Meet the Posse: Holly Emmerson 

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Holly Emmerson is a Dream Oracle and helps others manifest their goals and desires. She has a unique ability to channel Spirit and The Universe while asleep in the Dream World.

In the Dream World, she receives answers to her clients questions, gains guidance, and finds their unsupportive subconscious blocks, all to support their healing journey. By healing and removing these blocks, living a more aligned life becomes easier and allows the flow of abundance, joy, love or whatever her clients desire to manifest.

Holly is the founder of Dream Oracle School where she teaches others to learn their personal dream language, how to use dreams as a tool for spiritual awakening, connect with Spirit through the Dream World and perhaps even tap into their own gifts as a Dream Oracle.

She also shares channeled collective Dream Oracle messages on her Youtube channel. 

1. What makes you an Unapologetic Entrepreneur?  
For the majority of my life, I’ve had a hard time embodying who I really am for fear of not fitting in or being accepted. My business is all about sharing my gift as a Dream Oracle with the world and helping others activate theirs and in this space, there is no room for caring what others think anymore. I’m more committed to sharing this gifts through my business  than I am committed to caring what others think of me. That makes me an Unapologetic Entrepreneur. 
2. How do you serve the world with your business?
I serve the world by being ME in my business. And being me means – sharing my gifts as a Dream Oracle to help others uncover their blocks and barriers so they can heal and more deeply align with themselves in order manifest their Souls desires from that place. I connect people back to their Source and original Soul blueprint. The more people who live their life from this energetic state, the more loving, joyful, peaceful and compassionate world we’ll all live in. In addition, I teach others how to use their dreams as a tool for spiritual awakening.
3. Why did you become an entrepreneur?
There really wasn’t another option for me that felt aligned with my Souls purpose and life mission. 
4. What are your favourite and least favourite parts of entrepreneurship? 
Favourite parts: the freedom of flow and creativity that’s allowed.
Least favourite parts: Not having community in the digital entrepreneur space.
5. What is your top entrepreneurial resource?
The Posse & Bri!
6. What are you most proud of from your entrepreneurial journey so far?
I just had my 2 year anniversary and when I reflect back, I’m soooo proud of all that I’ve created! I’m proud of executing on my visions and manifesting them into reality. I’m proud of saying YES to this path as a digital entrepreneur. And also just staying the course – so I guess I’m proud of my commitment.
7. What is your favourite part of being part of the posse? Why did you join?
I really love connecting with like minded women who are also committed to themselves and their business. It’s nice to be a part of a community that I can share with and we can all support each other. I joined because I was lacking community in my entrepreneurship journey – the posse gives me that.

Learn more about Holly Emmerson by following her on @DreamOracleHolly, and checking out her website

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