Free training for entrepreneurs: The Reset

Transform your results from acceptable to exceptional so you can stop overworking and underliving

free training for entrepreneurs

Has your entrepreneurial journey been consumed with overworking and underliving?

As if you’re working way too hard for the results you’re getting…

And while you’re hungry for better results, you have no idea how to create them without working more?

The Reset was created to change your experience of entrepreneurship so that you can work less and live more.

You didn’t become an entrepreneur to miss out on truly living (and enjoying) life. Are you ready for your next level of entrepreneurship?

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What will you learn in The Reset:

how to make money

transform how you think about making money in your business

Stop trading time for money so you can build more leverage into your revenue streams.

how to make money

Stop wasting time on actions that aren’t producing results

Redesign your time management and learn how to take actions that accelerate your business.
how to make money

Establish a sustainable business model to avoid burnout

Give yourself permission to lead your business to a level where you can work less and live more.
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Meet ‘The Entrepreneur Coach‘ Bri Seeley.

Hi, I’m Bri Seeley! I started my entrepreneur journey at the age of 5 – alongside my mom who taught me the in’s and out’s of business. By 15 I was managing our family business. In 2007, at the age of 24, I launched my first solo endeavor.

I’m no stranger to the challenges of effectively growing a business. My first decade of entrepreneurship was consumed with overworking. This meant I missed out on truly living and enjoying my life … you know, the one that entrepreneurship had allowed me to build. I kept kicking the can further and further out in front of myself until I hit a massive mental health crisis and had no choice but to evolve my business.

This free training for entrepreneurs is going to help you design your next level of business so you can work less and live more. You have been working so hard – you deserve the reset.

Learn exactly what to you need to create exceptional results in your business… without overworking and underliving!

Get ready to take the steps to work less and live more.

You deserve to enjoy the life you’re built for yourself!


Once you finish this free training you will be equipped to evolve your business
 so you can
work less and live more

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free training for entrepreneurs
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