Meet the Posse: {Shanta Kanukollu}

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Shanta N. Kanukollu (a.k.a “Dr. K”) has over a decade of clinical experience working with clients of culturally diverse backgrounds in the forensic and medical settings. She has also taught courses related to diversity and gender at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and Northwestern University. Shanta was a recipient of the Minority Fellowship Award during her graduate career at The University of Michigan, where she obtained her doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Women’s Studies. She currently has her own private practice in downtown Chicago where she provides psychotherapy to adults from various backgrounds, with a focus on South Asian mental health. Shanta provides education and outreach regarding mental health outcomes in ethnic minority communities through her writing and professional speaking engagements across the country.

1.  What makes you an Unapologetic Entrepreneur?
I consider myself an Unapologetic Entrepreneur because I feel committed to speaking about topics related to mental health that are often avoided or stigmatized. I am also dedicated to serving an often overlooked community – the South Asian community in the United States – that underutilizes mental health services and is stereotyped as one of the “model minority” communities that doesn’t need mental health support. I am unapologetic for doing this while trying to balance being present for my family and loved ones.
2.  How do you serve the world with your business?
I provide individual therapy for adult individuals struggling with a wide range of mental health issues with a particular focus on trauma.
3.  Why did you become an entrepreneur?
I love my field of work but was tired of being constrained by long commutes and poor leadership/bureaucracy at the various places I worked before. I also struggled with fertility issues while working at a job I didn’t love and decided I needed to own my own practice to engage in self-care and prioritize other life needs.
4.  What are your favorite and least favorite parts of entrepreneurship?
Favorite: being aligned with my purpose, meeting wonderful people doing cool things
Least favorite: often feeling like I could be doing more, isolation occasionally.
5.  What is your top entrepreneurial resource?
6.  What are you most proud of from your entrepreneurial journey so far?
– Launching into speaking engagements and workshops while juggling a caseload of clients.
– Following my gut to create my own office space that is a sanctuary to me.
7.  What is your favorite part of being part of the posse? Why did you join?
– I haven’t explored the posse enough but am excited to meet new people and learn new ways of thinking about myself in the business context. I struggle with some impostor syndrome moments/feelings and know I need to stay on top of this somehow. I also joined since I really enjoyed individual work with Bri and think a group of empowering women is KEY to my growth.

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