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The Entrepreneur Accelerator: Create and Execute a Bespoke Growth Strategy for Your Tailor made business to increase your profits, visibility and impact.

There is no one-size-fits all business growth strategy.

Other Entrepreneur Business Coaches may try to sell you a proven step-by-step success strategy, but here’s the deal…. It doesn’t exist.

Your business is one-of-a-kind. It’s as unique as your thumbprint and deserves to be treated as such. In order to scale your business, you need to identify, develop and execute your unique growth strategy.

The Entrepreneur Accelerator will teach you how.

“Just a few years ago, I wanted to be a live fashion illustrator but was terrified to take the first step. My dream has now unfolded into reality, but it was only with Bri’s help I found the confidence I needed to take steps forward to start and grow my business. It continues to expand every year and amazing things continue to happen. I have 4x’ed my revenue every year I’ve worked with Bri.”

– Stephanie G.

Is this you….?


You are a Solopreneneur with a vision {a BIG Vision}, but no idea how to get there.

  • You’ve started your business and while you have clients and sales… it’s super inconsistent.
  • You want to grow your business, increase your profits and your impact… but you don’t know how to do this without working more hours – and you’re already feeling burnt out!
  • You’ve reached a plateau and can’t seem to break into the next level of business.
  • You can’t see how to make more money in your business because it means working more hours and you don’t have any more hours to work!
  • You’ve tried some of the “step-by-step” courses but they haven’t produced results for you.
  • You look at the recommended growth strategies and they feel disgusting, slimy and manipulative.

Are you ready to develop an aligned strategy to streamline your workflow,
grow your business
and lead a profitable business?

THE ENTREPRENEUR ACELERATOR was designed to help you succeed by developing your unique growth strategy on your terms!!

The Entrepreneur Accelerator was designed to guide you in
developing + executing your one-of-a-kind growth strategy.

Imagine waking up to this reality:

  • You wake up every morning excited to work in your business because you’re operating everyday in your Zone of Genius with a team around you supporting you and consistent revenue coming in,
  • You’re making a bigger impact in the world because your work is being seen and experienced by significantly more people,
  • You have found more ease because you have a streamlined plans for communications, marketing, networking and client generation,
  • Your business keeps running seamlessly because you’ve delegated and outsourced tasks which don’t require your specific attention,
  • Not only is your income more consistent… but you are also generating higher profits,
  • You feel confident with a clear path forward to the business empire you dream of,
  • You’re spending less {but more effective} time in your business, which means more time for the things you love: family, travel, gardening, laughter, beaches, pets, fitness, exploration, connection – you name it!

Can you feel the difference between the business vision you just read…. and the business you’re currently running?

What would become possible for you if you stopped struggling in your business, spent more time in your zone of genius, developed a strategy and built a team around you to support you?

{psst… I’ll give you a hint: the answer is everything. everything would become possible for you. the question is… what do you want?}

Your 12-months of Business acceleration will provide you:

  • Wealth management and profitability strategy
  • Website audit + custom SEO strategy to rank higher on Google
  • Quarterly marketing planning
  • Authentic sales and client generation/attraction training
  • Network, partnership and relationship building
  • Publicity and press pitching
  • Strategic content creation systems
  • Team building
  • Your evolution into the most badass, aligned entrepreneur possible
  • And more!

“There is a sense of community that happens being a part of Coach Bri’s program. From day one I felt so supported and guided which was something I was craving as a solopreneur.” -Rhonda B. {Lifestyle Designer}


You will graduate from this experience with:

  • Confidence to scale your business,
  • Laser-focused time management,
  • Clarity on the path ahead,
  • A revolution in your understanding of wealth & profitability,
  • Courage to take action and make bold asks,
  • Exponential impact, and
  • A clear plan for the year (and, based on past graduates results, an increase in your income!).

This is for you if:

  • Your business looks good on social media, but you know the truth behind the illusion of Insta-worthy photos. You want your outer reality to match your inner vision.
  • You’re ready for more impact + revenue, but are unsure how to take the next steps (or even which steps to take!)
  • You are working too much and need to develop systems to work less because you desire more time freedom as you feel burnout approaching.
  • You’ve tried information based, step-by-step courses on the market, but they haven’t created results for you… and you are committed to changing your results!
  • You want to create complete financial freedom, but can’t see how it will happen when making more money equals working more hours… and you’re all out of hours.
  • You are totally committed to growth and have a willingness to do whatever it takes to create the results you desire.
  • You want to stop wasting time and money figuring it out on your own, and you’re ready for a mentor to guide you.

