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Taylor Booth is an artist who creates custom art pieces for spiritual entrepreneurs. She works with them to design their vision so they can see it everyday and maintain their connection to their bigger mission.

Taylor’s art has been seen within exhibits like THE STATE OF THE ARTS: URI, RIC, CCRI (Providence, RI); With Love from California at Pico Playhouse (Los Angeles, CA); and Centered on the Center (Huntington Beach, CA).

1. What makes you an Unapologetic Entrepreneur?
Freedom, expression, and contribution. I’m not sorry for following the road less traveled by. Fellow American Artist, June Wayne, said “The arts are the rainforests of society. They produce the oxygen of freedom, and they are the early warning system when freedom is in danger.” I’m happy to continue breaking through barriers around me so others also have an opportunity to innovate without regret.
2. Why did you become an entrepreneur?
The vision I have for myself and my life won’t happen if I leave it up to existing systems. I get to assemble a plane of my design after jumping off of a Himalayan cliff in 2013. Although I was able to safely paraglide down that one, I’ve literally and metaphorically climbed mountains to achieve my goals ever since. The journey of life’s peaks and valleys fulfill my urge to affect social change without only dealing with coins. I’m able to impact peoples’ lives by making their visions into reality via art.
3. What is one resource that has helped you in your entrepreneurial journey so far?
Relationships are an asset. In order to function effectively, especially in adverse circumstances, I’ve been able to utilize love, trust, and communication. Without those tools to share with others in my life, I wouldn’t have the resource to expand from how I started to what I’m being today.
4. How do you serve the world with your business?
Service leadership arises by collaborating with and empowering entrepreneurs through art. Personal artistic pursuits have served the missions of organizations like ArtistsPalooza, Music Unites, and GRACE- Girls Rising Above. I love bringing others’ visions to life with what I’m able to draw, paint, or wear.

Work in Progress, to be displayed at “Centered on the Center 2021” Huntington Beach Art Center

A whale breaching the surface

Logo and website visioning for Anchored Entertainment.

5. What gets you out of bed on the difficult days?
Commitment to and faith in my dreams gets me out of bed. I spend enough time conjuring dreams up not to hear an alarm, take a stand, then paint them into reality. First tasks of the day include drinking water, seeing the sun rise, and caring for my pets: dogs Churro and Topo, a rabbit, and five hens. The little things add up to make the bigger reality worth it.

6. How do you celebrate your wins?
I celebrate by acknowledging wins with my leadership bodies. I personally enjoy a favorite treat or using “Taylor Tuesday” each week to take care of me.

7. What is your favorite part of being part of the posse? Why did you join?
Community showing up together as a space for sharing, meditation, and co-working sessions are my favorite. It’s nice knowing this container lets me focus on expanding as a successful entrepreneur. I joined the posse due to Bri’s consistent leadership and her ability to bring together a group of unapologetic womxn.

Learn more about Taylor by following her on Instagram at @boothsbutterflyeffect and checking out her interview on SD Voyager.

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