This week on ‘The Success Diaries’ podcast I’m wrapping up 2021 with some hard truths to help you change your entrepreneurial trajectory in 2022 and beyond.

Wait, what?!? New Year’s Eve is… in THREE days?!? How did that happen? Who gave it permission?

Anyone else feeling a little shell shocked by this news? It’s been a quick year… And unfortunately many people are sitting around with regrets about how 2021 played out – wishing they had done it differently, taken different actions, created different results.

Even more unfortunately…. most people are going to be in the exact same spot next year too.

But I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to be. I want to challenge you to 1. Figure out what’s stopping you and 2. Commit to doing THREE big, scary, audacious things each week in 2022. After you finish the episode, let me know on Instagram if you’re in for the challenge. Because I want to see what unfolds in your life in just 90-days of fulfilling your commitment to yourself.

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