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Can businesses thrive in uncertain times? Melanie Benson started her coaching business in 2001, just 10 days before the devastating attacks on 9/11. As she watched the twin towers fall, she realized her entrepreneurial path would look much different than she had envisioned. Yet over 20 years later, through multiple economic downturns and a global pandemic, Melanie’s business is still going strong. What has enabled her to navigate uncertainty and continue serving her clients all these years?

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  1. A Defining Mindset Shift

    In 2002, two years into running her business, Melanie still wasn’t gaining traction. She felt stuck in her comfort zone, placing self-imposed limitations on what she was willing to do. That all changed when she attended a transformative training. I went from telling myself limitation stories and letting limiting beliefs run every decision I made, she shares. Through this experience, her entire filtering system shifted – from making decisions based in fear to seeing possibilities and opportunities. She went from being a possibility limiter to a possibility igniter. This new mindset allowed her to tap into resources she couldn’t see before.

    Melanie believes that uncertainty is inevitable, but with determination, resilience and commitment to your vision, you can thrive. There’s a saying that more millionaires are made during challenging times than times of abundance. She chooses to see obstacles as opportunities by asking, “What’s the version of me that succeeds in this no matter what?

    2. Daily Practices for Resilience

    To stay connected to her vision, Melanie utilizes consistent tools. She does regular check-ins with herself using a SWOT analysis – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This helps her focus on superpowers versus weaknesses, while leveraging chances for growth.

    Surrounding herself with supportive peers and mentors is also key. These connections keep her tuned into possibilities and out of struggle mindsets. She taps this group when she needs inspiration or has a bad day.

    Melanie also emphasizes self-care with diet, exercise and regulating energy. When she neglects these, she struggles with anxiety, overwhelm and burnout. However, by taking ownership of what she can control, she shows up fully energized for her business.

    3. Reframing Failure

    Early in her career, failing at something caused Melanie deep pain. She had to completely recalibrate what failure meant to move forward. Now instead of making herself wrong and bad, she views failure as learning essential for growth.

    This outlook ties directly to her favorite motto: We’re shooting for the moon. We may land on the stars, but at least we’re not going to still be on the Earth. To Melanie, it’s about being willing to test, try and fail in order to reach new heights. And if you’re not failing, you’re not growing.

    The journey to entrepreneurial success has both light and dark places. It requires us to have a resilient mindset and be willing to face uncertainty with courage. By honoring each experience, we build resilience to thrive even amidst uncertainty. With tenacity and the right mindset, vision and supports in place, you can navigate storms and find opportunities to serve.

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