Meet the Posse: Sherria Anthony

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Born in Mississippi and raised in Georgia, Sherria has called New York home for five years. She is the owner and box curator for Unravel Science, a quarterly literary subscription service. Having always been an avid reader, she wished to combine her love of books and science as, like PB &J, they’re better together. She currently holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Oglethorpe University. Her other passions include: taking a cat nap (but she does not like cats), reading a book, or attempting to rock climb.

1. What is your business, and when did you start it? 

Unravel Science is a quarterly literary subscription service for science enthusiasts and fellow book lovers. Every three months, subscribers receive a hardcover science-focused non-fiction book along with 3-5 goodies delivered right to their door. It was created in October 2020. 

2. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? 

Growing up as a kid, I never saw myself as becoming an entrepreneur. The plan was always to attend graduate school and work in a lab doing cancer research. Last year my plans did not go as I expected them to. After applying to a couple of master’s of biology programs, I didn’t get accepted into any of them. I was devastated and found myself asking, “What’s next?” Unravel Science was created at that moment. I fused my passion for books and my love of science into a business. The best part is that my business has allowed me the courage never to stop my journey for scientific curiosity.¬†

3. Why do you resonate with being an Unapologetic Entrepreneur? 

You don’t realize how much is holding you back until you take a deep, hard look. For me, being an Unapologetic Entrepreneur means¬†releasing all that’s holding you back until you’re your most authentic self. Since embodying the Unapologetic Entrepreneur mentality, I’ve recently found the courage to step out of my comfort zone to connect with others in the bookstagram community and worry less about the approval of others.¬†

4. Why did you join the posse? 

I’ve struggled with social anxiety for quite a while now, which often makes it challenging to meet new people. The posse was an approachable way for me to make meaningful connections with others, provide accountability for my business, and gain inspiration from the amazing other women.¬†

5. What is your favorite part of being a member? 

I love how supportive everyone is in the community! It’s incredible to know that I always have a community cheering me on, so I’m never alone.

6. What are you most proud of in your business so far this year? 

I’ve accomplished so much in these past few months, such as launching my website, listing my sub-box in Cratejoy’s Marketplace, and opening sales! However, I am most proud of pushing past a few of my limiting beliefs, especially regarding my fear of failure. It’s been a freeing experience to say F*CK IT!

7. What do you have coming up in your business that is exciting you? 

I recently opened sales for June’s “What A Wonderful World” box. The book pick is Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, and Why It Matters by Steven E. Koonin. It’s an eye-opening read that you won’t want to put down! It’s on sale now¬†through June 14th. Boxes ship beginning June 21st.

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