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Would you like to work less, rest more, and still be successful in your business? (Uh… who wouldn’t?!)

That’s exactly what my guest, Layne Lyons, and I talked about in the most recent episode of The Entrepreneur Coach Podcast. Layne, a trademark lawyer, used to work constantly, but when she faced burnout and challenges to her health, she knew she couldn’t continue down this path. So, she started prioritizing self-care and rest, and believe it or not, she started seeing more success!

If you want to learn how to do this for yourself, then tune into the episode below and keep reading!

  1. Avoiding Overwhelm and Tight Deadlines
    Deadlines can be both a blessing and a curse. They push us to meet our goals and deliver results, but if we don’t properly manage them and put too much pressure on ourselves, they can lead to chronic stress and burnout. As an entrepreneur, it’s important to control your workflow and deadlines instead of them controlling you. This can involve breaking tasks down into more manageable pieces, prioritizing effectively, and avoiding taking on too much at once. 


This is exactly what Layne did. With her calendar and to-do list full of unnecessary tasks and too many deadlines, she started evaluating the importance of each one and whether or not they could be feasibly done in the time allotted for them. By doing things this way, Layne could reprioritize tasks effectively, offload tasks she didn’t need (or want) to do, and find time to make sure she was taking care of herself.


  1. Embracing Rest and Taking Time Off
    Let’s be honest: Our society essentially worships “busy-ness.” We talk about work-life balance being important, but our society really loves people who constantly work and basically give their lives over to their work. And for entrepreneurs, it’s easy to get lost in this hustle because we’re responsible for how much money we make. But… rest is so important, especially for entrepreneurs. When we rest, we recharge, think clearer, and perform better. It’s not necessarily always about working less, but rather working smarter. 


Layne made a bold decision to close her office for an entire month. Seriously, what companies do you know that have done this? But despite the fear and apprehension, she chose to listen to her own needs, prioritizing rest and self-care. By doing this, Layne opened the door for more creativity and focus, which in the long-term, led to more growth and success in her business.


  1. Niche Specialization and Setting Boundaries
    We’ve all heard about niching down and setting boundaries, and sometimes, this can be hard to do because we think that having several services will get us more money. But the opposite is actually true! By focusing on a niche, entrepreneurs can reduce competition, increase visibility, and hone their expertise more effectively. Simultaneously, setting boundaries means you’ll have better focus, better clients, and ultimately, it’s the key to growing your business.


Layne had to learn how to do just this and mentions how narrowing focus and clearly stating ‘no’ to certain opportunities can actually streamline your business, leading to better success. Like pulling a lever, it can cause everything to fall into place. Sure, it may be scary at first, but more often than not, it leads to a more sustainable, efficient business.

  1. The Power of Music and Rituals
    I love music! It has the power to lift moods, inspire creativity, and even increase productivity. Coupling it with rituals, like celebrating the end of a task or integrating it into breaks, can make the workday more enjoyable. It can be a beautiful way to mark transitions, define work and rest periods, and create a more harmonious work rhythm that’s attuned to your own needs. 

Layne does this all the time, and she talks about how she incorporates it into her own business routine. One of her favorite things to do is celebrate the end of client calls by playing some music and resting for a bit before continuing to work. She even takes time to dance! Doing this allows her the breaks she needs throughout the day.

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