Learn how Holly accelerated her business:

This is NOT for you if:

  • You’re unwilling to see the possibility available to you outside of your current experience of life + business.
  • You are committed to being a workaholic.
  • You want to stay in the energy of lack, poverty or can’t-afford-it-itis.
  • Want business and entrepreneurship to be hard or difficult and you’re committed to doing it alone.
  • You don’t see the value in learning from an expert.
  • You’re looking for a silver bullet to mindlessly replicate someone else’s process.
  • You’re addicted to the hustle.
  • You are unwilling to invest the time, money and resources to your growth.
Your business needs (and deserves!) the most comprehensive, full-picture business strategy possible! Because half-assing your approach to business strategy will guarantee half-assed results.


In the entrepreneur accelerator you get to do it all with the support of a trusted entrepreneur business coach… an incredible cohort of mentors… and a safe synergistic of fellow entrepreneurs holding space for you and cheering you towards the success you dream of.

Become the successful entrepreneur you dream of.

“Choosing to work with Bri as my Entrepreneur Business Coach to grow my business is a decision I am so grateful I made. Working with Bri as my Entrepreneur Business Coach has been so empowering and transformational.

A good coach could tell you what next step you need to at a logical level. Bri’s coaching goes so much deeper than that. She genuinely creates the environment for success from the inside – out.

She’s helped me to resolve my self sabotaging relationships with money and time management. By investing in this program it forced me to show up more seriously and consistently for my brand new business. Exponentially increasing the growth of my business.

The results are worth all the resources. Put the work in, and Bri will meet you 110%.” -Abby G. {hypnotherapist}

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Why is Bri the best person to guide you to your next stage of business growth?

Hi, I’m Bri Seeley! With 13-years of experience in Entrepreneurship and Coaching, I’ve seen it all and now I get to help Entrepreneur’s {like you!} scale their tailor made businesses to monetize their genius! Watch this video to get a feel for my vibe and see if I’m the Entrepreneur Business Coach for you!

I have never been motivated by numbers in my business and found resistance to growing, even though I wanted to. Once I shifted my focus to align with the impact I make in my client’s lives, my business began to take off! I feel so much more confident in my vision which has resulted in massive expansion. I have been getting clients left and right out of nowhere. I saw an over a 250% growth in my business revenue the first year after by realigning my focus with the help of Bri. And I’ve given myself two consecutive year raises of 30% each year.

– Mae L. {financial services}

business entrepreneur coach

Are you ready to accelerate?

Here are your next steps:
  • Complete this short application. The more you can tell us about your business, your struggles and your goals – the more we can help you.
  • If it seems like a good fit, Team Bri will confirm your call request and you’ll get on the phone with a team member to ensure this is the next best step for you + your business. This call will give you everything you need to make a powerful decision about moving forward towards your future.
  • If you are a ‘Fuck Yes’ to stepping up and joining the accelerator, you will receive an agreement, make your first payment and get started scaling your business!!!
Apply here to learn more

This is your opportunity to create the business success you desire {and deserve!}. You will not change your results by staying where you are and doing what you’ve done.


As your entrepreneur business coach, I will help you step forward into your vision and
accelerate your business.


Let’s do this.


Love + leaps,

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is The Entrepreneur Accelerator 12 months long?

The Entrepreneur Accelerator was designed to help you go deeper with each module and aim for mastery. You can do a lot of things quickly and poorly, or you can do a few key things more deliberately and with power. I see better long-term results with entrepreneurs who take their time and apply each lesson fully, then implement and integrate what they’ve learned.

Plus, what’s better than being in community with other powerful entrepreneurs – cheering each other on and helping each other succeed – for a year? The women in my programs build life-long friendships during our time together!

How is The Entrepreneur Accelerator different from other courses?

The Entrepreneur Accelerator IS NOT A COURSE!

Here’s the deal – you don’t need any more information. If information was your problem, you could google everything you need. The biggest benefit of The Entrepreneur Accelerator is developing a unique and custom growth strategy with the help of seasoned entrepreneurs, experts and colleagues to support you in increasing your impact, visibility and profits.

Why hire an entrepreneur business coach?

As an Entrepreneur Business Coach, my job is to help you see past your blindspots, present strategies for expansion and help you transcend above your limitations to create not only the best possible business, but also transform yourself into the best possible entrepreneur in the process.

Unless you have decades and decades of entrepreneurial experience, there is so much about entrepreneurship you just won’t know until you’ve either: 1. experienced it or 2. learned it from someone else.

Hiring an Entrepreneur Business Coach can help you short cut the trial and error of experience by learning from the best of the best. At the end of the day, every successful entrepreneur I have met says, “Hiring experts may require an investment up front, but it will save you immeasurable time and money in the long-run.”

