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Are you a female entrepreneur who is looking for a business coach for women?


You’re in the right spot!


I will help you build your legacy business that will create a global impact which outlasts you.

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I’m going to be straight with you – hiring me as your business coach will forever change your life and your business.


Working with me is not for the faint of heart.

I’m a business coach for women who…

want to be written about in history books.
want to radically disrupt their industries.
want future generations to be born into a different world.
want to be the best of the best.
want their impact to outlive them.

You want….

  • to create a multi-million dollar business?
  • to launch a best-selling book?
  • to lead a team around the world?
  • to be the go-to expert in your field?
  • to be in the top 10% of female business owners?

These kinds of results NEVER happen on accident. The only way to create results like this is by being willing to take the leap and invest in yourself.

Here’s the deal: your investment in your vision must be proportionate to the result you want.

Big results like this come as a result of big commitments.

You can’t play the penny slots and expect to win billions.

Working with me as your business coach means bolder actions, bigger visibility, more expanded ways of operating.

Working with me as your business coach means greater devotion to yourself and your vision, a deeper faith than you’ve ever known, the complete shattering of your comfort zone.

That vision you have inside that you’re unsure if you can create?

I can help you get there. 

But only if you’re willing to put in the time, energy, money, commitment and faith.

I cannot help entrepreneurs who aren’t able or willing to invest in themselves and their vision.

Note: In order to be considered for private coaching, you must submit an application.

Why is this? 

  • I only work with four entrepreneurs at a time on a private basis. My one-on-one practice is very involved and very high touch. I pour all of my love, energy and wisdom into my private clients, which is why I only work with a small handful of private clients at a time.
  • Working with me is not for everyone. As noted above, it’s a big commitment. I only work with women who are willing to invest highly in their vision. Period.
  • I’ve done this for long enough to know who is going to thrive working with me, and who is going to break. I don’t want to waste your time or mine if it’s not aligned.


If this resonates with you and you’re ready to take the leap, complete the form below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is The Entrepreneur Accelerator 12 months long?

The Entrepreneur Accelerator was designed to help you go deeper with each module and aim for mastery. You can do a lot of things quickly and poorly, or you can do a few key things more deliberately and with power. I see better long-term results with entrepreneurs who take their time and apply each lesson fully, then implement and integrate what they’ve learned.

Plus, what’s better than being in community with other powerful entrepreneurs – cheering each other on and helping each other succeed – for a year? The women in my programs build life-long friendships during our time together!

How is The Entrepreneur Accelerator different from other courses?

The Entrepreneur Accelerator IS NOT A COURSE!

Here’s the deal – you don’t need any more information. If information was your problem, you could google everything you need. The biggest benefit of The Entrepreneur Accelerator is developing a unique and custom growth strategy with the help of seasoned entrepreneurs, experts and colleagues to support you in increasing your impact, visibility and profits.

Why hire an entrepreneur business coach?

As an Entrepreneur Business Coach, my job is to help you see past your blindspots, present strategies for expansion and help you transcend above your limitations to create not only the best possible business, but also transform yourself into the best possible entrepreneur in the process.

Unless you have decades and decades of entrepreneurial experience, there is so much about entrepreneurship you just won’t know until you’ve either: 1. experienced it or 2. learned it from someone else.

Hiring an Entrepreneur Business Coach can help you short cut the trial and error of experience by learning from the best of the best. At the end of the day, every successful entrepreneur I have met says, “Hiring experts may require an investment up front, but it will save you¬†immeasurable time and money in the long-run.”

Between me and the experts I have contributing to this training, we have decades of combined experience in various areas of entrepreneurship to help you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes of growing your business.

What is an entrepreneur business coach?

An Entrepreneur Coach is someone who helps you become the best leader of your business possible, mostly without addressing your business strategy.

A Business Coach helps you develop your business strategy, mostly without addressing your personal vision or inner alignment.

An Entrepreneur Business Coach, combines alignment with strategy to ensure your approach is holistic from both personal and business standpoints.

