I’ve met a lot of entrepreneur women… and every single one is driven by the same thing:


Freedom to be themselves… freedom to do what they love… and freedom to get paid for it!

You want that too? What a coincidence!

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No more compromising to appease the status quo.
No more pretending to be someone you’re not.
No more apologizing for your boldness.
No more questioning your vision of entrepreneurship.
No more sacrificing your freedom.

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 The UNapologetic Entrepreneur Posse is a place for entrepreneur women to own their greatness, make an impact and build wealth.

If you are a freedom driven entrepreneur woman and you want to make an impact, be yourself {unapologetically} and get paid for your gifts…

The UNapologetic Entrepreneur Posse is for you!

We are a badass posse of entrepreneur women building a better world together through entrepreneurship
and you are invited to join us!

Why is it so difficult to be an
UN-apologetic entrepreneur?

The world we live in benefits from us being someone we’re not. Whether it’s a job you hate, a marketing strategy that doesn’t quite fit, a family that wants you to just follow the status quo, or a definition of success that feels like fingernails on a chalkboard – our innate UN-apologetic nature is a threat to everything around us.

When you are living in conflict with your values, vision and gifts… you will always feel incomplete and unfulfilled… you will always struggle in your business.

The UN-apologetic Entrepreneur will help you become the powerful freedom-driven entrepreneur you see in your dreams and lead a profitable business to share your gifts with the world.

Not to mention…. it will surround you with other badass, unapologetic entrepreneur women to collaborate, mastermind and generally take over the world!


What is the other option?

When you can be fully and unapologetically yourself in your business… there are no limits to what you can create!

Women owned businesses currently only contribute 4.2% of the annual business revenue in the United States. 90% of women owned businesses will never surpass $99,999 in annual revenue.

The Unapologetic Entrepreneur Posse’s goal is to change these statistics.

We’re revolutionizing the business world for entrepreneur women and building a better world through impact-driven entrepreneurship.

Will you join us? 

To be an UN-apologetic entrepreneur is to BE you… To own your greatness… to run your business on your terms… to make a massive impact in the lives of others…
and to make more money in the process!

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Are you an UNapologetic Entrepreneur?

It takes a special kind of entrepreneur to be UN-apologetic…

Do you….

  • Deeply crave freedom?
  • Desire to live life and run your business on your terms?
  • Commit to building wealth for yourself, your family, your community and future generations?
  • Make an impact with your gifts and genius?
  • Need to be surrounded by a powerful community who gets you?
  • Have a zero fucks approach to life?

Are you….

  • Done wasting your time and money on the DIY approach to business?
  • Sick of being lonely in your business without a safe space for your personal and professional growth and evolution?
  • Longing for the camaraderie of a posse who believes the rising tide raises all ships – concurrently celebrating your wins, cheering you on through your setbacks and reminding you of your greatness?
  • Aiming yourself to surpass the 6-figure mark in your business (heck, maybe even the 7-figure mark)?
  • Dedicated to contributing your talents to equal, just and abundant futures for every citizen of earth?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions…
You, my friend, are an Unapologetic Entrepreneur!

“The beauty of this group amazes me… to be supported so generously by those who have never even met me is beyond belief!

If any of you are questioning your worthiness, please know the compassion and energy you are showing towards relative strangers is a unique and special gift to be honored!

I commit to keep showing up to these discussions in hopes of supporting all of you creating your visions in the way you are supporting mine.

Steph V.

What’s stopping you from becoming an
UNapologetic Entrepreneur?

We grow up riddled with expectations from family, society and culture about who and what we need to do with our lives, how to be successful and where our value comes from.

We forget to ask what we need. We forget to craft our own unique definition of success. We forget that our value lies in being ourselves… UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

We attempt to fit ourselves into the molds of others, to compromise what we need and who we are, to play by outdated rules and to pretend to be people we’re not.

I played that game for years – keeping the house, the job, the life that looked good on the outside, but it wasn’t me.

