Manifestation Tips for Entrepreneurs

If you’re an entrepreneur who believes in manifestation, or you know someone who does, then these items are a must-have! From journaling to various crystals, there are so many ways to enhance your manifestation tips, and the following list is a good way to get started.

Full disclosure: I receive a small commission for each item purchased through the links below. That said, I absolutely believe in the value these items will bring to you and your loved ones, and I hope you’ll find them as fun and useful as I do when I’m manifesting in my business!

1. Navaris Crystal Water Bottle

Crystals are a fun and unique way to bring your manifestations into reality, but carrying them around can sometimes be a hassle, which makes this water bottle great! The base is detachable, so depending on what you’re wanting to manifest, you can change the crystals out to suit your needs. Not only that, you’ll look extremely stylish while keeping yourself hydrated.

2. Law of Attraction Manifestation Journal

If there’s one person who understands the power of manifestation methods and the Law of Attraction, it’s Latha Jay, and in this small but mighty journal, she gives you the essential tools for making your manifestations happen. She not only guides you through three different journaling techniques, Latha also teaches you how each one works and the best ways to attract what you want. This journal is a phenomenal method for bringing your future reality into the present!

3. HEM Celestial Incense

When it comes to manifesting, it’s important to clear your space and your energy so you’re calling in what you want. Incense is a great way to do this. It not only helps you set the right vibe and intention, it’ll help you clear your mind and energy so you can focus on what you want.

4. Manifestation Candle

Candles are another fantastic manifestation method! And this one is especially unique because it comes with obsidian, lemon, balm, cornflower, and angelica root in the wax itself. All you need to do is pour your intention or manifestation into the candle when you light it, and let the wick burn as usual. Just be sure to snuff the flame out instead of blowing it out when you’re done!

5. Metatron’s Cube Crystal Grid

Metatron is an archangel who watches over the flow of creation energy and provides a connection to the divine, and he’s associated with this cube, which is important in sacred geometry. With this crystal grid, you can map out your crystals to help access the energy of creation and call in your manifestations more quickly! A great addition for your altar or meditation space.

6. Digital Photo Frame

This is one my favorite manifestation methods! We all know maintaining a connection with our desired future and manifestations is important, and this digital photo frame rotates through each photo you add to it, which makes it the perfect way to manifest! Fill the frame with your desired future and watch the images rotate each day, helping your subconscious latch onto the imagery and support your mind in creating pathways to your goals.

7. Crystal Mandala Oracle Cards

If you love crystals and oracle or tarot cards, then this deck of crystal oracle cards is perfect! Oracle cards, like tarot cards, offer a chance to connect with yourself and your intuition, and they can provide guidance for any current situations that you’re going through or need insight on. These are a fantastic way to find next steps or feel your way into finding your manifestation.

8. Electric Chargeable Lighter

Obviously, if you’re going to be using candles and incense to manifest, you’re going to need to be able to light them! While traditional lighters and matches are great, once they run out, they’re out. You have to buy more. What’s great about this lighter is that it’s chargeable, so no need to go out to the store if the battery runs out! It’s also a lot safer to use, and you can use it for anything else you may need.

9. Lapis Lazuli Palm Stone

We all know crystals are a good reminder of what we’re trying to bring into our lives, and they’re especially helpful when we’re wanting to manifest something specific. This lapis lazuli stone can be used for healing the mind, body, and spirit, providing clarity where you need it. Keep it with you in your pocket or purse as a reminder, or hold it while you meditate to enhance your manifesting!

10. Ever Vibes New Inspirational Orgonite Pyramid

Orgonite pyramids are another type of crystal you can use to enhance your manifestations. They’re made of several different types of resin, metals, and crystals, and all this material combined balances and harmonizes spiritual energy. This specific one was created with the intention of magnifying your success for your goals and your manifestations! Add it to your altar or meditation space as a reminder of what you’re bringing into your reality.

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