Home Office Essentials for Entrepreneurs

As someone who’s owned a business for several years, I’ve found certain items are essential to helping me work, whether they add color to my space or keep me organized. So, if you work from home, then these home office essentials are an absolute must-have!

Full disclosure: I receive a small commission for each item purchased through the links below. That said, I absolutely believe in the value these items will bring to you and your loved ones, and I hope you’ll find them as fun and useful as I do in my home office!

1. Clear Acrylic Dry Erase Calendar

Trying to maintain my busy schedule is hard, but this calendar is super helpful! Even though I have a Google Calendar, sometimes writing things out helps them stick better in my mind. This calendar is small (12” x 16”), so it can fit anywhere you need, and it’s magnetic, so keeping notes, pictures, or whatever else you need is easy.

2. Trideer Extra Thick Yoga Ball

Let’s be honest: Trying to keep up with exercise can be hard to do when you’re so busy! Plus, there are times when I sit all day and don’t have the opportunity to get up because there’s so much to do. This yoga ball is one of my top home office essentials recommendations for a few reasons. It helps maintain good posture, and you can use it to do a few small exercises throughout the day. More importantly, it’s great for those who have a hard time sitting still because you can bounce on it, roll around, and keep yourself moving.

3. Aroma Diffuser

There are times when work is stressful or when you just want to freshen up your space, and this aroma diffuser is great for that. This diffuser comes with 10 different oils, and holds 550 ml of water, giving it about 10 hours of diffusing time. It has an automatic turn-off feature when there’s no more water, but the best part? It comes with a timer! Just set the timer and get to work!

4. K KNODEL Mousepad/Desk Mat

We’ve all been there: That inevitable moment when we spill our coffee all over the desk and then spend forever having to clean everything up. What’s great about this desk mat is that it not only covers most of your desk, it’s waterproof so should coffee get spilled, it makes for an easier clean up. You can use this mat as a mouse pad or a writing space, and it comes in a number of nifty colors and sizes, so get whatever works best for you!

5. Sensyne Ring Light

Most of us are using social media for one thing or another nowadays, and this ring light makes things so much easier. The stand comes as either a 10” or 12”, plus you can extend the stand up for 50”, so there’s plenty of room to work with whatever your needs are. The light itself comes with three color modes (cool white, warm yellow, and daylight) and 10 brightness levels, but my favorite part? It comes with a little remote control so you can activate your camera from wherever you’re at!

6. Moon Pod Bean Bag Chair

Who remembers bean bag chairs? Sit down and POOF! You disappear among a sea of beans. Moon Pod is different. Not only is it only 12 lbs and only takes up about 4 square feet of space, Moon Pod uses customized, high-friction beads, which means the chair molds to your body kind of like memory foam. (In the company’s terms, you don’t sink; you float!) You can sit, recline, or sleep in this chair, and it’ll support you no matter what. It’s the perfect home office essential to help you ideate, meditate and generally relax from the stress of entrepreneurship!

7. Crpich Acrylic Cell Phone Stand

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve lost my phone amongst the stuff cluttering my desk, which is why my cell phone stand has become one of my non-negotiable home office essentials. Has anyone else nearly missed an important phone call because they couldn’t find their phone? Not anymore with this phone holder, which has been a life saver for me. It doesn’t take up much room on the desk, and I can charge my phone easily. More importantly, I can see my phone and notice if anything critical comes in.

8. Glamativity Gold Wall Art Décor

Need to liven up your office space? This wall art is phenomenal! Simplistic in its beauty, there’s four total, so you can decorate however you’d like. They can hang together on one wall, or you can separate them through your space. Made of full real metal and a hollow-out design, these are sure to add a bit of creativity to your office.

9. puthiac Modern Golden Bookshelf Decor Set

Another simple but beautiful way to decorate your office space. While these are meant to hang on your bookshelf, you can display them wherever you’d like! The gold color makes them pop, and they add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room. They also make great gifts if you know someone who would love these!

10. Adjustable Laptop Stand

Sometimes, having our laptop on a flat surface can be taxing on our bodies, particularly our necks, and this adjustable laptop stand is a fantastic tool for saving your neck! Rising up to 5.5”, you can set your laptop to whatever height works best for you, allowing you to sit in a more comfortable position at your desk. Furthermore, this will increase the airflow under your laptop to help keep it cool, and it’s foldable, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

11. Lumina 4K Webcam

It seems like video calls and meetings have become the norm for most businesses, and truth be told, sometimes a laptop webcam isn’t the best. This Lumina webcam is perfect for those calls. Not only is it stylish (the rose gold is my favorite!), the webcam itself has an ultrawide camera, and it has dual mics, allowing for crystal clear sound and no background noise. The really cool part about this webcam: You can fine-tune your appearance with AI! It comes with a studio app which allows you to adjust settings for exposure, background blur, auto-framing, and much more.

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