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Have you ever felt like a failure in business or life? Many of us have at some point, whether it was a project that didn’t pan out or a dream that dissolved. And it’s so easy to beat ourselves up or hide away during those times.

But my recent guest, Camille Diaz, says we can use these opportunities as a chance for growth, instead! Camille faced resistance when she first started her entrepreneurial journey, not wanting to follow family expectations, but her first business failed after just one year. Facing a lot of challenges, she had to pivot, learn, and grow, and she’s now a successful coach. As she says, “Every time I fail, I learned something.”

So, how can we learn from our failures?

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  1. Removing Emotional Reactions and Self-Reflection
    Self-reflection is incredibly important for growing and creating the life you want. Oftentimes, we can get triggered by certain things and react without thinking, and in order to build success into our lives, we have to learn what’s causing us to do this.

Camille had to do this herself when she realized she was allowing childhood insecurities to run her life. (I know I’ve been there!) She had to learn how to let go of these insecurities so she could stop letting past experiences define her present and her future. Sometimes feedback from loved ones can help us get to where we want to go, and we need to separate our emotions from that feedback so we can continuously improve.

  1. Overcoming Fear of Rejection and Seeking Feedback
    Fear of rejection and criticism can keep us from seeking feedback on our work. Many people would often rather keep their work hidden or think it’s fine just as it is rather than ask if anything needs improving. But here’s the thing: Feedback can help us grow!

Camille talks about the many reasons we all have this kind of fear and how it can stem from past experiences and deep-seated beliefs. By addressing these things and seeking out feedback from the right people, we can create new opportunities and grow as entrepreneurs.

  1. Intentional Networking and Building Support
    Intentional networking and building support are essential strategies for entrepreneurs. A strong support system is what creates growth and opportunities that lead to success. But we have to be able to find the right people. People who are like-minded, who will support us when times are rough, and who will help us level up professionally and personally. 

Camille had to do this in her own journey, and she encourages every entrepreneur to do the same. She says that entrepreneurs can benefit from actively seeking out other individuals who align with our values and goals, and intentionally build a network that helps support us and gives us feedback when we need it.

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