This week on ‘The Success Diaries’ podcast we welcome Mira Zaki, Photographer. Mira shares how she uses the feelings of joy to direct her in the flow of success each day. She makes time each day to do what she loves and it is reflected in the quality of life she enjoys, inevitably creating more success in her life and business.

What if your success is in direct correlation to your happiness?

For Photographer Mira Zaki, this is absolutely the case. Mira knows when she is experiencing a joyful flow, she’s experiencing success (despite what most narratives tell us is possible). Mira uses her secret weapon to change her state when she finds herself out of this flow and makes time to do what she loves.

The question becomes – how can you uses the feelings of joy to direct your flow of success each day? Listen to the entire episode and share with me on Instagram @Briseeley how you plan to include this in your daily life.

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