s about declaring the bigness of your dreams, goals and ambitions.

It’s about expanding your container for abundance.

You no longer have to:

→ Feel shame about wanting more

→ Wake up unsure if it’s even possible for you

→ Justify your dreams or goals

→ Engage in mental gymnastics to barely make ends meet

→ Hold yourself back from your wealth birthright

How Does it work?

This is not a conceptual or knowledge gathering program.

It’s an application program to help you evolve in real time.

In addition to activating your money mindset…

You will be actively taking steps every single day for 30-days to radically transform your reality.

You will be activating your internal money mindset wiring in your subconscious to align yourself with your desires for wealth while you clear out old fears, belief systems, doubts and emotions blocking you from the wealth you truly desire.


money mindset hypnosis

What’s Included:

A subconscious reprogramming track to align you with the Flush AF money mindset.

A daily 15-minute audio to ensure your subconscious successfully adopts the Flush AF money mindset.

30-Days of daily emails and prompts to support you in transforming your financial destiny.

A brief training to understand how your mind works and how to change your mind.

Step-By-Step process of exactly how to succeed with activating your subconscious mind.

Online community of 1500+ growth minded individuals who are commited to being Flush AF


30-days of personalized VIP coaching access using Voxer for customized support, guidance and encouragement.

Why upgrade? Changing our minds can be an experience filled with resistance, doubt and uncertainty. But as your coach, my job is to believe in the inevitability of your goals. I will hold your hand {metaphorically, of course} during the entire experience to help you rise into your greatness.

Not only that, I’m going to be able to give you customized feedback to help you successfully take control of your financial destiny. Can you do it on your own? Yes, of course.

But if you know you need accountability, customized guidance and straight up cheerleading – I’ve got you. Because often it’s hard to see our own sh*t when we’re in the middle of it. Make sure to check the box to upgrade when you purchase!

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I’ll never forget the day in March 2017 when I publicly declared my desire to become a 7-figure business owner.

Not only did this declaration become the catalyst that ended my closest friendship and my second business, my inbox was filled with messages from women questioning if this kind of wealth was available for them too.

If it’s within you, it’s available to you.

What I’ve learned since that declaration is that millions didn’t simply appear out of thin air.

In fact, as I just mentioned – my declaration was just as much of an ending as it was a beginning.

And since 2017 my work has been transformation – from the inside out.

What I didn’t realize when I made that declaration were all the ways I didn’t believe I could be flush with wealth… the ways in which I sabotaged myself through my actions and relationships, the ways in which I remained committed to my old patterns of scarcity.

I had to activate my subconscious using a money mindset hypnosis to change my beliefs, thoughts, habits and actions in order to become Flush with Wealth.

Making this commitment to be Flush with Wealth meant everything that was not aligned with this intention… had to go. The same is true for you.

→ Beliefs such as, “Wealthy people are evil and if I become wealthy, I’ll be evil.” has to go.

→ Relationships that make you think, “I can’t out earn my {parents/partner/friends}, what will they think?” has to go.

→ Habits that hold you back like, “I don’t know what actions to take to transform my financial destiny.” has to go.

→ Stories and narratives limiting you and keeping you stuck such as, “In order to have a paycheck, I need a job.” has to go.

I get it – I come from a lineage of women who were held back from wealth {heck, I gave an entire TEDxTalk about it once}.

My great grand mother who had to give up her children into foster care in order to divorce her alcoholic husband because she had no money or assets in her name.

My grandmother who had to give up a career she loved to raise four children because the cost of childcare was more than her salary.

My mom who had to fight the courts to get a sliver of child support and ended up working 3 jobs so we could survive.

Coming from generations of women who were held back from being flush with wealth subconsciously programmed me.

Despite having more opportunities available to me – I was carrying their legacy in my subconscious.

And it was holding me back from my financial destiny…

That is, until I activated my subconscious and took control of my financial destiny.

While the details of my experience are different than your experience…

What’s the same is this:

There’s a difference between wanting something and believing it’s available to you.

Are you ready to believe it’s not only possible for you for you to be Flush with Wealth… but that it’s inevitable?

This is the first step:

money mindset hypnosis

This is your invitation to

take control of your financial destiny

and become flush with wealth

in just 30-days!