Meet the Posse: Payal Beri

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Payal Beri is a Leadership Mindset Coach for highly driven empathic women leaders who often struggle with imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and the guilt of setting boundaries. She has coached hundreds of executives at Fortune 500 companies including Sony Music and Betterment, and has developed global leadership programs for organizations such as McDonalds, Southern California Edison, and US Foods. She speaks to audiences of emerging and established leaders about imposter syndrome, perfectionism, social constructs and identity of women in leadership, and the role of empathy in effective leadership. 

As a PhD candidate in Organizational Psychology (2021) she has researched the role of empathy and psychological safety in creating transparent and accountable workplaces. Based on her findings and years of experience coaching hundreds of executives, she has formulated her Three Pillar Leadership Framework: Empathy for others, Compassion for self, and Accountability for both.

Payal also brings several years of past experience as a clinical therapist specialized in positive psychology, consciousness, and mindfulness practices. She aims to inspire audience members to change how they see themselves and their innate gifts, and recognize their power to make a positive impact in the world. She also hosts a podcast called The Unapologetic Woman with Payal Beri.

1. What makes you an Unapologetic Entrepreneur?
Everything for me comes down to integrity- am I operating out of integrity to provide offers that I can truly serve my clients. My goal is to empower every woman to lead with her authenticity and see that her opinion, her thoughts, herself, all have a seat at the table! There is no room for excuses, justifications and beliefs that aren’t serving her and hold her back. I’m not here to serve bs and follow trends of what to say, I want women to see past the bullshit and not get pressured into being someone they aren’t because it’s finding success for someone else. Not to measure themselves by the likability factor or popularity of others.
2. How do you serve the world with your business?
I am a leadership mindset coach and I support highly driven empatic women to see themselves through their own eyes versus the expectations. I support these women through coaching and through speaking events/workshops for organizations and events.
3. Why did you start your business?
I had a really bad experience in corporate, especially by my last manager. She was a micro manager who struggled with trust and projected it onto me all the time. She played favorites and held grudges. My confidence went from high to zero by the time I left my job and I never want anyone else to feel like they aren’t good enough because someone else struggles with their own self-confidence. I feel like this world has lacked empathy for a long time and the “what’s in it for me” attitude has cost us basic humanity. I want women who are highly empatic to value those innate traits because these traits aren’t easy to master and are what makes leaders exceptional.¬†
4. What has been the biggest hurdle in entrepreneurship for you?
Marketing and Sales! My world is psychology and leadership, I care deeply about helping women remove their inner critic, work on their mindset. Marketing and Sales doesn’t come easy to me but I’ve shifted this through the support I’ve received from coaches.¬†
5. What tools do you use to make entrepreneurship easier?
I’m such a process and systems person that automating anything/everything is the best feeling¬†
I use activecampaign for my email marketing and for crm, to schedule social media, airtable for workflow and project management, google drive for files and sharing documents, squareup for invoices.
6. What are you most excited about in your business for 2021?
What I am so excited about is making sure women never feel alone as they grow and expand in their careers and business. That these women really see themselves as incredible, fierce, resilient and completely unapologetically! So to make sure this experience happens, I am launching a group program in June for women who are growing yet the same blocked patterns continue to show up and self-sabotage their growth. This program is for anyone who wants to be part of a community of women that are learning and growing together, cheering each other on as they release their inner critic and limiting beliefs. 
7. What is your favorite part of being part of the posse? Why did you join?
the community! It’s incredible to learn from each other and there is such a diverse network that you never know how support and help will show up. There is no holding back, these women are so authentic. I love the working sessions and the monthly check-ins are so beautiful and empowering.¬†

Learn more about Payal by following her on Instagram at  @payalberi  and checking out her website.

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