Between me and the experts I have contributing to this training, we have decades of combined experience in various areas of entrepreneurship to help you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes of growing your business.

What is an entrepreneur business coach?

An Entrepreneur Coach is someone who helps you become the best leader of your business possible, mostly without addressing your business strategy.

A Business Coach helps you develop your business strategy, mostly without addressing your personal vision or inner alignment.

An Entrepreneur Business Coach, combines alignment with strategy to ensure your approach is holistic from both personal and business standpoints.

What I’ve learned about entrepreneurship is:

1. Your business can never surpass you. Whatever you believe to be possible or impossible will either help or hinder your business. You have to first lead yourself to success before you can lead your business to success.

2. No strategy will save your business if it’s not aligned with who you are. Business is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Your business is as unique as your fingerprint and needs to be treated as such. Generic business strategies will not create the kind of growth you’re looking for.

3. Looking at personal without business or business without personal is like trying to win the World Series without a bat or a ball. You would never approach a baseball game as just a player without the equipment, or just the equipment without the player. Why would you try to do the same with business?

What results have past clients created?

My past graduates have created results such as:

  • Jen doubled her income immediately after working with me.
  • Elizabeth had her first 6-figure year.
  • Stephanie has quadrupled her income 3 years in a row.
  • Kris quit her job and replaced her salary with business income in under 3-months.
  • Marie built a 7-figure blog and has millions of readers around the world.
  • Bridget created an extra $5000 last month just a few days after she implemented the strategy we discussed in our coaching call.
  • Kala has worked with Warner Brothers, Louis Vuitton, Adobe, Oscar de la Renta, Jim Beam, Diane von Furstenberg and more.
  • Laura is hosting retreats around the world.
  • Stephanie was asked to design a ‘What If’ wedding dress for Taylor Swift which was seen on the cover of ‘Life + Style’ magazine.
  • Kris’ 2019 enrollment sold out (at double the capacity from 2018) and her calendar is booked through the end of the 2020 school year.
  • Ivy quit her job and has launched her soul aligned, values-based business while roadtripping around the United States.
  • Mae saw a 250% growth in her business and has given herself two consecutive years of 30% raises.
  • Kea was nominated for ’20 on the rise.’
  • Sheri got recognized as a Gold Leader at her 2019 leadership convention.
  • Elizabeth’s work has been seen at Twin Cities Film Fest, Vally Film Festival, Silver State Film Festival, Charlotte Film Festival, Holly Shorts Film Festival, and more!
  • Jayne is creating + launching a magazine to connect empowered women.
  • Camila is preparing to leave her career so she can travel the world in 2020 and launch her journey blog, retreats and community.
  • AND MORE!!!

Here’s what I’ve seen…. it is the ones who are willing to invest and do whatever it takes that win in our work together. They are the ones who create success in their lives – not because of me, but because they put in the dedication and focus to make it happen.

My past clients reach out to me with gratitude years after we’ve finished working together because the insights, tools and value they learned keeps on giving to them long after our work together has ended!

Do you have payment options?
Yes, Yes, Yes!!!! We have a few options to help make this work for you. We can discuss the options during your call.
How do i know this will work for me?
Well, the short answer is…. You don’t.

But, I do. And here’s why:

Every client I’ve worked with (except three) in the last five years who has taken responsibility for changing their trajectory has seen growth and expansion within themselves and their busiensses. Because they have chosen to commit, focus on their future and learn from the best to create the success they desire.

Now…. what about those three? It was a few things (which I learned are key for growth and success):

1. You have to take responsibility for your results. It’s not my job to create success for you. My job is to hold space and be a guide. Your job is to create.

2. You have to take action. Sitting around and waiting for the results to come doesn’t work. Failing to take action each week won’t produce momentum.

3. You have to let go of the past in order to create the future. And you have to want your future more than you want your comfort.

If you’re willing to take responsibility, take action and do whatever it takes to walk confidently in the direction of your future – I promise, this will work for you.

What if this doesn't work for me?
While I don’t have a refund policy, I do have a satisfaction guarantee. If you show up to every call, listen to every training, execute and take action on every module, complete all your homework and you haven’t seen a single shift in your business {mind you, I’ve never seen this happen}, I will personally work with you to create the shifts you intended at the beginning of our work together.
*Are results guaranteed?

Results are not guaranteed. And…. every client who has done the work, committed themselves, focused on their success, applied their power, leaned on myself for guidance and asked the group for support has seen incredible results in their lives and businesses…. Results that have far surpassed the intentions they set when they started!

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