Every passing year got more and more uncomfortable. It was like wearing a too small suit that kept getting tighter and tighter. It got harder and harder to breathe. I let it go on for so long that it spiraled into panic attacks.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

You’re meant to live life on your terms… with your rules… sharing your gifts… making an impact… creating the freedom you so deeply crave.

Whatever is stopping you from being the unapologetic and powerful leader of your business…. doubts about whether it’s possible for you, fears of judgement from others, concerns relating to how to run a business, the people around you who are encouraging you to quit, uncertainty about how to reach profitability….


You’re not alone.

We’ve got you.

Whenever I start to feel off track, I know I can always plug into one of your resources of inspiration and pick myself back up. The tools you have created have become one of the number one sources I rely on to get clarity and keep going.

Brings me to tears to think of how much you have helped me find the courage to get off the fence and take action finding and owning my true self. And, I gotta say, just knowing this lady tribe is here to back me on my mission… it makes it a hell of a lot easier to take those actions!

Calle M.

Over the last four years, I’ve coached over 5000 entrepreneur women to create successful lives and businesses on their terms. Here’s what I’ve consistently learned:


    1. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to anything! Success, marketing, mindset, wealth, freedom… Not only are those all yours for the taking, but they’re also yours to define for yourself. Being an UN-apologetic entrepreneur requires you to do the work of creating your unique vision, then co-creating your unique pathway to get there.
    2. The biggest thing standing in your way of creating these things for yourself… is you. You don’t know what you don’t know… and you can’t know what you don’t know if you don’t have people by your side who can support your individual journey to creating your vision.
    3. Entrepreneur women thrive when we’re in community together – supporting, encouraging and collaborating. None of us can do this alone. Having a posse of fellow freedom and impact driven entrepreneurs is a make or break ingredient for our businesses.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, solopreneur, side hustler or wantrepreneur….

The UNapologetic Entrepreneur posse is the community you’ve been craving to be seen, to be understood and to create your success on your terms.

Personalized Feedback. Accountability. Community. Trainings. Meditations. Hypnosis. Resources. Access to industry experts. And more!

What benefits do you get when you enroll?

  • You get access to me – Google’s Top Ranked Entrepreneur Coach – for guidance, encouragement and brainstorming… and all for less than a latte a day!
  • You get to rendezvous with your fellow unapologetic entrepreneurs who are driven by freedom and committed to creating a successful business on their terms!
  • You will learn from monthly trainings, meditations and hypnoses to help you become more UN-apologetic, more powerful, more wealthy, more business savvy and more YOU!
  • You will have access to exclusive resources and discounts from all of my entrepreneur besties (stylists, web designers, photographers, publicists, legal experts, graphic designers, etc.). These are the best of the best who all want to help you shine as the boss of your business!
  • Plus… bonus calls, resources and trainings because I’m obsessed with my people and I love this posse so much – I can’t help myself!

Let’s take a deeper look inside The UNapologetic Entrepreneur Posse…

Easy 24/7 access to trainings, meditations and community portal. Use these resources as much or as little as you’d like!
Be featured in our monthly posse spotlight to share your UN-apologetic self and your gifts with the community!
Bonus trainings from myself and my colleagues to ensure you are thriving beyond your wildest dreams!
Live monthly group coaching to receive personal guidance in both the self and business development realms!
Mantra backgrounds for your cell phone and laptop screens to help keep your mindset on point!
Exclusive discounts to resources, coaching packages, events and more.

Plus access to my most popular resources:


A course to help you work less and create better results in your business.

{value $225)

Permission to Leap
{digital copy}

Move through the 6-phase journey to bring your vision to life and take the leap into your future!

{value $14.99}

Manifest with Bri

Learn Universal principles to expand into attracting more of what you desire in life and business!

{value $97}

You're invited to join the Unapologetic entrepreneur posse!

Your membership is only $88.99 a month
{or you can join for the year for just $749 – that’s almost five months free!}

Yes, you did the math correctly… you get the opportunity to have the support, mentorship and community you need
for less than the cost of a latte a day.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one.

Come see what all the excitement is about and meet your fellow posse members!

