Are you an entrepreneur or wantrepreneur who has a DIY strategy for your business? Is Google your mentor and coach? Well, while it might be free to use this approach… it’s actually costing you – A LOT. In this episode I break down how DIY-ing your business is preventing you from the success you dream of and what to do instead.

“But Bri, if I can Google it… why would I pay someone to help me?”

Having a DIY business strategy has become more and more popular with the rise of information based learning. Any information you want, you can access online. But, the problem with this appraoch is that it doesn’t give you what you need to succeed in your business.

If information was the problem stopping you from achieving the results you desired – being able to Google it would be an appropriate solution. Unfortunately, for most business owners… that’s not the problem.

In this episode I share how DIY is costing you in your business (yes, even though it’s free). It’s costing you accountability, your blindspots, revenue and fulfillment.

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