This week on ‘The Success Diaries’ podcast we welcome Makayla Buckman, Customer Engagement Specialist. Makayla’s experience of being furloughed during the Covid pandemic helped her to redefine her understanding of success. In this episode, she shares how she has learned to let go of control to learn acceptance and flexability.

Have you ever turned the mirror on yourself to ask – what is my definition of success?

This week’s guest on ‘The Success Diaries’ did just that in our interview. Customer Engagement Specialist, Makalya Buckman, is accustomed to asking her customers about their metrics of success but she had yet to do the same for herself.

During our conversation, Makayla opens up about how being furloughed during the pandemic fueled her to really look at what was important in her life and gave her the space necessary to do some of the inner work. This experience led her to releasing the need for control, while also learning acceptance and flexibility.

Makayla’s greatest advice for you? Don’t be afraid to change your goals. Let us know your biggest takeaway in the comments.

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