About Bri Seeley, founder and CEO of Born for this

‘Born For This’ is a woman owned business specializing in supporting entrepreneur women in building, growing and scaling profitable businesses – on their terms!

My mission is to help thousands of entrepreneur women become financially free, on their terms, while sharing their gifts to impact the world.

Bri Seeley is The Entrepreneur Coach – a Bespoke Business Designer for entrepreneur women. Bri began her entrepreneurial career as a fashion designer who struggled to be in the ready-to-wear market because she knew no two bodies were the same. Her designs graced the LA Fashion Week runways, were seen on Toni Braxton and were available for sale on Zappos.com.

From fashion designer… to business designer! Bri followed the call of her soul to help more women in the world with her extensive entrepreneurial knowledge. Four years into her career, she became the top ranked Entrepreneur Coach on Google – all while being unapologetic to her values, vision and gifts.

She is an award winning coach, an avid lover of jigsaw puzzles and a shameless cat lady.

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Bri has been seen on:
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“There is one special ingredient to your business that will unlock the freedom and success you seek… it’s you!”

-Bri Seeley

Entrepreneur women have a lot to say about working with Bri…

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not an entrepreneur yet... but I want to be! Can I still join?
Yes, yes and YES! The UN-apologetic Entrepreneur is for all stage entrepreneurs!

In fact, as an early stage entrepreneur… you will be able to accelerate your entrepreneurial journey by both owning your UN-apologetic nature and being surrounded by other powerfully UN-apologetic entrepreneurs!

We believe that the rising tide raises all ships. You will gain immense value from the myriad of benefits of being a member of the posse!

I'm a side hustler who hasn't fully committed to entrepreneurship - yet! Can I still join?
Yes, yes and YES! The UN-apologetic Entrepreneur is for all stage entrepreneurs!

In fact, you will be able to increase your confidence as an entrepreneur and accelerate your entrepreneurial journey by both owning your UN-apologetic nature and being surrounded by other powerfully UN-apologetic entrepreneurs!

We believe that the rising tide raises all ships. You will gain immense value from the myriad of benefits of being a member of the posse!

I've been an entrepreneur for a long time. Will this community still have value for me?
Yes, yes and YES! The UN-apologetic Entrepreneur is for all stage entrepreneurs!

When you’re surrounded by greatness, you become the greatest. And when you’re inundated with reminders about how safe it is for you to be your UN-apologetic AF self, you have no choice but to become it (and remain it).

You deserve to be the most potent version of you and to amplify your greatness within a powerful posse of colleagues. You will gain immense value from the myriad of benefits of being a member of the posse!

Is membership limited to a specific industry of entrepreneurs?
Nope. All entrepreneurs are welcome here.

I’ve worked with clients who were…

  • Jewelry designers,
  • Coaches (health, career, manifestation, confidence, etc.),
  • PR professionals,
  • Financial planners,
  • Fashion designers,
  • Illustrators,
  • Non-profit leaders,
  • Actresses,
  • Functional Medicine specialists,
  • Interior designers,
  • Personal trainers,
  • Artists,
  • Photographers,
  • Diversity and Inclusion specialists,
  • Models,
  • Cultural competency consultants,
  • Sales professionals,
  • Theater programmers,
  • Speech language pathologists,
  • Occupational therapists,
  • Musicians,
  • Singer/Songwriters,
  • and more!!!

All entrepreneurs are welcome here. In fact, it’s better to have a diverse range of entrepreneurs because it will help you get out of the mindset of “this is how it’s done in my industry” and into the mindset of “I can grow my business anyway I want as long as it works for me!”

You’re here to thrive in your business on your terms, not to stay you in the box of “how things are done” in your industry!

