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If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the constant demands of your business and working long hours just to keep up, then you are not alone! You may already be trying to do everything yourself, from sales to fulfillment, only to find that your income is not increasing as much as you’d like. Instead of the freedom and financial success you envisioned, you may be feeling stuck in a cycle of exhaustion and limited growth. But there is a better way to achieve your goals and create the leveraged business model you desire.

In this episode of the Entrepreneur Coach podcast, Bri Seeley dives into the critical shift from a time-for-money business model to one focused on creating leveraged offers and increasing income with less work.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Master the art of transitioning to a leveraged business model for increased income with less work.
  • Elevate your business by raising prices for sustainable growth and long-term success.
  • Learn the art of customizing strategies to fit your unique business goals and maximize results.
  • Discover how to balance time and effort in your business for increased productivity and life balance.
  • Uncover effective ways to communicate changes to your audience for seamless transitions and continued support.


The Risks of Staying Stagnant

The world of business never stays still, and neither should your venture. Entrepreneurs need to keep moving forward, evolving, and growing. Staying stagnant is one of the most significant business hazards, leading to potential burnout, disenchantment, and wasted opportunities. You can’t afford to let your business turn into a dead weight that pulls you down rather than lifting you up. In her discussion, Bri boldly declares that to build a business that resonates with your future aspirations, you must give up what you have. She recognizes that it could be a nerve-wracking decision, but asserts that the risk of remaining trapped in a fruitless business model is far greater than the risk of growth and evolution. She advocates for finding business models that enable progress and are not stagnant.

Mistakes Made in Leveraging and Scaling

As they say, failure is the stepping stone to success. In the business world, this sentiment rings especially true. Mistakes are inevitable when you’re navigating uncharted territories, but they present an opportunity to learn and grow. Early mistakes in your leveraging and scaling journey can provide valuable insights and hone your decision-making skills. In the podcast, Bri shares eye-opening anecdotes about her personal journey of leveraging her business, which wasn’t devoid of stumbles and falls. She admits to having hired an agency prematurely which drained her resources, both time and money, without yielding satisfactory results. Moreover, she confesses that her decisions were influenced by industry trends rather than what felt right for her business. These candid moments of vulnerability serve as potent lessons for entrepreneurs embarking on their leveraging journeys.


The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  1. Visit to access the free 5-day mini course, The Reset, to evaluate and identify what is causing you to overwork and underlive in your business.
  2. Join the free community of over 1000 entrepreneurs at to connect with like-minded individuals who are also looking to stop overworking and build a more leveraged business.
  3. Apply for the Women’s Business Mastermind by visiting to submit your application and have a conversation about your business goals and how Bri Seeley can help you reach them.
  4. Complete the homework assignment of creating 50 potential new revenue streams that do not require your direct application of time and energy, to expand your mind and identify new opportunities for your business.

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