This week on ‘The Success Diaries’ podcast I am talking all about how to get started building your dream vision. Do you have an idea of something you want to create in your life, but have no idea where or how to start? I’m going to break down the mindset, energy and action you need to take to bring your vision to life.

How do you get started building your dream vision when you have no momentum? The beginning is often the hardest part to get enough oomph behind you to break inertia and get moving.

In order to get started building your vision, it’s important you start with your energy. A simple breathing exercise can help you increase your energy to feel focused and motivated in order to take the steps you need to take.

Next, it’s important to address your mindset. If you’re focused on how difficult the journey will be, it’s going to stop you from making the moves you need to make. What thoughts and beliefs do you need to embody to be aligned with moving forward to build your vision?

Next, establish healthy boundaries with not only the people in your life but also with your relationship to technology. Protect yourself, your energy and your vision.

Lastly, you must begin to take action. It’s important you take small actions and eat the elephant one bite at a time. Trying to build your vision overnight will result in paralysis and snap you back to where you were when you started.

Listen to this episode for the full breakdown of the mindset, energy and action you need to apply to take to bring your vision to life.

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