How is The UN-apologetic Entrepreneur posse going to help me in my business?
The topics covered in this community range from mindset, to strategy, to marketing, to leadership, to self development and more. The UN-apologetic Entrepreneur was designed to help you be the best possible entrepreneur out there. If you need support with something in your business (or as the leader of your business), this community was built to support you in growing, evolving and thriving!
What happens once I join?
You will get immediate access to the online portal where you’ll be able to access the monthly trainings, community portal, online courses and digital copy of ‘Permission to Leap.’
What's the best way to succeed in this posse?
  1. Make time to do the soulwork! Schedule space in your calendar to dive into the trainings, complete the meditations and show up to the monthly coaching calls.
  2. Don’t be shy! Make friends and connections with your fellow posse members – schedule virtual {or IRL} meetups, find an accountability buddy and introduce yourself to the other UN-apologetic entrepreneurs!
  3. Engage, engage, engage! Download the community portal on your phone so you can access the posse whenever you need it. Ask questions. Support the other entrepreneur women who need your insights.
I'm located outside of the United States. Can I join?
Right now membership is limited to the 38 countries where Stripe is accepted. You can view the list here: https://stripe.com/global
What is an entrepreneur business coach?
An Entrepreneur Coach is someone who helps you become the best leader of your business possible, mostly without addressing your business strategy.

A Business Coach helps you develop your business strategy, mostly without addressing your personal vision or inner alignment.

An Entrepreneur Business Coach, combines alignment with strategy to ensure your approach is holistic from both personal and business standpoints.

What I’ve learned about entrepreneurship is:

1. Your business can never surpass you. Whatever you believe to be possible or impossible will either help or hinder your business. You have to first lead yourself to success before you can lead your business to success.

2. No strategy will save your business if it’s not aligned with who you are. Business is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Your business is as unique as your fingerprint and needs to be treated as such. Generic business strategies will not create the kind of growth you’re looking for.

3. Looking at personal without business or business without personal is like trying to win the World Series without a bat or a ball. You would never approach a baseball game as just a player without the equipment, or just the equipment without the player. Why would you try to do the same with business?

What results have your clients created?
The entrepreneur women who have worked with me have created results such as:

  • Jen doubled her income immediately after working with me (and maintained the doubled income for four years running!).
  • Elizabeth had her first 6-figure year.
  • Stephanie has quadrupled her income 3 years in a row.
  • Kris quit her job and replaced her salary with business income in under 3-months.
  • Marie built a 7-figure blog and has millions of readers around the world.
  • Bridget created an extra $5000 last month just a few days after she implemented the strategy we discussed in our coaching call, then signed her first $50,000 client a few weeks later.
  • Kala has worked with Warner Brothers, Louis Vuitton, Adobe, Oscar de la Renta, Jim Beam, Diane von Furstenberg and more.
  • Laura is hosting retreats around the world.
  • Stephanie was asked to design a ‘What If’ wedding dress for Taylor Swift which was seen on the cover of ‘Life + Style’ magazine.
  • Ivy quit her job and has launched her soul aligned, values-based business while roadtripping around the United States.
  • Mae saw a 250% growth in her business and has given herself two consecutive years of 30% raises. The months of the pandemic were her biggest months of business to date – which happened all while she was working less hours and spending more time with her family.
  • Kea was nominated for ’20 on the rise’ in 2020.
  • Sheri got recognized as a Gold Leader at her 2019 leadership convention.
  • Elizabeth’s work has been seen at Twin Cities Film Fest, Vally Film Festival, Silver State Film Festival, Charlotte Film Festival, Holly Shorts Film Festival, and more!
  • Camila left her career to travel the world and launched her journey blog, retreats and community.
  • AND MORE!!!

Here’s what I’ve seen…. it is the ones who are willing to invest and do whatever it takes that win. They are the ones who create success in their lives – not because of me, but because they put in the dedication and focus to make it happen.

My past clients reach out to me with gratitude years after we’ve finished working together because the insights, tools and value they learned keeps on giving to them long after our work together has ended!

What are my refund options?
Unfortunately we don’t offer refunds. If you’d like to cancel your account, you can do so anytime prior to the renewal date.
Can i join with a friend?
Yes, of course! You will, however, both need your own membership.
Is there anything else I need to know before I join?
Part of my UN-apologetic nature means I swear. I’m bold. I’m passionate. I exist outside of most people’s comfort zones.

If you don’t approve of swear words or you are extra sensitive when a coach encourages you to stretch yourself – this might not be the right posse for you.

You may have seen me on….

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