What I’ve learned about entrepreneurship is:

1. Your business can never surpass you. Whatever you believe to be possible or impossible will either help or hinder your business. You have to first lead yourself to success before you can lead your business to success.

2. No strategy will save your business if it’s not aligned with who you are. Business is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Your business is as unique as your fingerprint and needs to be treated as such. Generic business strategies will not create the kind of growth you’re looking for.

3. Looking at personal without business or business without personal is like trying to win the World Series without a bat or a ball. You would never approach a baseball game as just a player without the equipment, or just the equipment without the player. Why would you try to do the same with business?

What results have past clients created?

My past graduates have created results such as:

  • Jen doubled her income immediately after working with me.
  • Elizabeth had her first 6-figure year.
  • Stephanie has quadrupled her income 3 years in a row.
  • Kris quit her job and replaced her salary with business income in under 3-months.
  • Marie built a 7-figure blog and has millions of readers around the world.
  • Bridget created an extra $5000 last month just a few days after she implemented the strategy we discussed in our coaching call.
  • Kala has worked with Warner Brothers, Louis Vuitton,¬†Adobe, Oscar de la Renta, Jim Beam,¬†Diane von Furstenberg and more.
  • Laura is hosting retreats around the world.
  • Stephanie was asked to design a ‘What If’ wedding dress for Taylor Swift which was seen on the cover of ‘Life + Style’ magazine.
  • Kris’ 2019 enrollment sold out (at double the capacity from 2018) and her calendar is booked through the end of the 2020 school year.
  • Ivy quit her job and has launched her soul aligned, values-based business while roadtripping around the United States.
  • Mae saw a 250% growth in her business and has given herself two consecutive years of 30% raises.
  • Kea was nominated for ’20 on the rise.’
  • Sheri got recognized as a Gold Leader at her 2019 leadership convention.
  • Elizabeth’s work has been seen at Twin Cities Film Fest, Vally Film Festival, Silver State Film Festival, Charlotte Film Festival, Holly Shorts Film Festival, and more!
  • Jayne is creating + launching a magazine to connect empowered women.
  • Camila is preparing to leave her career so she can travel the world in 2020 and launch her journey blog, retreats and community.
  • AND MORE!!!

Here’s what I’ve seen…. it is the ones who are willing to invest and do whatever it takes that win in our work together. They are the ones who create success in their lives – not because of me, but because they put in the dedication and focus to make it happen.

My past clients reach out to me with gratitude years after we’ve finished working together because the insights, tools and value they learned keeps on giving to them long after our work together has ended!

Do you have payment options?
Yes, Yes, Yes!!!! We have a few options to help make this work for you. We can discuss the options during your call.
How do i know this will work for me?
Well, the short answer is…. You don’t.

But, I do. And here’s why:

Every client I’ve worked with (except three) in the last five years who has taken responsibility for changing their trajectory has seen growth and expansion within themselves and their busiensses. Because they have chosen to commit, focus on their future and learn from the best to create the success they desire.

Now…. what about those three? It was a few things (which I learned are key for growth and success):

1. You have to take responsibility for your results. It’s not my job to create success for you. My job is to hold space and be a guide. Your job is to create.

2. You have to take action. Sitting around and waiting for the results to come doesn’t work. Failing to take action each week won’t produce momentum.

3. You have to let go of the past in order to create the future. And you have to want your future more than you want your comfort.

If you’re willing to take responsibility, take action and do whatever it takes to walk confidently in the direction of your future – I promise, this will work for you.

What if this doesn't work for me?
While I don’t have a refund policy, I do have a satisfaction guarantee. If you show up to every call, listen to every training, execute and take action on every module, complete all your homework and you haven’t seen a single shift in your business {mind you, I’ve never seen this happen}, I will personally work with you to create the shifts you intended at the beginning of our work together.
*Are results guaranteed?

Results are not guaranteed. And…. every client who has done the work, committed themselves, focused on their success, applied their power, leaned on myself for guidance and asked the group for support has seen incredible results in their lives and businesses…. Results that have far surpassed the intentions they set when they started!

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