Have you ever received unsolicited advice? Or asked for advice from people? This episode is for you! I break down the three reasons you should NEVER take or ask for advice from anyone and what you could do instead. Be sure to claim your free 2-week trial to The Unapologetic Entrepreneur at http://UnapologeticEntrepreneur.me – see you there!

Advice is something every entrepreneur thinks they need in order to be successful in taking their next step. But, what if I were to tell you that asking for and receiving advice is actually hurting you and your business? You’d think I’m a bit crazy, right?

Well, in this episode I break down exactly why you should never take or ask for advice:
1. People’s advice is never about you,
2. The people giving you advice don’t have your perspective, beliefs or values, and
3. It’s cutting you off from all of the possibilities.

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